Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Newest GameInformer Reveals Borderlands

The newest GameInformer reveals Borderlands, a game by Gearbox Software, the guys responsible for the series of Brothers In Arms. The developers say it's "Diablo Meets Mad Max". Well, they are going to just have to show me when I get this issue then.

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Unreal Engine Adds GameSpy Tech For PS3-PC Crossplay

Epic Games announced today it has licensed GameSpy's online multiplayer technology with plans to incorporate the software suite into its extremely popular Unreal Engine 3 platform. What may read like a dreadfully boring partnership to some, is actually very good news for PLAYSTATION 3 owners and the PC gamers who want to mop up the floor with them.

Word of warning, though, PC snobs, the PS3 version supports mouse and keyboard too.

The agreement will bring "seamless" PS3 and PC online functionality to games that license UE3, including matchmaking, leaderboards, instant messaging and secure player profiles and stats.

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Heavenly Sword Sporting Massive Sounds

We may not know the size of Heavenly Sword, but we know how big all the audio is put together. Want to know what that is? It's 10 Gigabytes, which is around 10,000 Megabytes. It has three and a half hours of music and 4500 lines of voice over work, in eleven languages, it apparently starts to add up. Anyway, the only thing not stated is the space it takes up on the Blu-Ray disc. We'll inform you with that when we get it.

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PlayStation Home on Next Update?

Another day, another rumor is what we say. And another one has surfaced on the internet. This one says that Home will be coming in the next update, version 2.00. This rumor also states there will be two versions of the update, one with Home and one without. That would be good for people who do not want Home on their HDD and taking up space. According to NextGenBoards, the update will include:

  • New drivers for surfing the internet and browser improvements
  • Updated flash player
  • Two versions of v2.00 - one with Home and one without Home.
  • Moving icons for movies and games can still move while accessing other content.
Anyway, it's up to you to judge on this one. Check out the link.

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Haze Developer 'PSN Offers More Freedom Than Xbox Live'

SPOnG caught up with the developers behind Haze, known as Free Radical, yesterday, and some interesting things were said about Sony's PlayStation Network. Specifically, mentioning of the freedom that the Network gives.
"The disadvantage of the Sony stuff is that there isn't as much defined by Sony as to how you have to do things - they leave it very much up to you" - Derek Littlewood - Project Leader for Haze

"So, on the one hand that's a disadvantage, because developers will under-deliver compared to what Live provides. But at the same time, because it's not as strongly defined, you have the freedom to do it in the way that you want to - in a way that may be more suitable to your game. You see some games with the Live interface, [where] they might have been able to innovate and alter things round and make things work better than Live, but they can't because they have to conform with Microsoft's standards on that, whereas on the PlayStation Network you have the freedom to do things in the way you want to."
Putting Haze out on the PlayStation 3 first will not affect their multiplayer. "For us, because we've thought about multiplayer right from the start, I certainly wouldn't say that our multiplayer has suffered at all. We've been able to do it in the way we want to." S0 basically, things are looking good. Keep an eye out.

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Why Unreal Tournament III on PS3 Will Be Superior

Well, things have been going well on the PlayStation 3 lately, besides the PlayStation Store updates of course. But look at Unreal Tournament III, lets make a list of what the PlayStation 3 version has and the 360 version doesn't. I want to thank Darji of PS3Forums for making this list. People who own both consoles will probably do a reverse Madden 08 on this. Lets see what we got here.

1. PlayStation 3 Version = Complete Modification Support
2. Mouse and Keyboard Support
3. Possibly and Most Likely Cross Platform w/ PC
4. More Maps thanks to Blu-Ray Disc
5. Custom Maps Thanks To Modification Support
6. FragFX Controller = Rockin' UT3
7. No installation needed, unlike the PC.

Also, Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games, indicated that Unreal Tournament III for the Xbox 360 might have to get cut down in order to cope with the limitations of the console's hardware. He also says:

“We’ll compress some things. But you know, we may have fewer maps on the 360 version... Blu-Ray has definitely given us a lot of legroom. And what's really cool is if you think forward and think about what we've done in the past with UT. We had UT 2003 and then we had UT 2004, which was everything in UT 2003 plus a whole bunch of great mod stuff that we went out and purchased from mod makers.”
"If you think down the road, well maybe the next UT beyond this one, on Blu-Ray disc, we might fill the whole **** disc with all the cool stuff the mod makers make."
Seems very exciting for us PlayStation 3 owners. Keep looking ahead guys because Unreal Tournament III is right around the corner.

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