Friday, December 21, 2007

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Jump Festa 2008 Trailer Reveals Two New Characters

Maiki from was lucky enough to see the closed theater trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII from Square Enix at the Jump Festa 2008.

The new character (sketch here) is choke holding another new character who we will call the shot gun man.

The other new character is a man with glasses, short but sweet. More information as it comes.


Amphibian Man: New PS3 & PC Exclusive

KDV Games today announced a new upcoming action RPG video game titled Amphibian Man for the PLAYSTATION 3 and PC based on the sci-fi novel by Alexander Belyaev.

In the XXI century science has made a breakthrough that has changed humanity forever. Mankind was finally able to function under the water without any kind of equipment. Mankind rushed to explore the underwater universe. But the discovery has also escalated old conflicts and problems. Things are coming to a crisis: the civilization is about to split and global war is about to break out.

Throughout the game the main character and his team will explore the unique and contradictive world of the future, solving mysteries of new civilizations. Colossal conspiracy has bound maverick scientists and their dangerous research, governments and even members of a dark religious cult, and only our hero is able to burst it.

When Holidays Blow: No PLAYSTATION Store Update Next Week

I guess this shows how blind sighted we can really be.

On the official PlayStation.Blog post for the latest PLAYSTATION Store update, Grace Chen, Senior Manager of the PLAYSTATION Store, writes "Due to the holidays, we will not have a PlayStation Store update next week. However, this week’s update should keep you busy until then - it’s our biggest ever!".

This is when Holidays blow.

[Via PlayStation.Blog]

FIFA Street 3: EU Official Boxart

Electronic Arts UK has released the official boxart for the upcoming title in the FIFA Street series, FIFA Street 3.

EA Sports' FIFA Street 3 will be launching on February 18, 2008 at the suggested retail price of $59.99.

When the game is launched, look around online for people playing as the Italian team, it just might be me.

Grand Theft Auto: Learn The Facts

GameTrailers & Rockstar Games teamed up to create a pop-up trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV, displaying some new facts in the game. Some of these new facts include the names of some of the characters seen in the new trailer, the resolution of the trailer, the name of the song and more.

Final Fantasy XIII Jump Festa '08 Trailer: Summary

The new Final Fantasy XIII trailer shown at the Jump Festa 2008 in Japan were just like the previously released trailers, old scenes mixed with new ones. Thanks to FF&KH Blog, we have a translated summary.

- This time around, the trailer has a new song.
- The train scene from E3 2006 and the CLOUD DVD is extended.
- The scene with the Blonde man on the motorcycle is extended to show him summoning Shiva.
- The Pig tailed girl from the TGS trailer in September appears in this trailer. She's described as not looking human and uses a harp. From their trailer report, FF&KH Blog believe she summons Carbuncle (the GF from FFVIII).
- After the Final Fantasy XIII logo appears, an "Only for PlayStation 3" message is displayed.
[Via FinalFantasy-XIII]

Final Fantasy X's Tidus to be Featured in Dissidia

The Jump Festa 2008 has just started in Japan, and news is just starting to roll in. The first news from those who've seen the private screening of the upcoming PSP title, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, are saying that Final Fantasy X's Tidus is going to be featured in the game.

[Via Forever Fantasy]

NFL Tour: Producer Video 2: Controls HD

EA's upcoming NFL Street revival, NFL Tour, is looking to be sharp. Jason Barnes, the Creative Director of the title, explains that the offense and defense only really needs one button to counter out a dive, or initiate it. That simple button press comes with a bunch of animation for the move you just used. Enjoy the watch!

Dark Sector: Learn about the Glaive

In a new interview about Dark Sector, developers of the title explain the Glaive. They wanted something with blades on it that you can throw around. You could also use the SIXAXIS controls to tilt the Glaive when you throw it, it's really quite cool. The video shows some new footage as well, give it a watch.

Capcom: No Difference Between Devil May Cry 4 Titles

Well, Capcom stepped in to tell you which version of Devil May Cry 4 you should get. The answer: “Either or, makes no difference.”

They finishes up their statement with "As I’ve been telling people for months, there ain’t no difference between the two."

There you have it, they are both the same.

[Via Capcom]

Gran Turismo Wishes You a Happy Holiday

I guess today is "super special awesome" video day, because thats really all the news we've been getting. Sony Computer Entertainment & Polyphony Digital released a new video from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, where you see Santa's real present hoarder.

Burnout: PS3 Crash Compilation

GamerSyde received a new Burnout Paradise video from one of their members showing his best crashes in this new crash compilation video. The video is running on the PLAYSTATION 3 version of the title at 60fps.

Unreal Tournament III: 4 New Modifications Released

Mark Rein announced four new mods today for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Unreal Tournament III. The new mods include 3 maps and 1 mutator. Download them below.

1. DM-Elevation by warby [Forum Post] [FileFront]

2. VCTF-Slax by Kantham [Forum Post] [FileFront]

3. DM-Krodan by Hourences [Forum Post] [FileFront]

4. Mutator: VASUT3AutoShields by KalCorp [Forum Post] [FileFront]
Hopefully, users will start making their own content to release on their own.

[Via Epic Forums]

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty: Weapons Trailer

Check out the weapons in Codemaster's Turning Point: Fall of Liberty in this New York City construction worker uses as he fights to survive and save his country.

Burnout Paradise: Paradise City Is One Huge City

We never thought that the map to Burnout Paradise's Paradise City would be this big. So far, we've only played a portion of it, which is the area by the beach. You'll notice it if you were obsessed with the demo like I was, thats the demo area.

Overall, Paradise City = Huge.

[Via Kotaku]