Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CES 2008: Prototype Blackwatch Featurette

The developing team for Radical Entertainment's upcoming game, Prototype, explain that the story of this upcoming game is deeper than any other.

They explain Blackwatch, which is a secret government agency that deals with biological experiments. Soon, a viral outbreak occurs in New York, which mutates the player character.

If you cause more destruction, the army will just get tougher on you with heavier weapons, they won't run away.

The Blackwatch soliders are "a pretty terrifying bunch of people". They don't run, they stand their ground. They don't have any problems with taking extreme action to stop the player character.

Watch the video for more, around 4:12, tell me if it reminds you of that episode of Heroes where Peter and the Irish girl go into the future. Just curious to know. Enjoy the video!

CES 2008: LittleBigPlanet Fire Level Demonstration

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2008, Media Molecule held a press conference showing off some new features and level designs for LittleBigPlanet. The level shown in these videos is a fire level where for the first time, we see in-game death. Yes people, Sackboys can die. No worries though, they come back through magical little doors. Enjoy the watch.

CES 2008: The Agency Complete Developer Walkthrough

Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming online shooter, The Agency, is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008. GameTrailers were at the event and managed to get a developer walkthrough. In the walkthrough, they show the main city, action, and even a little guy named Q*Bert. Now, I gotta say, after watching these three videos, The Agency has gone on my top for 2008 list. It looks amazing.

Update 1/10/08: Part four was just released. Enjoy!

CES 2008: Sony Represenative Confirms In-Game XMB for 2008

Even though the game showcasing is small at Sony's CES booth this year, that doesn't mean we aren't getting some good news.

Paul Purdy, a Sony developer, has confirmed that in-game Xross Media Bar access is coming sometime this year. When asked for a date, Purdy countered with the "no further comments" smack.

Hopefully, the in-game XMB access will come sooner rather than later. Sooner as in like two months (prays).

[Via TGR] [Picture]

CES 2008: Turning Point, Frontlines, Conflict: Denied Ops Videos

The Consumer Electronics Show 2008 is full of games, including games like Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Frontlines: Fuel of War, and Conflict: Denied Ops. Enjoy these new videos of the three titles made especially for the event.

CES 2008: Day 2: The PlayStation Presentation

The Consumer Electronics Show 2008 sure is showing a lot of Sony's LittleBigPlanet. This video shown above debuted just minutes ago at the show, meaning we are getting to view at just about the same time they are. There is a high-res version of the video here.

[Via PlayStation.Blog]

FIFA Street 3: Locations Screenshots

EA Sports released some new screenshots of FIFA Street 3 showing the locations of the title. Some of these locations include a rooftop, shipyard, schoolyard, and more. Enjoy the screenshots!

CES 2008: Metal Gear Solid 4 Features Over 70 Weapons, New English Demo Footage

At the Tokyo Game Show 2007, Kojima revealed that there would be over 70 customizable weapons in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The Consumer Electronics Show 2008 features the Metal Gear Solid 4 English demo.

At the show, Kojima announced some new features for the game, such as being able to play the game in First-Person mode. With over 70 weapons, can you say best game of 2008?

There are tons of new user uploaded videos of the CES 2008 demo of the game at the link below.

[Watch: MGS4 CES 2008 Videos]

CES 2008: LittleBigPlanet: 9 Minute Video Demonstration

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment was showing off a demo of Media Molecule's upcoming LittleBigPlanet. If the game's cuteness doesn't draw you in, maybe it's creativness will. You can make virtually anything with the right GFX. Enjoy the watch!

More Folklore Tales Arriving Soon

Coming soon (probably this Thursday), Sony will be unleashing two more Folklore tale packs onto the PLAYSTATION Store. Details on each pack are below.

Folklore Add-on #3

“The Alchemist Pack”

In this pack, Ellen heads for Undersea City in search of her mother, while other quests will find you collecting stones for a mysterious alchemy experiment and clearing away the Folks who are blocking the Elevator in Hell Realm.

Discover Scarab, a new Folk that will make sure you get the “point”, as well as a special Faery-inspired costume for Ellen.

Folklore Add-on #4

“The Origin of Belgae”

The doorway to the Netherworld remains open… enjoy four more trips into the unknown set during the original adventure.

The pack challenges you to undertake the ‘rites of the ancient messenger’, discover what’s responsible for making a terrible noise and use a photo of a faery to solve a mystery…

Ellen will be gifted with the “Cloak of the Deep” and collect an additional Folk called Radian, that spins to hit enemies multiple times with outreached arms.

These new tales packs will be priced at $3.99 a piece, or bundled together for $5.99. Expect to see it in the PLAYSTATION Store this Thursday.

[Via PlayStation.Blog]

The Eye of Judgment Patch Allows Private Rooms

This update for The Eye of Judgment was actually released on December 20, 2007, but I see that it slipped by everyone. I don't have the game, but the ability to start a private room is great for team matches.

The patch list contains details of the game's improvements and includes being able to select your voice input device from within the game as well as various other performance enhancements. The main attraction to the update, however, is the ability to have private rooms for online play.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Motorstorm: Eagle's Nest & Diamondback Track Trailers

If you missed it, two new Motorstorm tracks are coming the the European PLAYSTATION Store, those being Eagle's Nest and Dimaondback. These video above shows swooping camera views of the new levels. They are pretty big and a great deal for a price of £3.49.

Mirror's Edge: First Gameplay Screenshots

A post on NeoGAF from member Ram, shows us the first two gameplay screenshots of DICE's upcoming FPS, Mirror's Edge. Although it tells us little, these two screenshots look very realistic. Mirror's Edge is expected to hit retailers sometime this year.

HAZE: Not Delayed Until March, Coming January/February

We have some great news today for all the worried HAZE fans worried of another delay.

Ubisoft Montreal's Audrey-Ann Milot told Arstechnica in an email that the company had "decided to postpone the release" to "put the final touches to the game," and that the game is still slated to be released in "January-February 2008."

Expect to see HAZE in stores soon.

[Via Arstechnica]

Unreal Tournament III PS3 Mods Start Coming In

If the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Fall's Action Cam v1.0 wasn't enough for you, fear not, as more mods have arrived, and more mods are on the way for Unreal Tournament III.

Modders recently released new maps such as DM-Bathroom, DM-DomeOfMud, and VCTF-FeelGoodInc. Keep an eye on the Unreal Tournament III mod community for more releases.

[Via GT Forums]

CES 2008: Fracture Shootout Gameplay

The Consumer Electronics Show 2008 has released some new gameplay of LucasArts' upcoming Fracture game. My verdict? It looks awesome (probably because it reminds me of the Unreal Tournament III Action Cam). Anyway, it's well worth a watch, so go ahead, enjoy your next 8 minutes.

Tomb Raider Underworld: New Information

Thanks to Portuguese gaming site LusoPlay, we have some new information on Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Lara Croft title, Tomb Raider Underworld for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. The new information is listed below.

- The events of Underworld take place after the previous game.

- According to Eric Lindstrom, the director of the Crystal Dynamics, Lara will go to have to fight against the nature and the wild world. Lara affects the enviornment and the enviornment affects Lara.

- The game is currently in pre-alpha stages. The shown levels are located in the State of Chiapas, in Mexico. History will go as deep cloth of the Mayan civilization.

- The game will recreate Xibalba, a local Mayan.

- Some of the enemies incldue leopards, bats, and "other humans", and the latter trying to reach Xilbalba.

- The envirornment is well done. Lara leaves footprints in the mud, dead bodies don't disappear.

- The light, animation, and sound physics are all excellent.

- Lara can climb any structure that has bumps.

- Lara's grappling hook can be used freely and in more situations.

- Lara can target a single target or several at once.

- Lara is more vulnerable in this game.

- Tomb Raider: Underworld is launching late this year.
[Via LusoPlay]