Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breaking: Resistance 2 Details

Surfer Girl just keeps coming at us with details. This time it's about none other than Insomniac's anticipated sequel, Resistance 2. She writes:

"Insomniac Games is indeed developing Resistance: Fall of Man 2 (no, not Rise of Man, as some people have created) tentatively scheduled for release next November. Aside from the first and last level, the game takes place entirely in the United States, where someone who may or may not be Sgt. Nathan Hale (who plays a role in the story) has to deal with the Chimeran invasion of the US in such places as San Francisco and Chicago. And there is a cliffhanger ending that sets up for a third title. Vehicles will be included in multiplayer this time around, one will be able to take to the sky with three new vehicles or boogie it down on the ground with the three vehicles from the first game's Campaign."
We will try to get in touch with Surfer Girl to see if we can find out more.

[Via Surfer Girl Reviews]

Eye of Judgment: In-Game Invitation?

This video from Kotaku & Justin.TV show Eye of Judgment being played an receiving an in-game invitation to join a game. The Eye of Judgment is slated for an October 27th release, and the supposed 2.00 firmware is slated for an October 30th release. Is in-game XMB finally here?

[Via Justin.TV]

Tekken 6 & The Octave Engine

This engine helps to simulate the particle effects as well as fluid effect dynamically and in real time.

For instance, a level where the fighters stand in the water is ripples and creates waves that match the players movement is a realistic manner.

[Via GameTrailers]

Assassin's Creed: Cathedral Chase Scene HD

Watch the main Assassin sneak through the city, find his targe, take him down, and get out of there quick in this new Cathedral Chase Scene in HD straight from IGN.

[Via IGN]

Unreal Tournament III: Just PLAYSTATION 3 & PC?

More and more is Unreal Tournament III looking like a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive.

For example: Mike Capps (President of Epic Games) states in the following video that "We´re just on PLAYSTATION 3, so we get to focus on that platform." Adding to that, on the GameTrailers site itself Unreal Tournament III shows as PS3 and PC only.

Even more evidence shows on the official Unreal Tournament III site which displays the boxart for the PS3 and PC versions, with no Xbox 360 boxart in sight.

Could all this lead to a final word by Epic that they are in fact releasing UT3 as a PS3 exclusive? Is this another Haze in the making? Only time will tell.

Game Informer: EndWar, Condmned, etc. Previews

The latest issue of Game Informer has several previews to enjoy. Above we have Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Below we have Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Tom Clancy's Endwar, Alone In The Dark, & Rock Band. Enjoy.

Game Informer: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Preview

Here is the latest preview of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune from this month's issue of Game Informer. Enjoy the scan.

Game Informer: Assassin's Creed Preview

From the Game Informer Article "Assassin's Creed has a depth and accuracy to it's historical drama on a whole new level, even while the more fantastic elements of the story, there's at least one of the most high concept plots we've ever seen. And for everything you already know about it's intricate story, there's at least one huge secret about the way the game plays which gamers will have to discover for themselves when it comes out".

[Via N4G]

Disgaea 3: 47 New Screenshots

The return of the modern king in the role-playing strategy genre (SRPG) is awaited on the PLAYSTATION 3 with Disgaea 3. Developer Nippon Ichi is being conservative in the graphics department, which is still a skilful mix of traditional 2D and 3D. Discover some images of the game at the link below.

[View: Disgaea 3 Images]

Resident Evil Portable: Capcom's Bomb?

In the latest issue of Italian magazine, PSMania 3.0, a rumor has surfaced about a Resident Evil Portable:

"Not too long ago, the Internet was a real popular petition that fans of Resident Evil have signed and sent to Capcom to know that Sony's users desperately need a Resident Evil for PSP. The request is not done in a vacuum, in fact a member of the house of Osaka has specifically requested that the signatures are at least 10,000 fans if we really want to attract the attention of developers!One suggestion that did best hope for many other fans Residen Evil, which have come immediately on the website of the petition bringing even more signatures."
Could a Resident Evil for PSP really be one of the three big bombs? We will wait and see.

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GamePro Germany: Saints Row 2 Scans

The current issue of the German magazine GamePro has a "world exclusive" story about Saints Row 2. Enjoy the pictures, unless you can read German.

[Via GamePlanets]

Game Informer: Brutal Legend Revealed

This month's Game Informer reveals a new game, like it always does, and it's called Brütal Legend. Brütal Legend is a wild rock-and-roll fantasy epic where heavy metal means "heavy" and "metal" in every way possible. The game features Jack Black in the roll of roadie Eddie Riggs. The game is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Enjoy the scans.

[Via Destructoid Blogs]

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: Two New Gameplay Videos

Here are two new Uncharted: Drake's Fortune videos shows the beauty of the game and it's environment. Enjoy.

[Via GameTrailers]

PLAYSTATION 3 40GB Coming to US November 2, 2007

This is a story that was on page 2 and 32 on the Nielson Page for this week. It writes that the $400 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 will be coming to the US on November 2, 2007. It's not an official confirmation of a US release date, but no doubt one is coming soon.

[Via NeoGAF]

TNA: iMPACT!: Motion Capture Session HD

TNA: iMPACT! plans on revolutionizing the video game industry in 2008. See how in this motion capture session in none other than HD.

[Via GameTrailers]

Portal: Lvl. 13 Time Challenge

Whatever you do, don't blink too much while watching this video, you might miss something. I barley blinked at all and got confused. How will our brains take this? Guess we need to find out in December.

Game Informer: Warhawk Expansion Coming?

In the latest issue of Game Informer, a very juicy rumor is spotted:
"There aren't any screens available yet, but we saw an early version of this expansion pack in action. The big news is the addition of a new vehicle: the dropship. Armed with six missle turrets and the ability to pick up ground vehicles (like tanks), the dropship will definently change the face of battle - so much so that previous zones will be modified slightly to integrate the new vehicle."
They state the release date as December, no pricing information was given. We can only hope for an official statement to be made.

[Via PS3Forums]