Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ratchet & Clank Future: New Levels Shown

We have some new images of some Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction levels you are going to see in the game come it's release. Enjoy.

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Attack of the Show Has a Big Announcement Thursday

Make sure you tune into G4TV this Thursday, because according to Attack of the Blog!, they have a huge announcement:

"This Thursday, September 27th at 7:20 pm ET during Attack of the Show, G4 has some really big news to share with all of you.

What is it? You'll have to tune in and hear it for yourself, but trust us when we say G4 has never made an announcement this BIG before!

So be sure to tune in Thursday at 7:20pm ET for an exciting announcement!"

Anyway, I wonder what it can be? Can it be a PlayStation 3 announcement? Another system announcement? Only Thursday will tell.

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Rumor: JetMoto Making a Return on the PlayStation 3

1UP's latest rumor mill has some classy rumors for us today. This one says that Sony might be reviving the PSone JetMoto series. Sony has received many positive reviews and such after reviving the PSone game, Warhawk. It would be a smart move reviving the JetMoto series as well, as they are also doing with WipeOut.

Since the original JetMoto is up on the PlayStation Store, this might be a rumor to watch. Keep your heads out and up, who knows what might be announced?

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onAXIS Poll Results: Desired TGS 2007 Announcement?

Well, here are the results for our "Desired TGS 2007 Announcement" poll. Lets give out the medals:

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake (Gold) - Why does this not surprise me?
2. Firmware 2.00 Features (Silver) - Of course, we would all love the next major update.
3. SIXAXIS with Rumble (Bronze) - well, who ever voted this, be happy because we got the DUALSHOCK 3.
I expected Final Fantasy VII to receive the most votes, who wouldn't want one, right? Anyway, those are the results. If you've noticed, I changed the banner on the site, might change it again and add another guy in there, not so sure though.

onAXIS: Reminder: Go! Game Send-Ins

Just a quick reminder, remember to send in your "perfect Go! game entries". You don't win anything, but hey, you might get your game noticed, and it's fun to make. Read more about it at the link.


Naruto: PS3 Project Site Live

The official site for the upcoming Naruto: PS3 Project has just went live. Sadly, the image posted above is just about the only thing your going to see on the site. Hopefully, more will come soon to the site.

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Star Ocean: First Departure Site Gets Updated

What once was a teaser site for Star Ocean: First Departure is now far different from what you've seen a few days ago. It's now been update to include lots of info, details, and, more importantly, screenshots.

The site is in Japanese of course, but you can find your way through easily. There are character profiles for Ratix Farrence, Milly Killiet, and Dorn Marto. There's a section on Story - but much use that'd do if you couldn't read Japanese. New Elements is a section where Square Enix lists what they've boosted for this PSP remake.

View the site at the link below and enjoy fans!

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Brothers In Arms Delayed Until 2008

Rumor smashed! There has been rumors that Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway was canceled after all that work, but it is not true.

"Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway is in full force development mode. And though there is a rumor surfacing out there, the folks here at Gearbox are still working hard and the game has not been cancelled," stated Tatum Tippett, Marketing Manager for Gearbox Software.

"Look for the release in Q4 - early '08."
So if you were one of the people upset because you thought it was canceled, be like Ronald and put a smile on.... everybody come on.

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Kotaku Receives The Eye of Judgment

You know how Kotaku is one of the big blogs and gets a bunch of free stuff from Sony and other companies (yes, I'm jealous), so today they received The Eye of Judgment, along with that, a PlayStation Eye:

The stand comes packed away in a smallish plastic bag and was fairly easy to put together, though it's not the sort of thing you're really going to way to take apart and put together over and over again. I think I would have preferred if they had made it collapsible instead of takeapartable.

The camera looks and feels pretty solid. It has a four microphone array. You can twist the lens, switching between a red and blue selection on the front of the lens. I'm not positive what this does but think it's either for switching between auto and manual focus or, more likely, between distance and close-up focus. If you couldn't tell, none of this stuff came with directions.

Sounds pretty good, I can't wait to get my hands on one. View pictures at the link.

[Via Kotaku]

Clive Barker's Jericho Demo Coming Thursday

Codemasters confirmed to GameSpot today that a PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 demo for Clive Barker's Jericho would be getting under gamers' skin this week. The PC demo will creep onto GameSpot Wednesday, with an Xbox Live and PlayStation Network trial slated to follow on Thursday.

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