Saturday, September 29, 2007

IGN: Devil May Cry 4 Video Interview HD

IGN has a new Devil May Cry 4 video interview in HD that is roughly 7 minutes long. Capcom's new game is looking to be a sure fire hit for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Enjoy the interview.

[Via IGN]

Night Note: Digital Life 2007 Awaits

To: onAXIS Readers
From: onAXIS Administrator

What game have you been thinking about the "fun" level of recently? I've been thinking of Unreal Tournament III and Army of Two. But tomorrow, I will be thinking of a different game.

Tomorrow, me and my buddies are heading down to the Jacob K. Javitts Center in New York City to the Digital Life convention. Apparently, this is the only convention we could ever go to due to nobody giving us free tickets for E3 or the Tokyo Game Show.

There are two games I'm interested in playing at this event, and thats The Eye of Judgment and Guitar Hero III. Yes, thats right. I will be taking video and picture to provide you guys with, but don't mind the crappy quality of the video, using a cell phone.

Last year while I was at the event, I remember playing the latest Pro Evolution Soccer on the PlayStation 2 and getting my first try at the PlayStation 3 with NBA 07 and it was a great experience.

I met Jason Mewes at the event last year at the AlienWare booth. If you don't know who he is, he is Jay from Jay & Silent Bob. Anyway, I basically cut the whole 200 person line and got my autograph and picture in like 2 minutes. Me and my buddy also met Cliffy B. who was there checking out the show with two gorgeous women. I wonder what celebrity (if there is one) will be there this year.

Anyway, we may be late on news tomorrow do to the visit to the event, but we will let you know whats going on in this Digital Life. Hopefully some Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

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The Eye of Judgment Plastic Pack
Sony "Big Bang" Announcement Coming October 12?
PlayStation 3 from FCC Appearing in Blu-Ray Ad
Tekken 6: Fight With Over 40 Characters
MGS 2007: Uncharted Level Gameplay<

EGM: Microsoft is Paying off PlayStation 3 Titles?

The scan above is from the latest Electronic Gaming Monthly. According to this, Microsoft payed 2K Games a load of cash for them to keep BioShock off of the PlayStation 3 console.

If this is true, thats a real low.

[Via GameRevolver]

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: New Screens

Over at NeoGAF, a massive amount of new Uncharted: Drake's Fortune screenshots where posted. View them at the link below.

[View: Uncharted Screens]

The Eye of Judgment Plastic Pack

Don't you love using scissors? Anyway, all jokes aside right now. This is the Eye of Judgment plastic pack, it comes loaded with The Eye of Judgment PlayStation 3 game, the PlayStation Eye camera, a starter deck, and a booster pack.

I'm excited for this game and am looking forward to playing online. Knowing my card game skills, I will probably lose every match.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

IGN: FFXIII Devs Share Trailer Talk

Straight from IGN.

The latest issue of Famitsu has nine pages on Kingdom Hearts, two pages on Parasite Eve, and a teeny-tiny column on Final Fantasy XIII. There's a saying about beggars and choosers that seems to apply here.

The magazine got FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama, art director Iasmu Kamikokuryo, Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura and Agito XIII director Hajime Tabata to share some brief commentary on the new trailer set.

On the main FFXIII trailer, Toriyama noted that a new "strange" female character was revealed for the first time, along with a look at a city inside the Cocoon. Commenting specifically on art design, Kamikokuryo noted that balance is difficult because some areas of the game, particularly related to that strange female character, are a bit odd for the Final Fantasy universe.

Nomura addressed the Versus XIII trailer, noting that the staff has at last managed to reach the image they were originally seeking. The trailer has two new characters, but he expects them to undergo some changes in later trailers. He does feel, however, that the main character design is representative of what we'll be seeing when the game shows its true colors next year.

Nomura also spoke about the setting of the new trailer. The city and fields of the trailer are inspired by Italy. In fact, he noted, the words that appear throughout the trailer are in Italian. He pointed out that a few characters in the trailer have a mafia feel about them.

Finally, Tabata discussed the mobile entry in the FFXIII series, Final Fantasy Agito XIII. He described the game as a casual online game. Don't hold your breath for a release any time soon, though, as Tabata admitted that Square Enix is currently waiting for hardware and wireless specifications to be finalized. Previously, Tabata has said that the game will appear on next generation 4G phones.

All the FFXIII games appear to be gearing up for a proper unveiling in 2008. With any luck, and a bit of begging, we'll get a few more details before then.

[Via IGN]

Sony "Big Bang" Announcement Coming October 12?

Sony supposedly has a big announcement on October 12th according to GamePro France. Until then, all we can do is speculate.

"Indeed, it seems that the dated October 12, 2007 one was chosen by Sony to make an enough important advertisement to be qualified in-house “big-bang”"…
Thats all that was really said. More information as it comes.

[Via GamePro France]

PlayStation 3 from FCC Appearing in Blu-Ray Ad

The new PlayStation 3 SKU found at the FCC site is now listed on the advertisement for the 5 free Blu-ray discs offer, strange.

The one at the FCC Site is CECHG01, and look, there it is above. View the site at the link below.

[Via Blu-Ray Savings]

RealNetworks Working on PSN Games Along With Others

RealNetworks sare starting to work on casual games for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Nintendo Wii.

RealNetworks has agreed to add yet another company to bolster its casual games business. Game Trust will be integrated into RealArcade in order to add social/community features to Real's games and the content it provides for its syndication partners. Erik Goossens, VP Game Content, explains the deal and lets us know Real is working on consoles "as we speak."

Read the rest at the link below.

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Army of Two: GamerSyde Diaries

If you haven't read before, I'm really looking forward to Army of Two. Now we have an 11 minutes and 30 second video of it from the GamerSyde diaries. Enjoy the watch.

[Via GamerSyde]

Tekken 6: Fight With Over 40 Characters

Over at Ruliweb, they have a full character list for Tekken 6, confirming a whopping 40 characters to play as (count if you want, or count the boxes above). Here is the list:

  • Anna Williams
  • Armor King
  • Asuka Kazama
  • Baek Doo San
  • Bob
  • Bruce Irvin
  • Bryan Fury
  • Christie Monteiro
  • Craig Marduk
  • Devil Jin
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Feng Wei
  • Final Boss (TBA)
  • Forrest Law
  • Ganryu
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Hwoarang
  • Jack-6
  • Jin Kazama
  • Julia Chang
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • King
  • Kuma
  • Lee Chaolan
  • Lei Wulong
  • Leo
  • Lili
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Marshall Law
  • Miguel
  • Nina Williams
  • Panda
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Raven
  • Roger Jr.
  • Sergei Dragunov
  • Steve Fox
  • Wang Jinrei
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Zafina
There are 37 characters here, with three more waiting to be confirmed. The game will also include multiplayer.

[Via Ruliweb]

MGS 2007: Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay

The Micromania Games Show 2007 was the opportunity to discover two new Gran Turismo 5: Prologue tracks, and to see people that play much better than Gamersyde.

[Via GamerSyde]

MGS 2007: 10 Minutes of Haze Gameplay

This show had its own little surprises, like this Haze demo, showing the jungle level from the beginning, and continuing where the other presentations stopped.

[Via GamerSyde]

MGS 2007: Uncharted Level Gameplay

Here is a new video from the Micromania Games Show again with this full level of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, performed by Sir Sony France, I name the quite skilled Gregory Delfosse.

[Via GamerSyde]

IGN: White Knight Story Video Interview

An entertaining and informative video interview of one the developers on White Knight Story from Level-5, exclusively coming to the PLAYSTATION 3.

"In this fantasy RPG, you take control of a boy who comes into the possession of an ancient artifact. The artifact gives him the ability to transform into the White Knight of the title, a 7-meter warrior from a time when such creatures nearly destroyed all of civilization."- IGN

[Via IGN]

GameShark: Fallout 3 Interview with Gavin Carter

GameShark has recently done an interview with Gavin Carter, part of the development team for the upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 RPG, Fallout 3. They started:

Let's start with a quick introduction. Who you are and what your role is in the production of Fallout 3:

I’m Gavin Carter and I’m the lead producer on Fallout 3. It’s my job to take the crazed ramblings of Todd, Emil, and the other leads, and turn them into a workable schedule. Once in a while I even contribute an insane ramble myself. I’m aided by a team of departmental producers who do all my work for me. I couldn’t be nearly as lazy without their constant support.

Most readers are surely familiar with the Fallout concept by this point, but sum up for those that may not be so familiar with it, what kind of game you're designing Fallout 3 to be.

Fallout 3 is post-nuclear role-playing at its next-gen finest. It’s a 1st and 3rd person RPG with themes of survival, sacrifice, player choice, and consequence. The world of Fallout 3 is a destroyed 1950s World of Tomorrow for the player to enjoy, brimming with irony and moral ambiguities. The original Fallout RPGs are among the best pieces of interactive entertainment ever created. We think the series deserves to be back in the RPG limelight and are excited to be the ones tasked with returning it.

Read the full review at the link.

[Read: Fallout 3 Interview]

SOCOM: Confrontation to be Released November 30, 2007?

A user over at the Official PlayStation Boards claims that his cousin's friend works for SCEA and he was able to get an interview with him about SOCOM: Confrontation. This is the interview:

Q: Hows the gameplay?
A: It's almost identical to Socom 2. It has the same feel, and the crosshair has been changed from what was seen on the SGD trailer. It has recoil as well.

Q: What maps are there?
A: Crossroads, Desert Glory, Claw Harbour, Battlefield Union and Ministry.

Q: Give me some info on the maps
A: S2 maps have been revamped, and enlarged on the outside areas. Large bases, and more detailed rooms with awsome shadow and lighting. Claw Harbour is a pure sniping map with plenty of open areas near the sea and ports. Battlefield Union is a wasteland area with destructible buildings, and Ministry compromises of two bases, and an in between vertical path, somewhat like chain reaction. Each map has 7 modes, including Escort, Extraction, Demolition, Supression, Control, Timer and Resistance. Convoy was ditched after negative feedback from fans.

Q: What's timer and Resistance?
A: Timer is basically a respawn, where you set your time limit, and the team with the most number of collective kills, wins. Resistance involves both teams trying to defend their Tribynical Generator (a large glowing generator thingy), and attack the other teams one. The team with the lowest amount of damage on their generators after the time limit, are the winners.

Q: Release date,?
A: November 30th.

Q: How can I be sure?
A: All the staff were informed of this two weeks ago. On November 1st, an official announcement will be made on, and on S6's official website, stating the games release date. But as of yet, it's still 30th November.

Q: Beta?
A: There's a closed one going on right now, but only amongst staff and hand selected game testers.

Q: Lag?
A: At the moment, with 10,000 players currently testing the servers left right and center, it seems to be almost lag free. But we're expecting the total number of users online during peak hours to exceed 300,000 worldwide. So whether our servers can handle that kind of pressure, still remains to be seen.

Q: Hows the ranking system?
A: Same as socom 2. Your own individual performance determines your overall rank. Although there are other modes and other ladders linked in with teamwork, which only advances you through the ranks when you win as a team.

Q: Any news on future patches / updates?
A: S6 are already developing the first three updates, with the first one being released in December, and the other two one month apart.

Q: Any other useful information?
A: The room maker can decide on whether the mics are open or not. If the game is ranked, and can also set a lagg limit, so anyone who laggs significantly for a lengthy period of time, can get kicked and banned from the room. He can also has the option to enable enemy dots. There are 25,455 different character customization possibilities, and over 10,000 different ones for the weapons. The game price is yet to be decided, but it will most likely be $40 off PSN, and $80 retail with the bluetooth headset.

Q: What happens If I release this information online?
A: I could get fired, but then again, they would need to prove that it was from me. So save me the hassle.

According to this, SOCOM: Confrontation is going to be released on November 30, 2007. The user on the site is a new user, but the post is very well written, most liars just write it in "l337" or something like that. For now, it's classified as a rumor though.

[Via PlayStation Boards]

onAXIS: Your Perfect Go! Game?

Here at onAXIS, we are all about the community. So we want to know what your perfect Go! game is.

If you want to show us, go ahead and make a PlayStation Store icon for us, and send it to along with your description of the game and displayable name.

There is no prize for this, simply to express your opinion, because thats what we are all about.

Over to the right there, you'll see my icon. I call it Go! Go, great name huh? It's basically the board game Go under the Go! name. I was thinking it'd be great to play it online and maybe have tournaments. I used to be quite good myself.

So if you wan to participate, and are using Photoshop, go ahead and download this small template. If you want to participate and are not using Photoshop, simple copy the image from the one above, and do it in Paint.

[Download PSN Game Template]

onAXIS: Domain Name Purchased!

Yes people, we finally have a domain name under our wing (and we are torturing it, hehehehe). Anyway, you can now access the site by using the URL below:
We are very happy to have a domain up and ready. It may not work for the first hour or so, so be patient, it will work eventually.