Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV: Collector's and Regular Edition Complete Boxart

We've seen these boxarts before, but we haven't seen the complete images of these (meaning the backs). Well, here they are fresh for your viewing. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Collector's Editions are different, and the regular editions have different backs. Enjoy!

[Full GTA IV boxart]

Grand Theft Auto IV: A Good Reason to Call 911

Here is a new gameplay video of Grand Theft Auto IV where we see Niko Bellic calling the Liberty City Police Department (911) and tell the police to come to the area. As soon as they get there, Niko kills them all. Thats a good reason to call 911, isn't it?

Prototype: Punching Through Dudes Trailer

Sierra released a new trailer today of their upcoming Prototype. The new trailer features mass blood, mass destruction and mass parkour. Those who still think Altair is the one, you may be wrong. Enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack Details

If your one of the guys/gals picking up the special edition of Grand Theft Auto IV, you may want to know what will be on the soundtrack that will be included. Well, here we now have the list.

  • Soviet Connection [The Theme From Grand Theft Auto IV] by Michael Hunter
  • Dirty New Yorker by Mobb Deep Feat. Havoc & Prodigy from H.N.I.C. Part 2 Sessions
  • No Sex For Ben by The Rapture
  • No Fraid A by Munga
  • Where's My Money by Busta Rhymes
  • I Want You by C.J.
  • Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh
  • Stand Up Jamrock by Bob Marley & The Wailers and Damian Marley
  • Liberty City: The Invasion by Seryoga
  • Vagabond by Greenskeepers
  • On A Journey by Electrik Funk
  • Nickname by Qadir
  • Holy Thursday by David Axelrod
  • War Is Necessary by Nas
  • Zombie by Fela Kuti
  • 5:23 by Global Communication
[What's On GTA IV's Soundtrack?]