Friday, November 9, 2007

Assassin's Creed PS3 TV Spot

Sony really seems to be stepping it up with the third party support, now having their own commercials for Assassin's Creed and even The Simpsons Game. Enjoy.

Unreal Tournament III Is Lag Free on the PS3

In a new GameSpy preview for Unreal Touranment III, they discuss the multiplayer aspect of the game. Online modes Warfare and Duel are new to the Unreal Tourmanent series.

In Warfare, you'll play with a team in node-based combat. One team will attempt to link its node with the enemy node in order to render the enemy's energy core vulnerable.

Duel is the equivalent of the lonely deathmatch that two of us played yesterday online, since one of us forgot to host a game with bots -- it's a one-on-one face off.

GameSpoy got right into some multiplayer maps over the PLAYSTATION Network. They had absolutely no lag, meaning no pauses. There were no problems with jumping at all. They had a very limited time with the title, so sadly, that is all that was revealed.

[Via GameSpy]

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: SEMA Awards 07

The creators of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue pick the hottest car at the SEMA Awards 2007 and put it into the upcoming and latest game in the Gran Turismo series.

Uncharted Coming November 15, 2007?

If you take a look at the release list for or, you'll see it states that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is shipping on November 15, 2007, which is just this Thursday, in time for the game and a PLAYSTATION Store update.

Sheila Bryson, a PR manager with Sony Computer Entertainment working on the Naughty Dog title, said the release change was news to her.
"I haven't heard anything about it," she said this evening. "If there was any truth to that, I would probably know about it."
If this release change really is true, she might not have been informed of it just yet, but hey, what do we know?

[Via IGN]

Resistance: Map Pack #2 Unveiled

A good thing about the first party PLAYSTATION 3 games is that they keep the downloadable content coming. Whether it's Motorstorm or Resistance: Fall of Man, your always in for a treat.

Speaking of Resistance: Fall of Man, a new map pack is coming to the PLAYSTATION Network to enhance your playing experience. This map pack, titled Resistance: Map Pack #2, contains two new maps for online play.

The first of the map is Bracknell, a foreboding Chimeran node and Widowmaker breeding ground serve as eerie backdrops to this dark, all-interior environment loosely based on the Resistance single-player level. Players will fight in huge, cavernous spaces, where Chimeran architecture has overtaken an abandoned railway system. Bracknell is designed for both vertical and close-quarters combat, so polish those shotguns and Augers.

Next up on the map list is Axbridge. Axbridge has the perfect blend of frantic close quarters combat and concealed sniping perches. This map was created specifically for online multiplayer gameplay and not based on any Resistance single-player environment. It features a narrow corridor stretching under and above ground leading to two human bases on either side. The bases are large structures in their own right. Each contains several rooms and expansive fighting spaces.

Connecting the two bases is a large valley with a mix of organic and Chimeran architecture that provides excellent cover. But two large walls in the valley's middle create a heavily contested combat theater. Only the strong will survive!

IGN was able to do a little questionnaire with Ted Price, the president and CEO of Insomniac Games, about the upcoming content.

To sum up the questionnaire, Price stated they are going to release the new map pack at the end of November, 2007 with two maps in the package. The maps will work on all game modes and all sizes of games from 8 - 40 players. The size of the map changes depending on the amount of players.

Finally, Price mentioned a few tweaks made with the map pack:
We made several balance tweaks with the just-released Patch 6. Here they are:
  • Range and damage on the Rossmore 236 has been decreased for both primary and secondary fire modes.
  • Reload time of the LAARK L209 has been increased.
  • Projectile speed of the LAARK L209 has been decreased.
  • Splash damage radius of the LAARK L209 has been decreased.
  • Hedgehog grenade splash damage has been generally increased, although the radius in which it will kill a player in 1 hit has been decreased.
  • Frag grenade splash damage radius has been decreased.
  • Arc charger fire rate has been increased.
  • Arc charger clip size has been reduced.
  • Arc charger damage has been decreased for the primary fire and increased for the secondary fire.
  • Rate of fire the Bullseye tag (secondary fire) has been decreased.
Thats just about everything. Look for this new map pack around the end of the month.

[Via IGN]

Famitsu: White Knight Story New Scans

Famitsu just loves Level 5's White Knight Story, with new scans just about every week. These newest scans show some bright colors, a screenshot of the battle system in progress, the main character and two other characters staring some little creature, and then a giant boss who looks a little too bandaged. Enjoy.

Bethesda Silent on Oblivion PSP Cancellation

A few days back, GameStop started calling homes informing them that The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion for the PSP has been canceled.

Kotaku wanted to see what was going on with the title and contacted Bethesda Softworks' vice president Pete Hines. What they got? Nothing but silence, as he stated "We haven't changed our stance that we are not talking about this title right now,".

Well, that seems to answer it, or not.

[Via Kotaku]

Uncharted Demo Is Now Region Free

Yesterday, many members of the PLAYSTATION community were upset due to not being able to play the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo from European or other territory PLAYSTATION 3's.

The region lock was not intention.

Christophe Balestra of Naughty Dog, who worked with the demo did not know that users from other countries can download items from the US PLAYSTATION Store. Once he heard of the many upset, he head over to the office and worked on a fix.

To make a long story short, a fixed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo is now on the US PLAYSTATION Store that every country can enjoy.

[Via PS.Blog]

Sony Exist Future Cell Development

The PLAYSTATION 3's cell processor has been a benefit for the system, giving it an edge in system processing.

However, its development has also inflicted a significant dent on the Japanese electronics giant's bottom line, costing Sony approximately $1.7 billion alone.

This week, Nikkei reports that Sony plans to cease participation in the Cell processor's future iterations. Along with partners IBM and Toshiba, Sony has been researching 32nm and 45nm successors to the Cell processor, which is currently made using a 65nm process--an improvement from the original 90nm process. Sony is currently in negotiations with IBM and Toshiba on the exact date and terms of the pullout. The two reportedly plan to continue development on the chips.

Having cut its involvement with the Cell, Sony reportedly plans to ramp up development on CCD and CMOS image-sensor technology, which is most notably used in digital cameras. Nikkei reports that Sony will invest approximately $720 million in the next three years to expand production of image sensors at its plant in Kikuyo Kumamoto Prefecture.

[Via GameSpot]

HAZE: The Streets of Britain

Are you excited for HAZE? Tour the streets of Britain and discover where HAZE was developed, where the guy who pretends to do work sits, and meet some of the members of the Free Radical team. Enjoy, it's actually a quite entertaining video.

Dark Mist: Stage Five Gameplay Video

We've heard about Dark Mist, and it's even been released on the Japanese PLAYSTATION Store already, but we've never actually seen a video of Game Republic's new Network title. If you ever played eGames' Survival Project, this is what this Dark Mist video of stage five would remind you of.

PAIN's Six Painful Gameplay Modes

Travis Williams, the Senior Producer of Sony Computer Entertainment America, made a blog post on the PlayStation.Blog Sony site today about the six gameplay modes of the upcoming PLAYSTATION Network title, PAIN. They are below:

Single Player

  • PAINdemonium – This is your PAIN sandbox. Go nuts in this mode and collect points. The better you are in this mode, the harder you will be to beat in Multiplayer HORSE.
  • Mime Toss – Fly through the air and toss French Mimes through glass. (My fave single player mode). Do it in record time for trophies.
  • Spank The Monkey – Monkeys are taking over the city. Spank ‘em. You know you want to. This mode separates the kids from the adults in PAINful (the most difficult) mode.


  • HORSE – All those smooth moves you perfected in PAINdemonium are worth points. Go head to head with your friends and see if they can make all the sweet launches you can.
  • Bowling – 10 Pins + Explosives + Cereal + Anvils – Common Sense X (1-4 Players) = The New Hotness
  • Fun With Explosives – Dude, it’s all about blowing yourself up as many times as you can. How can that possibly be ANYTHING but right?
Basically, the modes are all about attempting to murder yourself in the coolest way possible. When the title is released on the Network, we will let you know.

[Via PS.Blog]

Beowulf Behind The Scenes

A new interview about the upcoming video game, Beowulf, with Ray Winstone where they show the process of converting the full feature film into this action video game. Whatever you do, don't read the book, it was bad.

Kane & Lynch Want Their Own Videogame

Another in the series of funny Kane & Lynch: Dead Men trailers. In this one, they give their crazy ideas for a game about themselves, called Lynch & Kane: Dead Men.

Rumors: Bioshock PS3 (Again), More Metal Gear Solid, More Sonic

1UP's Quartermann has some new rumors stirring up today, concerning Bioshock for the PLAYSTATION 3, and some more Metal Gear Solid action.

Heres an old one, surfaced back onto the sea. BioShock is apparently back on for PLAYSTATION 3. Previously, it'd been speculated that Microsoft tied up 2K Games' aquatic adventure as an exclusive, but there's a change in the tide, as the world of Rapture may be Cell-enabled in 2008.

For all the fans sad about the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots delay, Kojima Productions hasn't been sleeping about taking the series in other directions. A brand new Metal Gear Solid game is supposedly coming to the PSP that is not a spin-off, and takes Snake back to his early days.

And for those SEGA fans disappointed with Sonic the Hedgehog for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 upon it's release, it seems SEGA won't stop the series for that as they are already hard at work on their next Sonic game.

All I know is, this one better be good.

[Via 1UP]

Unreal Tournament III PS3 Graphics Better Than Gears of War 360 Graphics

According to Mark Rein, the Epic Games Vice President, Unreal Tournament III on the PLAYSTATION 3 has better graphics than Gears of War on the Xbox 360.

In an interview, Rein stated that he was "really proud" of the PLAYSTATION 3 game, which he hopes to be out by this year's end. He remained skeptical about a release for Europe this year:
"People are going to be pleasantly surprised. It's a really high end experience that pushes the graphics bar up even higher than Gears of War. There's more polygons, there's more stuff going on, there's more explosions and there's more things happening, so we're just really pleased with the way the game runs on the PS3."
Rein said that there is "something special" about playing Unreal Tournament III on the PLAYSTATION 3, and that while the speed of the game has been reduced by about 20%, "it feels just right to be playing it with a controller".

He states that:
"The goal in taking the game to PS3 is to make the best PS3 game we can possibly make", he said. "And to do that we had to take into account that most people are playing with the controller. There are certainly differences in some of the parameters of the PS3 version. Maybe the weapon speed is a little different, the turning speed is different, but we have to accommodate and make it a great game. Our goal is to make UT3 the best possible game it could be on every platform it's on. I think we've done a really good job of making it feel just right on the console and that's exciting to us."
It's exciting to us as well Mark, and I'm sure the whole community is very amped for the title.

[Via Pro-G]

Uncharted Demo Coming to Europe November 22, 2007

For those Europeans who were disappointed yesterday upon downloading the demo for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune with your U.S. accounts, finding it region locked, don't worry about it!

November 22, 2007, Naughty Dog is bringing the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo over to your shores. It's only two more Thursdays, just in time for Thanksgiving.

[Via IGN]

"Good Chance" of Unreal Tournament III Being Here for Christmas

In a recent interview at the San Francsico UT III launch event with Destructiod, Epic VP Mark Rein answers concerns about the PLAYSTATION 3 release of Unreal Tournament III:
"We're getting awfully close. This version we had here today was [gestures] this close to being a release candidate, so hopefully we'll be done with it really soon. If we get it done at just the right time, there's a good chance it'll be out in stores just before Christmas."
Before Christmas is good enough for me Mark. I have a reserve down and $55 ready to be spent.

[Via Destructoid]

Infinity Ward Wants Ex-EA Chicago Developers

If you've been playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare today, you may have noticed an interesting Message of the Day. That message states "EA Chicago, Infinity Ward is hiring,"

Looks like Infinity Ward wants these legendary developers on their side now that EA has tossed them for some strange reason.

[Via Destructioid]