Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life-Size KILLZONE 2 Helghast on eBay

If you have over $500 to spare and want to own a life-size KILLZONE 2 Helghast statue, then this is your auction. On eBay, we see a 6 foot-tall Helghast statue holding a removable STA-52 LAR (Light Assault Rifle). He comes disassembled for easier shipping, and is quite good for home protection. Take a look at the link below.


Def Leppard Releasing New Single from Guitar Hero III DLC

Def Leppard has announced that they will be releasing three songs as Guitar Hero III downloadable content, once song being a debut new single. "Three of our songs will be available as downloadable content for Guitar Hero III," they stated.

The three song pack will be available for download on April 24, 2008 in the United States for Guitar Hero III and on May 8, 2008 in the United Kingdom. The pack contains the band's new single "Nine Lives", and the classics "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph". No word on pricing as of now.

[Def Leppard to debut new single in three song Guitar Hero III DLC pack]

Bourne Conspiracy Demo to Hit "early May"

This week's 'On the Spot' episode from GameSpot confirmed that "early May", we will see a demo of The Bourne Conspiracy on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. A Sierra representative confirmed the appearance of a demo after a presentation of how the game plays. This game looks a hell lot good for a movie game so expect some impressions when this demo arrives.

[Bourne Conspiracy demo coming early May]

Street Fighter IV: Rufus Gameplay

Here is some gameplay for a new character in Street Fighter IV named Rufus.He looks a bit like Bob from Tekken 6, but everyone needs their fat character. Enjoy!

Downtime During PlayStation Store Upgrade

Sony Computer entertainment has confirmed through their customer help center that there will be some downtime on the PlayStation Network when the new store launches. The PlayStation Store will be inaccessible from April 14, 2008 at 8:00 Pacific Standard Time and will be available again at 11:00 PM. The entire network will be unavailable from that time, meaning no online games and such. Once it's back up, the new firmware will be available for download. We can't wait.

[PSN Store Update and Network Downtime Confirmed]

Star Ocean 4 Scan Shows Amazing Visuals

The latest issue of Dengeki in Japan featured a scan of Star Ocean IV. The scan shows artwork of the hero on the bottom left standing there in his glory. To the right of him, they show an in-game 3D version of him that looks simply amazing.

There is also some pictures from cutscenes or in-game, you never know, tri-Ace is amazing when it comes to these things. Enjoy!

[Star Ocean 4 Scan Shows Amazing Visuals]