Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV: Leaked Site Opening

This was supposed to be the opening for the official Grand Theft Auto IV site that opened up around two days ago. It looks similar to Grand Theft Auto III which is probably why they did not use it in the final design.

GDC 2008 Is Coming: Your Hopes?

Well, the Game Developers Conference for 2008 is right around the corner. As you know, it starts Monday February 18, 2008 and ends that following Friday the 22nd. Since it's a slow day (as it usually is on weekends), we want to ask you: What are your hopes for GDC 2008? If they are not in the poll, feel free to drop a comment. Anything to get the community active on Sundays.

What do you want to be featured at GDC 2008?
Motorstorm 2 Fabula Nova Crystallis Series Eight Days Getaway 3 DC Universe inFAMOUS Resistance 2 Wardevil Rumored Titles (Jak, Sly, etc.)   

Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 to Come Pre-Installed With PLAYSTATION 3's

Terrasoft's Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 was just released a few days ago. According to the Terrasoft website, Yellow Dog Linux will come pre-installed with the PLAYSTATION 3.

There will probably be a way to remove it if you don't want it, but we come to wonder when Sony will say something about this.

[Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 released: comes pre-installed with PS3s]

Ace Combat 6 Coming to PLAYSTATION 3 This Year?

The recent issue of UK PLAYSTATION 3 magazine, PSM3, contains a featured titled "2008 Year of the PLAYSTATION 3".

Among the games listed was Ace Combat 6: "Japan's favourite dogfighting series returns with a new made-up war, a brace of superweapons (best is the asteroid cannon), online co-op, and a custom controller for superfans."

It's hard to say it's a typo due to the fact that there is a descrption, picture, and game title. Could PSM3 possibly know something we don't? Could Namco Bandai be planning to announce Ace Combat 6 for the PLAYSTATION 3? We will find out soon enough.

[Rumor: Ace Combat 6 Flying to PS3 In 2008?]

Street Fighter IV: 29 New "Character" Images

A sign of hope comes today for the news of gaming as Capcom releases new screenshots showing their newly revealed Street Fighter IV characters. The new characters include Blanka, Chun-Li, and more. Enjoy the screenshots.

Square Enix: New MMORPG Under Development

The official website for GDC 2008 reveals that four staff members from Square Enix will be taking the stage at GDC 2008.

- Fumiaki Shiraishi and Toshiro Tsuchida will be presenting an in-depth look at the development process of Square Enix's Wii Ware launch title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land.

- Isamu Kamikokuryo, Final Fantasy XIII's art director, will touch upon the secret of Final Fantasy art, how he gets inspiration, how he was trained, how his concept art influence the game development, etc.

- Taku Murata, the head of Square Enix's R&D. In this talk, Taku will describe the whole process of the engine development; why now, why not third party engine, what is unique, how it is being developed, what were challenges, etc. You'll be able to see the technological essence of Final Fantasy development.

- Taku Murata's page also confirms that a new MMORPG is in development: "The new game engine will be used for FINAL FANTASY XIII, new MMORPG under development, and other titles in the future."
If this is that Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII title that was trademarked a while back, then there is no doubt this MMORPG will be coming to the PLAYSTATION 3.

[GDC speakers announced; confirmation that new MMORPG is in development]