Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crisis Core: New Scans featuring Tifa in a Cowsuit

Today we have some high quality scans of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. One of the scans features Tifa in a cowsuit guiding Zack and Sephiroth. Enjoy the scans.

[Via JeuxFrance]

Ninja Gaiden II, Confirmed for 360, Unconfirmed for PS3

GameSpot Korea confirmed that Ninja Gaiden II will be shown to the world at the Tokyo Game Show of 2007. This was confirmed by an industry insider. According to this insider, the Xbox 360 is confirmed but the PlayStation 3 version is still unconfirmed. Fear not, as a PlayStation 3 version will probably be coming.

[Via Gamers-Creed]

NGI Reviews Warhawk - 9.6/10

NextGenIreland was the first to review Warhawk, and it received a great rating, a whopping 9.6/10. Read the full review at the read link.

[Via NextGenIreland]