Sunday, August 26, 2007

GC 2007: EA Goes FIFA Street A Third

This article is straight from IGN:

Electronic Arts has done well for itself with most of its streetball games -- NBA Street and NFL Street both have had a solid run -- but the soccer version FIFA Street hasn't made the same impression. That said, the team is calling up the franchise for a third edition, this time with the power of next-generation consoles providing the power/stylee for what is hoped to be a fresh new start for the series.

EA officially confirmed FIFA Street 3 in a small mention about the game in an official press release earlier this week. In development at EA Canada, the game was shown behind closed doors at the Leipzig Games Convention. Official details about FIFA Street 3 are not yet available for the public, and the game has not yet been officially announced for release in any for specific territories (the game is being shown in Europe, so we'll assume it's coming there, and FIFA Street 1 and 2 had releases stateside and elsewhere in North America as well.) Exact platform plans were not officially announced either, other than that the game shown at GC was "next generation consoles" -- this is assumedly PS3 and Xbox 360, but it's not known yet whether Wii fits in the plans or if other current-gen systems or handhelds will see FIFA Street 3.

We'll have more about this street soccer game soon.

That we will, we will keep you updated.

[Via IGN]

Lair & Folklore: £15 Each on Amazon UK

No lie, don't believe me, check out the links yourself. You lucky Europeans, wish I could get it that cheap here. Good thing for you though. To buy the games, go to the links below.

[Buy: Lair]
[Buy: Folklore]

Rumor: PlayStation 3 Soon to Have Gamercard?

At a news post over at PS3Tags about the competition they have with PS3Tag, they concluded:

"Again I'm sorry and I'm willing to accept that we have strong competition - not only from them, but also from Sony who are going to be releasing their own gamercard system in the near future (so it seems). Thanks :)"
Hm, seems they know something we don't, or maybe they are just assuming. More on this as it comes out.

[Via PS3Tags]

PAX 2007: Haze Video Developer Walkthrough

Here is the new video developer walkthrough showing vehicle gameplay as well as melee and gun play in the upcoming Haze. Great preview, shows a lot of good gameplay, which starts about 7 minutes in to the video. This video is from the Penny Arcade Expo 2007.

[Via GameTrailers]

Warhawk 800MB of Space Required, PSN & Blu-Ray

For many, one of the reasons for investing in the purchase of the Blu-Ray disc version of Warhawk was to save the 800MB space on their hard drive. It's now been confirmed by Jags71 on the PS3Forums, an IGN Contest participant whom recieved his copy of the game early, that the Blu-Ray version "will place a 789MB cache file onto your hard drive similar to the file resistance places on your drive to reduce loading times. You CANNOT boot your copy from this cache file. You will need to place the disc into the PlayStation 3 to play the game."

[Via PS3Forums]

PAX 2007: Assassin's Creed 11 Minute Gameplay

Here is an 11 minute gameplay of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360's upcoming game, Assassin's Creed. This footage is from the Penny Arcade Expo 2007.

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Warhawk: Midnight Release August 28, 2007

Sony has just opened the Warhawk PLAYSTATION 3 portal, which gives details on Warhawk's midnight PSN release, and pricing details. Hit the jump to find out more.

[Via PLAYSTATION 3 Warhawk Portal]

Sony Worker's Son Gets Final Release of Lair Early

A lucky kid over at the official US PlayStation Boards received a copy of Lair early. How did he do it? He claims his mom works for Sony and got him an early final release. Now most people wouldn't believe a story like this, because for one, he has around 16 posts, and for two, everyone uses the "my parent works at Sony" excuse.

But he backed it up, knowing he might of been flamed. He attached tons of images of the Packaging, Blu-Ray Disc, Manual, Gameplay, and even a little review. To start it off he first said "basically, f*ck the reviews". He claims the controls were very easy to learn in the beginning 5 minute tutorial.

The member, Zacharoni, has answered some questions about the game including how you receive new dragons, the game length, boss fights, etc. His final rating for the game is an 8.5-9.0/10. Heres his list of pros and cons:

The Pros:
  • The Motion sensor movement is great. It brings a new aspect to the game, and I feel like its more interactive. Sometimes I just to loop-de-loops just for fun, because it's so entertaining to fly around.
  • The battles are great, and you basically get to pwn the little soldiers, and you destroy ships and enemy Dragons. Also, they have special goals like "Take Bombs from the Carrier monsters and blow up the city (thats real, and its really fun)."
  • The different things you can do in the battles is good too. You can Land on the ground and charge into enemies.
  • You can take the skies and Incinerate catapults and ships from afar.
  • And you can Get close and personal in Scratching battles against other dragons, which includes different Button Key Combos that create strong attacks and kill the enemy Dragons.
  • Also, the graphics... oooo the graphics. My TV is old, so It doesn't have HDMI... but the graphics are still amazing. In battle and in Cutscenes, I feel like I'm really there.
The Cons:
  • It's pretty difficult. I was stuck on a level that is really hard, which includes having to dodge spotlights, which if see you, you would be shot on sight, and it's not all easy to dodge the lights. Then you have to single handedly take out at least 50 dragons. Frustrating to have to do that over and over and still lose.
  • Also, one thing about battles is the Lock On System. When i lock on to something, and I kill it, my camera suddenly spins to the way my controller is facing. Annoying, and I lose my sense of direction.
For updating questions & game screenshots, visit the read link below.

[Via US PlayStation Boards]

PAX 2007: First Kane & Lynch Gameplay Clip

From the floors of PAX '07, , GameVideos bring us a gameplay clip from the upcoming Kane & Lynch. Many guns in this clip, many guns.

[Via GameVideos]