Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hideo Kojima: 50GB Blu-Ray Not Enough for Metal Gear Solid 4

In an exclusive interview with Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, he complained that the size of the 50GB Blu-Ray discs were not enough for Metal Gear Solid 4. The producers of the title considered the disc to small and they had to compress some parts of the game in order to keep it on one disc.

Kojima : I am not satisfied with the quality yet, however... there isn't enough space.

Interviewer: Not enough space.. on.. Blu-ray?

Kojima: Yes. (laughs) Not enough space.
At least we know it will never be considered for another console release.

[MGS4: Kojima says "50GB BD Not Enough For MGS4"]

PlayStation Home: Marketplace Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough of the new Home Marketplace in the PlayStation Home closed beta. Right now, the marketplace is pretty empty, and one of the stores seems to be closed off. Perhaps let us walk inside stores?

Valve May Port Left 4 Dead to PlayStation 3

In a new interview with Valve Founder, Gabe Newell, they spoke about the possibility of Left 4 Dead on the PlayStation 3. Regarding a port, Newell said: "If folks want to do a PS3 version, we're open to talk with third parties about that." That basically means, if they will do one, they'll let EA UK handle it and make it terrible. Makes you think if we really want one.

[Left 4 Dead First Impressions]

PlayStation Magazine Reveals Two New Titles: Damnation & Recoil: Retrograd

The latest issue of the PlayStation Magazine in France revealed two upcoming PlayStation 3 titles.

The first title is Damnation, an action game developed by Blue Omega and published by Codemasters too see the world some time in Winter 2008.

The second title is Recoil: Retrogad. It's a third-person shooter created by the writer of the Hitman series. The game's setting i s in the city of Retrogad. The game uses Unreal Engine 3.

Whether any of these titles are PlayStation 3 exclusives is yet to be known.

[Damnation & Recoil Scans]

SOCOM: Confrontation: Two New Pictures, EGM Scoop

The May 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly will feature an exclusive preview of Sony Computer Entertainment & Slant Six Games' upcoming PlayStation Network title, SOCOM: Confrontation. Luckily for those who don't purchase the magazine, there are still two new pictures right here. For more pictures of the game, and a hands-on read of the game's full 32-player online battles, pick up the May 2008 issue of EGM.

[EGM Gets the Scoop on SOCOM]

Grand Theft Auto IV To Use SIXAXIS, PS3 Features Warmer Colors

The April 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly features a preview of Grand Theft Auto IV. In this preview they reveal some new information on the game.

  • The SIXAXIS will be used in Grand Theft Auto IV correctly (unlike other games).
  • They will possibly make a MMPOG (massively multiplayer online game) of GTA in the future. Possibly subscription based.
  • Beat up cars will eventually stall, leaving you on your feet (or to steal another car).
  • Tires will pop and shred apart when they are shot at.
  • The PlayStation 3 version features warmer colors while the Xbox 360 version features more vibrant colors.
  • The up button on the D-Pad brings up the cell phone. Clicking it twice brings up the keypad.
  • You gain different phones throughout the game. The bsica one has contacts, organizer, camera, and multiplayer mode. The MP3 version is obtained later in the game.
  • You can kill anybody. Even your contacts.
  • A radio station called WKTT (We Know the Truth). They make fun of Rush limbaugh and will have those rants that real fans called in during the time Rockstar took the calls from them.
  • DJ Lazlow is making a return.
  • Online bloggers play some form in the game as well.
  • The cheats that we know and love will also be in the game.
  • You can throw grenades out of a vehicle while you are driving. You can even "cook" the grenades.
  • Rockstar is getting into episodic downloads. The PlayStation 3 version may see some.
Well, thats all of it. Can't they just reveal the damn multiplayer already! Enjoy the information.

[GTA4 to use Sixaxis plus more from EGM]

LEGO Batman: Weapons of Mass Destruction Trailer

Here it is, the first gameplay of LEGO Batman: The Videogame. From watching the trailer, it seems you can choose to be good or evil, deciding the fate of {Lego) Gotham City yourself. Enjoy the watch!

Motorstorm 2 to be Revealed Wednesday March 5, 2008

French gaming site, JeuxVideo, wrote today that on Wednesday March 5, 2008, they will have an exclusive revealing of Evolution Studios' upcoming Motostorm 2. They will have the game's exact title, content, and even the first video.

We will update you Wednesday.

[Revelations on the next exclusive Motorstorm]

Section 8: New Developer Interview

A new interview with Gamecock & TimeGate tells new information their upcoming first person shooter, Section 8. Apparently, the game takes place on mars, with a heavy space-travel aspect along with that. Enjoy the interview.

N+ Coming to the PlayStation Network.....In a While

In a new interview with N+ creators, Metanet, they confirmed a PlayStation Network version of the game is definately in the works. However, we may have to wait a while before we are jumping off walls like crazy. "Yes, however due to an exclusivity clause in our XBLA contract, it may not be for a while."

An Atari producer stated that they are excited to work on the PlayStation Network in the future due to the freedom it gives developers."The PSN has fewer restrictions on their incoming content (likely because it's struggling to catch up to the well-established XBLA) but again, on the PSN right now the indie designer has far more freedom to create the game that they imagine, whatever the size and shape."

Hopefully when N+ arrives, we will have some exclusive content along with that.

[N+ coming to PSN, but it'll take 'a while']

Grand Theft Auto IV: Running at 30FPS on Both Consoles, Both Identical

The latest episode of the 1UP Show discusses Grand Theft Auto IV. They've confirmed that the game runs at 30 frames per second on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Also that both of them look identical, however the PlayStation 3 version is a big behind in development, but they will both be launching side-by-side.

[1UP Show] [MP3]