Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV vs. Mafia II: Graphics

It's clear that Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be one of the most epic games of 2008. Many people are forgetting our Italian brothers over in Mafia II. I actually enjoyed the first game and am looking forward to the second, probably because I'm Italian.

PC Games have done a graphics comparison of both titles. It's clear who the winner is, but I'll let you decide.

[Grand Theft Auto IV vs. Mafia II]

Rumor: New KILLZONE 2 Trailer at Play Live Event?

Three Speech has posted a list of the PlayStation 3 and PSP titles to be featured at the Live event in the UK. One of the listing is KILLZONE 2 with the word 'trailer' next to it.

PlayStation 3

  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - playable code
  • Everybody’s Golf: World Tour - playable code
  • Time Crisis 4 - playable code
  • Echochrome - playable code
  • KILLZONE 2 - trailer
  • LittleBigPlanet - trailer
  • Play TV - trailer

PlayStation Portable

  • God of War: Chains of Olympus - playable code
Well, it's either an old trailer (which wouldn't be quite good for an event), or a brand new trailer. We will update you when the event arrives.

[Sony At Live!]

Three Speech Counting Down to Something Big?

A new update to semi-official Sony blog, Three Speech came with a wider layout, new banners, and a countdown to something big under the banner. The countdown is about less than 4 days away and says "A NEW BREED OF WARRIOR WILL BE BORN...". The countdown, if I'm correct ends on March 12, 2008 which is supposed to be the unveiling of Motorstorm 2. It's either that or Heavenly Sword 2, or some brand new IP. I wonder.

[New Changes To Three Speech]

Electronic Arts: Crysis Not In Development for PlayStation 3

EA's Colin Robinson has came out today to tell us that Crysis is not in development for the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360.

He stated that they have talked about doing it before, but they seel that the PC market is going to be seeing a renaissance period over the next few years.

[EA Says Crysis Not In Development For PS3]

Games Master: Dan Houser Speaks on Grand Theft Auto IV

In the newest issue of UK Magazine, Games Master, Dan Houser speaks exclusively to them about Grand Theft Auto IV. Houser, along with his brother Sam Houser, and his friend Terry Donovan, founded Rockstar Games.

Houser speaks on Niko. They always made characters that made the story work together with them. Niko emerged as a more complex character, someone battle hardened, a man who has experienced many bad things and wants to escape from his past. He wants to do good, but is much better at doing bad.

On Liberty City, houser says their goal was going for the most detailed and involved virtual world. The artist, Aaron Garbut, spent months walking the street of New York City taking photos. Many researchers were involved as well, helping them find graffiti in Brooklyn, or ornate facades on apartment blocks around Central Park. Of course, they can't exactly replicate it, but they think they've done a great job that captures the essence of New York in 2008.

You have a nightlife in Liberty City as well. You can to the the Steinway Beer Garden, and play some darts. You can go make sexist remarks to the female bar staff. You can see the hit stage show 'Banging Trash Can Lids for an Hour', it seems to have amazed critics. You can pick up a drink at the SuperStar Cafe as well. Thats just the tip of it as well.

On Houser's favore city location he states: “My favourite views are definately heading over the bridges into Algonquin from Broker, Dukes or Bohan as the sun goes down. The dying sun glimmers off the glass of countless skyscrapers and the neon signs and windows start to light up as you head into the sunset toward a sleezy trouble-filled night in the heart of Liberty City.”

On Escaping the Police, Houser says that cops behave more realistically in this game. One cop can call in for back-up on your last seen location. You can sneak into a new car unseen, and escape their search radius. Rather than spray painting your car every time. They said the new changes have gave them incredible feedback, and their goal was to make the experience feel more alive and involving.

On Grand Theft Auto IV's tone and realism, Houser says that the humor in the Grand Theft Auto series has been about parodying the real world that we live in. This game is more naturalistic than previous games in some ways, with a more serious tone, but still full of the comedy the series is loved for. They are very pleased with the story, knowing people will love its twists, turns, and revelations.

View the scans at the link, but the above is pretty much the scans sumed up.

[Dan Houser Speaks Exclusively To GamesMaster]

Official PlayStation Magazine UK: Grand Theft Auto IV Details

Okay, we have some more details of Grand Theft Auto IV from the 14-page preview in the Official PlayStation Magazine of the UK. You know the drill, lets get straight to the breakdown.

  • Francis McReary has criminal relatives.
  • Stay on the right side of Bruce's attitude and he'll eventually let you use his chopper.
  • Niko's contacts will call him 24/7, either to offer work or just wanting to:
    • Meet up and go play pool, darts or bowling.
    • Go to comedy or strip clubs.
    • If it's business , then smuggling contraband to the docks.
    • Betrayal is never far away.
    • Just get drunk. Niko and Roman go into an ex-pat bar called Comrades and the screen goes black. Niko and Roman stagger out slurrig their words and laughing.
      • Getting into the car while drunk is a task and a half, the camera lurches and the controls become hobbled.
  • If Niko's gets capped, the screen will go black and white, he wakes up at the nearest hospital , wallet lighter but without losing his weapons.
  • Hold L1 and Niko smashes out the driver's side window with his 9mm, then a crosshair appears, enabling Niko to shoot forwards.
  • If you fail a mission, you don't have to drive back to the start , instead, your contact will text your mobile asking if you want to try again.
  • Car passengers will suggest listening to the radio rather than talking.
  • A Satellite Navigation system has been confirmed. A coloured line appears on the mini-map guiding Niko to his next objective or a waypoint that you've set on the main map screen. Make a wrong turn and it reacts quickly, redrawing the route without any fuss.
  • Fancier cars even have a voice on the satellite navigation to read out the directions for you.
  • Missions now auto-save when completed.
  • Bonus features include Little Jacob letting giving you cut-price weaponry.
  • Other Bonus features include Roman letting you use his taxi service.
  • Playboy X has a penthouse loft in North Alderney.
  • Brucie's past includes military service and time in prison.
  • Playboy X's mentor is called Dwayne and he is fresh out of prison.
  • Niko's mobile can also play music.
  • Hold L2 Button to snap to the nearest bit of cover.
  • Square Button handles blocking attacks.
  • Pull the pins out of grenades with L2 Button.
  • Press R2 to drop grenades out of vehicle windows.
  • One of Niko's targets is called Lyle Rivas, he is at 99 Long Road.
  • You can punch the address into the GPS and it calculates it for you.
  • The magazine re-confirms that there are 18 radio stations in Grand Theft Auto IV.
[New GTA IV Preview, OPM UK - April 2008]

EA Games Has Two Unannounced IPs In Development

In a new interview with Todd Sitrin of Electronic Arts, he talks about his job, global marketing, what EA Games is currently doing, and such. One thing he says, however, stands out the most.

When asked "It's always good to see IPs", Sitrin rersponded "Absolutely, we actually have 3 new original IPs in development, the only one that’s been announced is Facebreaker, we haven’t done an original IP at EA for several years, not since back to Freekstyle Motorcycle."

Two unannounced IPs? Nothing to do about this now but wait till they are announced. Or hack their servers and find out myself. No, I'm just joking.

[Interview - Todd Sitrin Vice President of Global Marketing for EA Sports]

Yakuza 3: First Day Sales In Japan

Well Yakuza: Kenzan! has shipped in Japan, and it's first day sales did fantastic. Yakuza: Kenzan! came out on top that day selling 113k copies. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, which was also released in Japan on the same day, came out selling only 3k.

Let's hope Yakuza 3 will come stateside now.

[First day sales in Japan (3/6)]

HAZE Interview: Delay Reasons, Hardest Factor, More

In a new interview, Strategy Informer's Mike Bowden spoke with Projeect Lead for Free Radical's upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, HAZE, Derek Littlewood.

He spoke on the reason for the delay, which was basically that they wanted to deliver more. If they shipped Christmas, they wouldn't have been able to give us all the feautres of the game. The extra time they received to refine and polish it puts the game into the right position.

They've been polishing the core aspects of the game as much as they could. They've been balancing out multiplayer modes, and factions of the game. They state the result is a balance that, with an earlier release date, would not have been possible.

Littlewood states that the hardest part of developing the game was making it stream. That means you won't see a single loading screen from start to finish of the game.

He speaks on all the multi-platform speculation, saying that it is just speculation. He said people shouldn't get angry with the developmet team because it's on one console. It's unfair.

Read the full interview at the link below.

[HAZE Interview] [Thanks xbandaidx!]

Prince of Persia IV: First Leaked Video?

A video that looks like a bad cell-phone recording appeared online today. The video is supposedly from Prince of Persia IV: Ghost of the Past. We have no idea if it is a real video. We will update you when we find out.

[Uniklé video z Prince of Persia: Ghost of the Past?]

Street Fighter IV: Chun-Li vs. Crimson Viper Ink Style

A new ink-style trailer has been released for Street Fighter IV where Chun-Li and Crimson Viper, two of the females of the game, battle it out. The battle is really unique and flower-filled, but Chun-Li has Crimson Viper with her mega-thighs of death.