Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tales of Vesperia Announced at Jump Festa 2008: Probably Next-Gen

At the Jump Festa 2008 in Japan, the Namco Bandai press conference revealed a new upcoming Tales title. This one being the next main game in the series, titled Tales of Vesperia. No actual console for it's release was mentioned on the Famitsu post, but we suspect that it's a next-gen title for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360, or an exclusive for one of them. We will update you when we know.

Tales of Vesperia is a new Tales of game featuring character designs by famous manga artist Kousuke Fujishima and animation from popular Japanese anime producers Production I.G. According to 1UP, it's cell shaded and is coming out 2008, meaning it's far into development. Till we find out the console, enjoy the (tiny) screenshots.

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit: 8 Seconds of Gameplay

The Jump Festa 2008 came with a little sugar in it, being Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit. Unfortunately, the only amount of footage you'll see of it as of now is 8 seconds. But hey, maybe something will pop up on YouTube later. You never know.

PLAYSTATION 3: Last Minute Shopping Deals

If you forgot that Christmas Eve is tomorrow and only have tomorrow to do the rest of your shopping, we will help heal the pressure. Below is a list of deals for PLAYSTATION 3 titles.

- Need for Speed: ProStreet ($38.00)
- Madden NFL 08 ($38.00)
- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ($38.00)
- WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008 ($38.00)

Circuit City
- SEGA Rally Revo ($50.00)
- Motorstorm ($50.00)
- NASCAR 08, DiRT ($50.00)
- Kane & Lynch: Dead Men ($50.00)
- John Woo Presents Stranglehold ($50.00)
- Resistance: Fall of Man ($50.00)
- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ($24.00)

Best Buy
- John Woo Presents Stranglehold ($40.00)
- Conan ($40.00)
- Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 ($40.00)
- The Simpsons Game ($38.00)
- Assassin's Creed ($38.00)
Hurry out and get them while you can!

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Game Comparison's Being Mislead?

I came across this new video on TechBugTV today. It shows two different screen modes on the PLAYSTATION 3, one being Full RGB and the other being Limited. All PLAYSTATION 3's are set to limited apparently.

Sites like GameTrailers always show the PLAYSTATION 3 version of the game as washed out. This video claims its because they have their settings wrong, and the screen should be set to Full RGB with Super-White on. The difference in Assassin's Creed really does show.

I'd confirm this for you, but I'm on vacation as of now and visiting my father. So perhaps you guys could confirm this?

Lost Planet: New Screenshots & Artwork

Capcom has released new images of it's upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, along with one new piece of artwork, shown above. Prepare to be shocked though, for once, an image doesn't have blue. Enjoy!

Burnout Paradise: Your Questions Answered

On the official Burnout Paradise site, one of the game developers wishes us a Merry Christmas and answers some questions.

In regards to the internet feedback of the demo, it was made after the work on Burnout Paradise was complete, so they are not tuning the game to your feedback.

He goes to say they think they made the best demo all year to be released, and you can't capture the full game in a single demo.

For all people making comparisons, the game is Burnout, not that other game.

On the city size, he writes that it was built to handle Burnout gameplay, meaning crahses, jumps, fighting, stunts. Its a bit smaller than other games, but it features twice the framerate, no loading, and more gameplay.

He believes Burnout is the best because they created something new thats never been done before.

About online customization, he says that it's deep. The custom routes are very well done, and you can create any type of race you want.

He ends it by saying "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Criterion Games".

[Via Criterion]

Heavenly Sword Receives 1.1 Patch

If you haven't finished Heavenly Sword yet, and tried getting into the game today, you've probably noticed the 18MB 1.10 patch that you need to download.

We don't know whats in this patch, except rumble support for the upcoming DUALSHOCK 3 controllers. The patch must have more though, 18MB is pretty big for just rumble.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]