Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PlayStation 3 Firmware 1.93 Out Now

Playstation 3 firmware version 1.93 is now available for download. However, it seems that people are having connectivity issues in an attempt to download the newest firmware. The following link takes you to the official Playstation forums were you can read accounts of download issues.

Also, here is the following error statement some users recieved while downloading:

An error occured during the download operation. A connection to the server cannot be established.(80028E07)
Seems odd, hopefully it will be fixed. But since the update is released now, when are the themes going to appear on the store?

[Via PlayStation Boards]

IGN Reviews PixelJunk Racers a 5.2/10 Mediocore

Yes, yes, IGN has reviewed PixelJunk Racers for the PlayStation Network. Giving it a very low score of 5.2/10. I expected this.

Presentation 7.5
Great, streamlined interface with almost non-existent load times. Really easy to get a race going.
Graphics 3.5
Everything is crisp, but unfortunately the backgrounds are horribly bland and static.
Sound 4.0
The announcer is awful, but some of the tunes are actually pretty nice. Poor sound effects, though.
Gameplay 5.0
Incredibly easy to learn, but ultimately unfulfilling.
Lasting Appeal 5.5
Lots of modes and decent multiplayer help add extra hours to this tiny title.
(out of 10 / not an average)
There you have it. Read the full review at the link.

[Read PixelJunk Racers Review]

Hands-On: Heavenly Sword Case

Going over to Game Planet today, they had Heavenly Sword. Unfortunately I did notn buy it because I'm dirt broke. But other than that, here are pictures of the box, "real-time" (lol). Enjoy.

Quick Note: The game requires 2100MB of hard drive space.

Resistance: Fall of Man: Big Update!

There is a big update today for Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man. It also brings back the so popular human vs. human. Here is the a piece of the update:

6/29/07 - 7:30pm PST - Updated with a frequently asked question.

Clarification: There have been numerous questions about the mute voicechat option, here's something that will hopefully alleviate some of those questions:
  • In order to ensure the MP Options "Mute Voice Chat" functionality works properly (i.e. actually does mute voice chat out TV speakers when you turn if on) you also need to ensure that your Audio Device Settings dialog is set with Input Device as "Do Not Use" and Output Device as "System Default Device". Requiring that you fiddle with the Audio Device settings was not the intended behavior but is apparently something caused by newer firmware.
  • Even though Voice Chat has now been activated to transmit through TV speakers for players without a headset, this does not mean they will be able to transmit their voices back through the TV speakers to other players. If you want your voice to be heard on Voice Chat, you will need a microphone and/or a headset! (7/09/07 - 15:35 PST)
View the rest at the read link. Enjoy the update!

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Website Updated

New Media includes:

- Two trailers showing D.M.W. (Digital Mind Wave)
- New character videos for Zack, Cissnei, and Tseng
- Profiles added for Hollander, Yuffie, and Tifa
- New trailers for Aerith and Cloud
Developed by Square Enix, Crisis Core brings back fan favourites such as Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, Tifa, Reno, Cait Sith, Yuffie, and Jenova.

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PlayStation Store Update Predictions for September 13, 2007

Well, it's the day before Thursday again, and here are our predictions for tomorrow:

  • High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
  • PixelJunk Racers
  • FIFA 08 (confirmed)
  • Lair (maybe, it might affect it negatively, so don't take my thoughts)
  • NHL 08
  • skate
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (confirmed)
Well, there are the predictions, we will just have to wait till tomorrow and see if it happens. If we get videos, I'd like to see some Crisis Core videos, getting amped for the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed in Crisis Core?

Look into the stars, what do you see? A Final Fantasy VII remake on the horizon maybe? Look at the images below for the ending to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (no major spoilers, you've seen most of it before).

What do you notice in that last image? "to be continued in Final Fantasy VII". This might hint at a Final Fantasy VII remake although Square has been denying it for a while. If not that, maybe a re-release of the game, maybe in stores or the PlayStation Store. If not that, it could just be referring to the PSone game.

According to this rumor, when the player completes Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for a second time, after the credit finish rolling a secret cinematic begins showcasing a similar (but not the same) video clip to what was shown at E3 2005 in the Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 3 technical demo. At the end, it shows the last image you see below.

[Via NeoGAF]

Update: Secret Ending Video

PlayStation Home Release Date on UK Site?

The link explains it all, on the right of the home image, it says it's release will be from July to September, we are in September right now, so that must mean it's coming this month.

That is.. unless its just another one of those mistakes that sites always makes. I guess we'll find out when the time comes.

[Via PlayStation UK]

PlayStation Home to Feature 18+ Areasa

Straight from PS3 Center.

The PlayStation blog Three Speech featured a new post which shows that Sony chiefs has confirmed that the PS3 Home service will have 18+ areas for trailers and casinos.

The 18+ areas will include a roon to watch 18+ rates trailers for games, movies, etc. They want to have the power basically to try and protect the rooms. The luxury of this though is that if they can make the room 18+ they will be able to have these types of casinos and such and not have to worry about getting in trouble for it.

It was reported that "For instance, a casino or even somewhere you can go and see 18-rated trailers for games. That isn’t anything particularly sinister, but obviously, you’d have to prevent 12-year-olds going in there. Obviously, there are other 18-plus areas that you could imagine, but some of those might not come to fruition. But we have the ability to age-protect areas, and I think that’s something that we will inevitably make use of."

18+ PS3 rooms on Home....these should get interesting.

[Via PS3 Center]

Monster Madness: EX coming to the PS3

SouthPeak Games have today announced that they will be releasing Monster Madness: EX for the Playstation 3 in North America, early next year.

Building on the popularity of Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia released earlier this year on the Xbox 360, Monster Madness: EX promises improved game elements, a new look and four player co-op play for it's debut on the PlayStation 3.

“The Monster Madness series has a lot to offer gamers of all ages, whether they’re old school or new school,” said Melanie Mroz, Executive VP of SouthPeak Games. “The top down camera combined with the co-op and online multiplayer make it the perfect title for the PLAYSTATION 3 system.” It is exciting for us to expand upon this game and to add new content and gameplay," said Dave Hagewood of Psyonix."We are broadening the experience of Monster Madness on the PLAYSTATION 3 system to more players than ever before."
Good looks for PlayStation 3 owners.

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EA Confirms FIFA 08 Demo

EA has confirmed that the demo for FIFA 08 will go live on PlayStation 3 tomorrow. So now we are getting two demos demo.

[Via EuroGamer]

Firmware 1.93 Coming Soon to PlayStation 3

PlayStation.Blog: "Taking into account customer feedback and some internal testing, we will be making available in the next few days a firmware update for the PS3 (1.93) that fixes the network disconnect issue that some of you have experienced as a result of downloading Firmware 1.92. In addition, we are adding a new firmware update for PSP (3.71) as well, which adds many features that readers of this blog have requested.

The main feature we’ve added with the recent updates for PSP is the ability to set themes on your PSP. Over time we will be providing themes on, our official PSP site and through PLAYSTATION Store. You can download themes based on some of our popular titles. Be sure to download the files into the following location on your memory stick:

psp memory stick

Once you have downloaded a theme, under settings, go to theme settings, select theme and then custom theme to choose the one you want to display.

You can also now play music while viewing photos or a slideshow. First begin playing a track saved on your memory stick, press the HOME or SELECT button, then navigate to your photos under the Photo icon and begin viewing.

We’ve added several other features including scene search for movies, and you’ll be able to read about them in more depth on the usual update page once it goes live. When it does, I’ll update this post with a direct link.""

This is a great update if you ask me, themes are what we need. That means probably customized XMB buttons, and more. Can't wait for the update. But come on, in-game XMB please?

New Yakuza 3 Scans

Here, we have some new Yakuza 3 scans from Famitsu. Enjoy all 7 pages of them.

LocoRoco Cocoreccho! Next Thursday

Sony has revealed the European date release for it's upcoming interactive screensaver, Loco Roco Cocoreccho. It's the one that's an interactive screensaver rather than a fully-fledged game, remember - and will cost GBP 1.99 (EUR 2.92) to download.

It will come on while your sitting there doing nothing on your PlayStation 3 and you can guide your little butterfly around the map using the SIXAXIS.

[Via EuroGamer]

USA Today: 'Heavenly Sword' is Heaven Sent for PS3

Another day, another Heavenly Sword review. This time, it's from

"USA Today, and they gave it an outstanding 9 starts out of 10:
Heavenly Sword is a rare game where cut scenes are welcome. Andy Serkis -– best known to Lord of the Rings fans as Gollum – lends his creative talents with impressive results. Facial animations are incredibly detailed and dripping with emotion, ranging from panic to elation to terror."
Read the full review at the link.

[Read Heavenly Sword Review]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Cover Revealed

Today Konami Digital Entertainment has revealed their Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 boxart for the United Kingdom. As promised the boxart has both Christiano Ronaldo and Michael Owen. It's looking great too.

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