Friday, March 14, 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Ferrari F2007 Screenshots

Today, Gran Turismo Korea released some new off-screen screenshots of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue today showcasing the Ferrari F2007 exterior and a bit of the interior, along with a controls screen, and the back of the box. Enjoy!

Metal Gear Online Beta Starts April 14, 2008

Thanks to tipster Jonathan, we've discovered that the Japanese Metal Gear Online site states that the beta's official start date is April 14, 2008. It may possibly start at the same time worldwide. All I know so far is, April is going to be a hell of a month for the PlayStation Network.


Capcom Explains Reason for No SSF2T HD Remix Beta on PS3

For those who haven't heard, the Xbox 360 is getting a beta of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix when they purchase Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 on Xbox Live. PlayStation 3 owners, however, do not receive the beta.

A Capcom fan got angry on the forums and expressed his disappointment, so Capcom stepped in. They stated that the budget would raise if they did two betas, and in their ideal world, they would do the beta on both consoles. The main point is, however, "There is code parity across the two and any issues found in 360 will be fixed in PS3. So while PS3 owners won’t be able to participate in the beta, they will still benefit in the finished product."

The only thing they don't really explain why they are doing it on the Xbox 360 however.

[Reasons Behind No SSF2T HD Remix Beta on PS3]

PSM 3's April 2008 "The Insider" Rumors

The latest issue of PSM3's rumor section has some interesting rumors from 'the man who knows too much'.

- In-game XMB will be coming, but not for a few more months.
- He says to except a big announcement involveing Home, including information the the trophies/accomplishments that everyone has been wanting.
- A sequel to a popular Xbox 360 title will be received soon, making it's first appearance on PlayStation 3 (before Xbox 360), and states it's not Lost Planet. Perhaps Dead Rising 2?
- He suggests that the big announcements of 2008 will for the most part not come in the form of games but in the form of PlayStation Store surprises, firmware, and PlayStation Network functionality.
- Ubisoft are to make some big announcements during their Ubi Days even this May in Paris. His tips include Alive, Assassins Creed 2, and Prince of Persia.
All these rumors sound great. Knowing Capcom though, I do not think that PlayStation 3 sequel to the Xbox 360 game will be Dead Rising 2. Any other suggestions?

[Rumour: Some interesting rumour’s from UK magazine, PSM3’s ‘The Insider’]

Alone in the Dark: March 2008 Trailer

Atari released a brand new March 2008 trailer for their upcoming horror adventure game, Alone in the Dark. The game is looking way too impressive. Give it a watch.

Valkyria Chronicles: Largo Potter Trailer

A new trailer has appeared for SEGA's upcoming Valkyria Chronicles. The release is right around the corner for Japan, but unfortunately, the US release is in the summer. The new trailer shows Largo Potter, an anti-tank specialist. Enjoy!

PSM3: Metal Gear Online Scans

The latest issue of PSM3 features a preview of Kojima's upcoming Metal Gear Online (starter pack to be bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4). There isn't much new here, but PSM3 says its a bit plain so far, but there is an emphasis on strategy and tactical play. The scans are at the link. Enjoy!

[Metal Gear Online Scans & Preview from PSM3]

HAZE Script Reaches Over 1,000 Pages

According to a promo video for HAZE, the script for the game is currently over 1,000 pages long. You know how long 1,000 pages are? We couldn't imagine. The vdieo shows script writer Rob Yascombe as he runs out the studio with a gun giving people interviews. Enjoy!

[Haze script is over 1,000 pages long]

Team Fortress 2 DLC Price to Be Decided by Sony & Microsoft

Recently, Valve stated that they are going to bring downloadable content to Team Fortress 2 on consoles, hoping for it to be free. Valve has stated today that regarding pricing, "The platform holder owns the final call." Lets hope that Sony goes the nice way and gives it to us for free.

[Team Fortress DLC Price Is Up To Microsoft And Sony]

Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Modes Revealed in OPM Spain

The latest Official PlayStation Magazine in Spain revealed the multiplayer for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. There will be 15 of these multiplayer modes.

- Hangman's NOOSE
- Car Jack City
- Bomb da Base
- Bomb da Base II
- Mafia Work
- Team Mafia Work
- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Turf War
- Cops N Crooks
- Race
- GTA Race
- Deal Breaker
- Free Roam

The host of the game makes the rules of the online match. In "Race" and "GTA Race" modes, the host decides vehicles and laps. In "Team Deathmatch" and "Deathmatch" modes, he decides the number of pedestrians, traffic flow, police involvement, and weapons.

"Mafia Work" and "Team Mafia Work" modes let you play as one of Kenny Petrovic's mafia henchmen, completing to complete hits ordered by the boss over your phone before your rivals. The "Cops n' Crooks" mode is when a group of players are the police, and a group of players are the criminals. An unrelenting chase then begins through the city, with 4 players using the same vehicle. They can also see the criminals location on their GPS while criminals have no clue as where the police are.

Hangmans Noose is a cooperative mode, where you and your friends escort a mafia man to the helicopter, while being ambushed by the SWAT.

Your also able to create your own character for the online mode, changing his race, sex, skin color, hair and clothing. Up to 16 player gameplay. Amazing.

[GTA 4 multiplayer modes revealed]

Devil May Cry 4 is 9th PlayStation 3 title to Pass 1 Million

According to the latest gaming charts, Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 has become the ninth PlayStation 3 title to pass the 1 million units sold mark. The PlayStation 3 version has also passed the mark quite faster than the Xbox 360 version, as you can see due to the fact it has 60,000 more sales. Congratulations Devil May Cry 4.

[VGChartz - Devil May Cry 4]