Wednesday, November 21, 2007

flOw Expansion Pack Screenshots

We have in some screenshots of the new flOw expansion pack that went live on Tuesday from thatgamecompany. Enjoy your explosions. The pack is available on the PLAYSTATION Store now for a mere $2.99 while the game is only $4.99 until November 29, 2007.

Valkyrie of the Battlefield Trains You For the Millitary

Well, probably not you, but some Japanese guy, as they are speaking in well, Japanese. Hopefully, SEGA's Battle Field Valkyrie: Gallian Chronicles will come stateside and we will be able to learn how and play this tactical warfare title.

David Jaffe: New Game Showing Next Week

David Jaffe has announced on his blog that he will be revealing his new Eat Sleep Play game next week. He writes:

"Have a great one ya'll! I think we're gonna start pumping out videos and images from our new game next week, so check back...and heck, I may update over the break as well."
We will update you next week when he reveals this hopefully PLAYSTATION 3 bound title.

[Via Jaffe Blog]

PLAYSTATION 3 Website Revamped

The main page for the official PLAYSTATION 3 site has been fully revamped. It now shows the style and power of what the PLAYSTATION 3 console really is.

Visit it at the link below.

[Visit: PS3 Site]

Tekken 6 Punches In New Famitsu Scans

The latest issue of the Japanese Famitsu magazine two new pages dedicated to Namco Bandai's upcoming Tekken 6. Let me tell you, this is a fighting game I'm really excited for. Some of the new characters are shown in action in these scans. Namco Bandai is unleashing this fighter in 2008 exclusively on the PLAYSTATION 3.

[Via Gamersyde]

Amazon Black Friday Deals Leaked?

According to a tipster who sent in from Kotaku, we have the details on Amazon's Black Friday deals. So instead of going out and getting jammed in the face by buyers who want the same game as you, stay at home and play it safe.

So kick back, and take a look at the deals for all systems below. If you haven't picked up DiRT yet or want an extra SIXAXIS, then Friday is the day for you. The deals:

Amazon Black Friday Deals
  • Halo 3 Legendary for Xbox 360 $79.99 ( save $50 )
  • Bioshock for Xbox 360 $39.99 ( save $20 )
  • Gears of War for Xbox 360 $39.99 ( save $20 )
  • Exclusive !!! Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Limited Edition for 360 $19.99 ( save $40 )
  • PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controller $19.99 ( save $30 )
  • DiRT for PS3 $29.99 ( save $30 )
  • Puzzle Quest for PSP $9.99 ( save $10 )
  • Gold Nintendo DS with Zelda $149.99
  • Pink Nintendo DS with Nintendogs $149.99
  • New York Times Crosswords for DS $9.99 ( half off )
  • World of Warcraft Battlechest for PC $19.99 ( save $20 )
  • World of Warcraft for PC $9.99 ( half off )
  • Select Wii Games $19.99
  • A ton more, many more than half off. Some of these offers are good through "Cyber Monday", but most will sell out early on Friday.
  • And just heard, will have an allotment of Wii hardware available for sale Friday - that too is expected to sell out very quickly.
See anything you like? Then be at Amazon Friday.

[Via Kotaku]

HAZE: Gameplay Features Video Interview

Director of Free Radical's upcoming HAZE's talks about the unique features of the title. Have a watch..

Fatal Inertia Coming to PLAYSTATION 3 Spring 2008

Koei recently issued an updated release schedule to the media, with Fatal Inertia conspicuously absent from the list. When asked, the publisher said there was no formal release date for the futuristic racer, but they expected the PLAYSTATION 3 version to arrive sometime in Spring 2008.

There's no word on if the PLAYSTATION 3 version will include additional content, but given the delays have been technical issues, 1UP wouldn't rule it out.

[Via 1UP]

Legendary: Dont' Open The Box

Here's an exclusive trailer of Legendary: The Box, after watching this, do us all a favor, and don't attempt to rob museums ancient cursed boxes.

Uncharted: Tech Dive Enviorments

The Lead Artist Bruce Straley behind Uncharted: Drake's Fortune talks about what went into creating the beautiful environments on the PLAYSTATION 3.

Final Fantasy XIII & Versus XIII Trailers Likely Being Published December

The latest issue of the Dengeki Playstation Japanese magazine has announced that Square Enix will be releasing a new concept visual book on December 14th 2007, at the price of 2,625 yen, only in Japan. Title of the book is CLOUD (odd name for all Final Fantasy games). The book will be published by Media Works.

The book will feature many of Square Enix's games, including Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIII, Subarashiki Kono Sekai, Kingdom Hearts, and more. The book also includes interviews with the Japanese voice actors of the main characters from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

The book includes a special DVD that will also include the promotional movies for Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete.

It's great that they are being published, but will the trailers be the old or new privately shown trailers from the Tokyo Game Show 2007?


Best Call of Duty 4 Programmers on PLAYSTATION 3 Version

In the new issue of PSM3 Magazine, Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella explains that they weren't taking any chances with the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare:

We had our best programmers on the PS3 [version of Call of Duty] and it shows...
Yes it does show, the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the PLAYSTATION 3 almost looks flawless. Good job Infinity Ward.

[Via Kotaku]

Uneral Tournament III for PLAYSTATION 3 Gold, Shipping Dates

Mark Rein announced on the official Epic Games forum that Unreal Tournament III for the PLAYSTATION 3 has been approved by Sony and gone gold in North America.

Rein says the formal announcement should come early next week, and the game should ship to retailers in North American on Monday, December 10th, and show up in stores as early as December 11th.

For PAL territories, specifically UK and Europe, Epic is still working on localization. Rein estimates the game will ship over there early next year in January or February.

Looks like we can get Unreal this Christmas. Hmm, I might hold a little Christmas tournament...

[Via Epic Forums]

Lord of the Vermillion Dengeki Scans

Yesterday, you may have spotted our post about Square Enix announcing a new game called Lord of the Vermillion for the PLAYSTATION 3. Well, today it's certain, and we have new Dengeki scans to go along with it. Enjoy.

[Via Forever-Fantasy]

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Bloodless In Japan

Most people are usually jealous of Japan because they get the better end of the stick, most of the time. This time, there is no need to be jealous. It seems in Naughty Dog's latest release, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, when you shoot an enemy, by magical effect, no blood comes out. As a matter of fact, the whole game is bloodless.

It actually has nothing to do with the game itself, just the region your PLAYSTATION 3 is from. So if it's from Japan, your bloodless.

[Via Kotaku]

Heads Up: Download Japanese PSone Titles Through PC Store

Here is a little heads up from onAXIS. If you visit the newly launched PLAYSTATION Store on the PC, you can create new accounts and such.

If your looking to get some of the Japanese titles for your PSP, they have a fair amount of titles, including games like Arc the Lad II, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil Director's Cut, Metal Slug, and more. If you already have a Japanese PLAYSTATION Network account, you can log into the store with that account and everything will change into Japanese like the image to the left, and you can add funds and buy the games.

If you don't, you can click create new account, make a Japanese account, and then start getting those Japanese games. They have a fairly huge lot of games, over 100 PSone classics. They also have the Sony Cat Companion helper for the PSP as well, as a free download if you want to give that a try. Enjoy!

[Visit: PLAYSTATION Store]