Saturday, February 16, 2008

Army of Two Goes Back to Iraq

The EA Montreal team has released another trailer for their upcoming Army of Two. In the new trailer, the army of two men go back to Iraq to fight for the army. Enjoy the watch!

Leisure Suit Larry & the Golden Boobies

Sierra Entertainment has released the first video of the upcoming Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust game. We must warn you, this game is really stupid, and features golden boobies at the end of the video. Enjoy..... I guess.

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit: Goku vs. Krillin

A new gameplay video of Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit surfaced today showing Goku and Krillin brawling it out. Some new moves are shown such as Destructo Disc, and we see some Kamehamehas here and there. Enjoy the watch!

Alone In The Dark 5 Tech Demo

Here is a nice little Alone In The Dark 5 tech demo from Atari and Eden Studios. The lead character uses some sticky tape to make new weapons and such. The things you can do in this game are awesome. Enjoy the watch!

God No: Capcom Requires 5GB Installation for Lost Planet

We think Capcom has gone mad. They are now requiring that when you start up Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the PLAYSTATION 3, you sit through another 15-20 minutes of a 5GB game installation. This time, there is no back story to read on screen.

Is it just us, or is Capcom hating?

[Lost Planet Requires 5GB Installation]

Guitar Hero III Gets Aerosmith Song for Limited Time

In celebration of the announcement of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Activision has released a free song for Guitar Hero III by Aerosmith titled Dream On for download at no cost.

The song, which is 16.1 MB in size, will be on the store at 11:59 PST and will be taken off the store on February 18, 2008. Get it while its here!

[Special PlayStation Store Update - GHIII Content FREE]

God of War III to be at GDC 2008?

This may be a mistake, but according to the list of games to be at the Game Developers Conference 2008 over at GameSpot, God of War III will be at the show.

Even though we have no idea if this is true, it still gets us more excited.

[GDC 2008 Games at GameSpot]

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Theme Track Surfaced

The first track for Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII has surfaced online. The song is from the new Yoko Shimomura CD, Dramatica. The track is titled Versus Theme, but nobody really knows whether it's the official theme. The download is below.

[Download] [First Final Fantasy Versus XIII track surfaced]

Project Offset Site to Be Updated Within the Next Few Days

The guys over at Team Offset have updated the site with a little notice. Within the next few days, the Project Offset website will be going through some changes. Can we expect to see more gameplay videos and screenshots? We'll keep you updated.

[Project Offset - News]