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TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Gameplay

We seem to be flooded with Metal Gear Solid 4 news today.

Konami gave the english script from the pre-Tokyo Game Show trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which will be shown in a couple of hours. While waiting, we offer you the chance to check some incredible scans containing massive spoilers, like this one : MGS4 will have a simultaneous worldwide release. Inside, you will also find photos from said script and a scan of Metal Gear Online, which will be bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4.

[Via GamerSyde]

TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo To Drop on PSN

If your'e jealous the attendees of Tokyo Game Show that got to have a chance to go hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, then worry no more. 1UP has learned Kojima Productions has every intention of releasing the Tokyo Game Show demo (or a close approximate) onto the PlayStation Network, we just don't know when yet.

Hopefully it will be within these four days, as even demos are always the best.

[Via 1UP]

TGS 2007: PlayStation 3 Games Getting Ready To Rumble

With the revealing of the Dual Shock 3 comes a list of games that Sony confirmed will have rumble supported or rumble updated. Here is the list.

  • Blast Factor - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Burnout Paradise - ELECTRONIC ARTS K.K.
  • Dark Sector - D3 PUBLISHER Inc.
  • Devil May Cry(R) 4 - CAPCOM CO.,LTD.
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 - KOEI Co., Ltd.
  • echochrome - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Fatal Inertia - KOEI Co., Ltd.
  • FIFA franchise (title name TBD) - ELECTRONIC ARTS K.K.
  • Folklore - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • FORMULA ONE CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION (*1) - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • GI JOCKEY 4 2007 - KOEI Co., Ltd.
  • Go! Sports Ski - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Heavenly Sword - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - Konami
  • MotorStorm - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Resistance: Fall of Man - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Super Stardust HD - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • TOY HOME - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Vampire Rain - AQ INTERACTIVE Inc.
  • Warhawk - Sony Computer Entertainment
Thats a mighty big list. Can't wait to start rumbling in my games when I get shot.

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1UP Blog: Final Fantasy VII Listed In Square's Mega Theater

If you are dissappointed that we didn't hear anything about a Final Fantasy VII remake during Sony's conference, don't worry, developers like Square Enix are having their own. This was posted on the 1UP blog during the live blogging for Sony's conference:

"6:21: Woah. THIS JUST IN: So apparently we just heard from Jeremy that they're probably going to announce the FF7 remake here. He says "Final Fantasy 7" (no details) is listed at the Square Enix theater."
So I guess we got that too look forward too now. A Final Fantasy VII remake seem highly likely though. It's the smartest move to make.

[Via 1UP]

TGS 2007: Afrika Website & Trailer

Well, the first ever gameplay was revealed for Afrika today at Sony's press conference for TGS 07. The official website is also open. View the trailer and web site at the links.

[View Afrika Website]
[View Afrika Trailer]

TGS 2007: PSP & PS3 Remote Play Enhanced

During a demonstration at the Tokyo Game Show 2007, Kaz Hirai revealed that the PS3 and PSP's Remote Play functionality has been updated so that you'll be able to switch on, and switch off, your PS3 from anywhere in the world.

This will allow you to access you pictures, music and videos without having to leave your PlayStation 3 on.

The feature will be extended further to allow up to 3 PSP owners to play football/soccer on a host PS3. Also, another two PS3s could be used to spectate the match.

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TGS 2007: New Final Fantasy Series Images

Here are some new images from the Sony Press Conference from Tokyo Game Show 2007 of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy. View them at the link.

[View Screenshots]

TGS 2007: Three Kingdom Hearts Titles Revealed

Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show presentation is currently going down in Japan and we've got the first details on the trio of new Kingdom Hearts titles.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP looks to be a single-player adventure in the vein of the PlayStation 2 iterations, though not "Kingdom Hearts III." Birth by Sleep's protagonist was not explicitly named in the presentation, but he looked an awful lot like Zack of Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core fame.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS appears to star Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II, but its main draw looks to be four-player simultaneous play using members of Organization XIII. It will be in full 3D.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded is a mobile game, likely for Japanese cell phones. It stars the familiar cast of main characters from the original Kingdom Hearts (Sora & co.) and seems to be set between the first and second PlayStation 2 titles.

Wow, so the rumors were true. That means... Endless Crisis?

[Via 1UP]

TGS 2007: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Release for Japan

During its live press conference occurring right now in Japan, Sony gave updated stats on the success of the PlayStation Network.

Over 2.7 million accounts have been created since the console’s launch late last year. The online service currently allows users to connect with gamers across the world and access the PlayStation Store.

One important bit of info was Gran Turismo fans is the announcement that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will release in disc and PSN form on December 13 in Japan.

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TGS 2007: PlayStation Store on the PC

Sony announced today at its TGS 2007 press conference that users will now be able to access the PlayStation Store via their PC. While you obviously won't be able to play demos this way, videos and such will all be accessible. Also, PSP users will now be able to download content to their system by way of their PC without having to go through a PS3, helping those who don't own Sony's latest console.

We'll have more information on this as it becomes available, including the unannounced URL.

[Via IGN]

Update 11:01 PM

The URL for the Japanese Store is below.

[View PS Store JP]

TGS 2007: Home Delayed

According to Kaz Hirai during this years TGS 2007 conference:

"It was originally scheduled for this year, he says, but it's been delayed - it's due in spring next year instead "so we can truly meet the needs and feedback of the users".
Well, I guess thats how you put it. Sad times, maybe there will actually be an open beta now that it was delayed till Spring.

[Via EuroGamer]

TGS 2007: Sony's Press Conference Reveals Dual Shock 3

It's finally announced people, the wait is over. Kaz Hirai just announced the Dual Shock 3 at Sony's press conference for TGS 2007.

He says that feedback drove them to do this. The picture on screen looks exactly the same as the Sixaxis, but it says DualShock 3 on it, obviously. He calls SIXAXIS "an extension of your arms" but "users had requested we resurrect the vibration function".

He says that feedback drove them to do this. The pic on screen looks exactly the same as the Sixaxis, but it says DualShock 3 on it, obviously. He calls Sixaxis "an extension of your arms" but "users had requested we resurrect the vibration function".

"We have not made any changes to its outward appearance and design, but it does have vibration." It should release in Japan: Nov 2007, US/Europe: Spring 2008.

Actual date and price will be announced "at a later date".

"We'll be able to see and experience DualShock 3 on the show floor today. It's used by the likes of MGS4, Devil May Cry 4, Echochrome, Toy Home, Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted." states Hirai.

Imabikisou, Dynasty Warriors 6 G1 Jockey 4, MGS4, Devil May Cry 4, Ratchet and Clank Future, uncharted, echochorme, Toy Home all support it. Metal Gear Online supports DualShock 3 as well, he says. Crikey, he's just flashed up an absolutely vast list of titles set to support it.

Old games will support the vibration functions via a PSN update.

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PS3Focus: Sony's Welcome Home Event

Sony recently had a Welcome Home even were PS3Focus site administrative were invited. The video really explains it all. Happy viewing.

[Via PS3Focus]

Sony Aquires Evolution Studios

Sony has acquired MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios along with Pursuit Force subsidiary Bigbig Studios.

And can reveal that co-founders of Evolution Studios, Martin Kenwright and Ian Hetherington are to leave the company, with managing director Mick Hocking taking on the role of group studio director responsible for Evolution Studios, Bigbig Studio and Sony's Liverpool Studio.

Continue at the read link.


TGS 2007: Metal Gear Online Trailer

Well, the latest trailer for Metal Gear Online from the Tokyo Game Show 2007. Enjoy, and scope out the enemy! View it at the link.

[View MGO Trailer]

TGS 2007: Soul Calibur IV Trailer

The newest Soul Calibur IV trailer for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Here it is, straight from the Tokyo Game Show 2007. Enjoy.

[Via IGN]

Tony Hawks Proving Ground Launch Trailer

The new launch trailer for Tony Hawk's upcoming game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Proving Ground. Enjoy.

[Via IGN]

The Simpsons: Super Happy Fun Fun Trailer

Here is the Super Happy Fun Fun trailer released today from The Simpsons Games. Enjoy the watch.

[Via IGN]

TGS 2007: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Gameplay Videos

Here is a new gameplay video of the upcoming PlayStation Network and Blu-Ray Disc title, Gran Turismo 5, at the Tokyo Game Show 2007. Enjoy.

[Via GameTrailers]

TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Subbed Trailer

Earlier today, we posted the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer from TGS 2007. Unfortunately it's subtitles were in Japanese. Well, now above we have it subbed, enjoy.

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TGS 2007: WipeOut HD 60fps

GamerSyde start their Sony Lounge videos with some tasty Wipeout HD footage. A big work has been achieved on the technical level with nifty graphics and an impressive framerate. Hit the link after the jump for the HD version.

[Via GamerSyde]

TGS 2007: Army of Two Trailer HD

Grab your gear and get ready for battle, because this is one mission that must be accomplished. The new Army of Two trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2007 from EA Games. Enjoy.

[Via GameTrailers]

TGS 2007: Devil May Cry 4 Trailer

Here is the new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2007. This is of Devil May Cry 4 and all it's bloody glory. Enjoy.

[Via IGN]

Famitsu: Kingdom Hearts PSP Scan

We had the V-Jump scans the other day, and look here, now we even have Famitsu confirming this new Kingdom Hearts title.

Enjoy the scan.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Still Coming Winter 2007?

Officially Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was planned for a 2007 release, but at the E3 Konami delayed the game to 'early 2008'. Now, at the official TGS 2007 website from Konami, Metal Gear Solid 4 is again stated for a Winter 2007 release. So is this year's release still happening?

[Via PS3Only]

Rumor: More PlayStation 3 Titles Coming From Everyday Shooter Creator?

Kotaku hears that Sony is in talks with Mark to sign him on for a multi-game deal. Which could be great for the PlayStation Network in terms of indie developers. Mark brings fun gaming which can be played repetitively to the scene.

[Via Kotaku]

TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Giveouts

It must be really nice to get to go to Japan's, maybe the world's most famous video game conference. PS3 Fanboy is feeling that love.

They report "At Konami's pre-TGS press conference, attendees were given a collection of intriguing artifacts which ranged from bizarre to chucklesome to really pretty cool. A bottle of Konami and Winning Eleven branded water is promised to make you fit, healthy and beautiful, just like Konami's upcoming games. Apparently.

Another priceless relic included in the bundle is what appears to be a dishcloth with the Konami code written on it. Just in case you needed to remember it whilst drying the dishes. Our favourite item, however, is the Metal Gear Solid 4 artbook which includes a whole bunch of concept art, photos of Kojima himself and stills from the game. There's some text in there too which, we're sure, is incredibly interesting to those who can read it."

View the images at the link.

[View MGS4 Loot Gallery]

onAXIS: PlayStation Store Predictions for September 20, 2007

Okay, the day before Thursday, what a crazy art teacher I know may call hump day. What does that mean? Predictions! Yes! Here are mine:

  • LocoRoco! Cocoreccho
  • High Velocity Bowling
  • NBA 2k8 demo
  • Sega Rally demo
  • Skate demo (trust me, it's going to be here this time)
  • Some Old Demo (they brought us Harry Potter last update)
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS 2007 video
  • "The Title That Will Save the PS3" video
Thats our predictions, hopefully that will come with some Tokyo Game Show extras in it.

The Last Remnant: Six New Scans

The Last Remnant is set for release on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, here we get to see an insight into the games characters and more.Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Last Remnant info once TGS starts.

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TGS 2007: Phil Harrison Q&A

At tonight's event, though, the atmosphere was informal. Informal enough, in fact, for GameSpot to corner Sony Worldwide Studios president and World's #1 MotorStorm fan Phil Harrison over a cold drink. He politely discussed the constant comparisons of the PS3 and Wii, and how Sony plans to move on from the negative press the company has attracted over its latest console's bumpy ride at retail.

View the Q&A at the read link.

[View Phil Harrison Q&A]

TGS 2007: LittleBigPlanet Developer Walkthrough Parts 1 & 2

Here is the new TGS 2007 developer walkthrough for LittleBigPlanet on the PlayStation 3. In these two videos, we get an in-depth look at the physics system and learn about the importance of teamwork, and we learn about how you can change the world around you and how to create an interactive environment.

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Devil May Cry 4: New Scan Shows Trish + Lady & New Dante Weapon

Trish returns from Devil May Cry and Lady from Devil May Cry 3. People who had the unfortunate chance of viewing the Devil May Cry anime that the 3 are well acquainted and are regularly hunting demons. Lady in her 2nd costume from Devil May Cry 3 redesigned and looking sexier than ever. Trish is about the same, now with slicked back hair.

The real megaton though is Dante's new weapons, named Gilgamesh. These appear to be Light based gauntlet/greeves weapons which would mean that they are meant to be a replacement for Beowulf or it means that Nero or maybe even Vergil might receive Beowulf (remember that Vergil had Beowulf in Devil May Cry 3).

[Via NeoGAF]

The Eye of Judgement Press Pack

Games Radar received delivery of the Eye of Judgment press pack (image above). Contained inside its four drawers was everything we needed to play the game, including magic cloth, deck of cards, PlayStation Eye and, of course, the game disk.

Also contained in the box were some fresh screens and a new movie, taken from the game’s introduction sequence. No doubt the best way to play The Eye of Judgment will be online or with friends with each of you trying to outmatch your opponent’s cards with your own. It’s a very clever idea and one we’re sure we’ll spend a lot of time with, once we’ve learnt all the rules, that you can get a brief outline of here.

[Via Games Radar]

TGS 2007: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Gameplay

Let's continue with a nice Uncharted: Drake's Fortune video where we can observe some nicer gunfights in the beautiful indoors. Looks much better than what we saw at Los Angeles or Leipzig. Really, really promising.

[Via GamerSyde]

TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer

I guess people don't understand the "no recording allowed" rule. Ruliweb found a way to film the TGS 2007 Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, and of course their servers have imploded under the load. So above we have the GamerSyde mirror, enjoy.

[Via GamerSyde]

Update 6:22 PM

Here is a script thanks to PS3 Fanboy:
Naomi: That's why Liquid has me helping him hijack the System.
Naomi: Because I know FOXDIE works.
Naomi: Please, you must rescue me.
Naomi: Preparations for his insurrection are nearly complete.
Naomi: There's no time to waste.
Naomi: Snake, hurry!

(Kojima Productions Logo)

Ed: There's twenty of them.
Ed: And they're not from that PMC, Praying Mantis, either.

(Metal Gear 20th Anniversary)

Ed: It's the FROGS.
Meryl: These guys are with Liquid's private army. Shoot first, think later.
Meryl: We'll change the route as necessary.
Meryl: I'm on point.
Meryl: Got it?
Meryl: Eye contact.

"Final Chapter of the Metal Gear Saga"

Meryl: The nanomachine network inside each unit member's body lets us share each other's senses.
Meryl: With SOP, my team can literally operate as one.
Meryl: So, what do you think?
Meryl: Is your age of heroes finally over?

"Final Mission of Snake"

Snake: I'm no hero.
Snake: Never was.
Snake: Never will be.

"Finally, Everything Will Be Revealed"

Snake: You haven't changed at all, Snake.
Drebin: Pretty sweet, huh?
Drebin: Whoa, hold it.
Drebin: Watch where you're pointing that thing.
Snake: Who are you?
Drebin: Neither enemy, nor friend.
Drebin: I'm a weapons wholesaler -- all shapes, all sizes.
Drebin: All you see here has been alundered.
Drebin: I take ID guns like the PMCs use and make some mods.
Drebin: Then you can use 'em without having to match IDs.
Drebin: In other words, I'm a gun launderer.
Drebin: You can call me, Drebin.

"Metal Gear Solid 4"

Drebin: Privatizing the military's made the PMCs big and bloated.
Drebin: And the fatter the PMCs get, the line between civilian and soldier is gonna get real blurry.
Drebin: The whole damn human race is gonna be green collars.
Otacon: Vamp ... He's got to be immortal.
Snake: What the hell are these Patriots? Are they human?
Drebin: Not anymore they ain't.
Drebin: They're the law of this world, created over the course of history.
Drebin: They're what holds this world together.
Drebin: Keeps this whole mess in check.
Naomi: Let's go!
Otacon: Sunny was taken by the Patriots right after she was born.
Otacon: She never even met her parents.
Sunny: Snake! This is a non-smoking fight!
Meryl: This is Rat Patrol Team 01.
Meryl: We're with the CID -- one of the bodies investigating PMC activity.
EVA: Very impressive CQC, Snake.
EVA: Call me Mama. Big Mama.
Snake: Liquid!
Liquid: Brother!
Liquid: It's not over -- not yet!
Liquid: This is the liberty we've won for ourselves!
Liquid: Outer Heaven.

(MGS4 logo)

Naomi: See, SUnny?
Naomi: Us girls have to look our best.
Sunny: Her name was Olga.
Naomi: Hm?
Sunny: My mother.


Akiba: Drop your weapon!
Snake: You haven't even taken the safety off, rookie.
Akiba: Careful, I'm no rookie!
Akiba: I'm a ten year vet.
Snake: How the hell did you ever survive ten years?
Soldier: Who's there?
Akiba: Go away!
Akiba: I'm not done yet!
Soldier: Stop! Stop right there!
Akiba: Get back here!

"Simultaneous Worldwide Release"

Drebin: Here they come!
[Via PS3 Fanboy]

TGS 2007: Rumble Confirmed!

IGN reports: "Big shocker at today's Electronic Arts pre Tokyo Game Show press event. While playing a demo of Burnout Paradise, we felt something that we never thought we'd feel from a PS3 controller -- shake!

That's right, Burnout Paradise is the first rumble-equipped PS3 game we've ever played. Which made us think at the time, if the game is making the controller shake, the controller must be a new version of the Sixaxis!

In fact, the controller we were using to play the demo looked exactly like a standard Sixaxis, except that it had a sticker on the bottom that said "RUMBLE." It also felt notably heavier than the standard Sixaxis."

Wow, this is just great, we finally get the rumbling controller.

[Via IGN]

Famitsu Week 9/18/07: New Metal Gear Solid 4 Scans

Here are the latest Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots scans from the newest Famitsu. They seem to reveal a new character.

[Via GT Forums]

Metal Gear Solid 4 Comes With Metal Gear Online Starter Pack

Metal Gear Solid 4 will include a small taste of the Metal Gear Online experience through an included "Starter Pack" mode, Hideo Kojima revealed at the Konami press conference today in Tokyo. A new trailer highlighted the game's sharp graphics, which nearly match the visual fidelity of its single-player counterpart. In addition, fun gameplay bits, such as the ability to roll down enemies in a barrel were shown. The trailer ended with a soldier launching himself helplessly into the air by using a massive cannon device.

[Via JoyStiq]

Downloadable Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer Coming Soon

Konami announced that a downloadable version of the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer (which will be shown at the event but with no recording allowed) will be available on the 20th at 10:00 am Tokyo time.

[Via IGN]

Famitsu 9/18/07 Week: Metal Gear Solid 4

The newest Famitsu has some information on Metal Gear Solid 4, it states:

Here is a rough translation:
New Characters:
  • Sunny: A female who has escaped from the grasps of the "Patriots"
  • Trevin: An individual involved with weapons-laundering who can erase IDs from weapons so that they can be used again.
  • Little Grey: A mysterious creature who accompanies Trevin
  • Others: Meril, Jonathon, Ed, Haven Trooper, etc.
Weapon Features: You are able to customize weapons in MGS4, for instance, you can change the barrel of a M4A1 assault rifle and convert it into a shotgun style weapon.

Some weapons in MGS4: Gas mine, M870 Custom, Javelin missle, Mk 17 Assault Rifle, M64E, operator handgun, M14EBR Sniper Rifle, Stun Knife
Enjoy the information.

[Via NeoGAF] [Translation]

Famitsu 9/18/07 Week: Three PlayStation 3 Rumors

The latest Famitsu magazine is out, and we have three new rumors for you.

  • Also there is a rumour of a PS3-saving megaton coming tomorrow. (Tokyo Game Show)
  • A third party game with development funded totally by SCE.
  • If the rumour is legit, he also mentions White Knight Story will come out on January 31, 2007 for 8990 yen.
If these rumors are true, it makes one wonder. What could this megaton be? Perhaps a Final Fantasy VII remake? Wonder what this third party game may be too.

[Via NeoGAF]

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Release & Demo Revealed in Famitsu

In the latest issue of Famitsu, there is some new information on Gran Turismo 5: Prologue:

Which roughly translates to:
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (PS3/SCE/December 13th Sale Schedule)
It releases a trial version 10/20/07.
In the trial version, the "mask GT-R" of puzzle is included.
Deitona makes a GT series first appearance
Use GT.TV to watch car information from around the world.
Use points you gain from offline events in the final product to buy fascinating cars.
There you have it, hopefully the demo is for us too, and not just the Japanese PlayStation Network.

[Via NeoGAF]