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Final Fantasy VII Remake: If It Happens

Okay, hints are getting fonder and fonder of a Final Fantasy VII remake for the PlayStation 3, but Square isn't giving the details. Hopefully, TGS 07 will. But lets look into it, if an announcement is made about the remake, what would you want in it? Here's the list that I've gathered up thanks to sources:

1) Improved Graphics to match the next-gen fad, obviously. On par with the tech demo.
2) Better translation then the PSone game. Even the PC version had better translation.
3) Voice acting, maybe the voice overs from Advent Children, but make it look like they are actually talking this time. Have subtitles and the option to turn voice acting off.
4) Keep the good ol' world map, were we can fly free in the Highwind like never before in tech demo 3D.
6) Option to skip the summon animation.
7) More accurate story, so people understand it better. Many people still don't fully understand Final Fantasy VII's story.
8) Update the story with all the retcon from the compilation. For example the fact that Sephiroth jumps into the Lifestream in Last Order rather than Cloud throwing him into it like in the original game. Many people don't like the fact that Squae Enix are changing things in the story, but when Square changes the story, then those changes are official, and that means that some of the events we see happen in the original are outdated compared to what "really*" happened according to the updated story.
9) Online. There were a lot of mini games in Final Fantasy VII. There was chocobo racing, snowboarding, even boxing (the little machine at the Golden Saucer). If we had online, it would be great to play newly enhanced versions of those mini-games with other people around the world. Maybe even Player vs. Player at the Gold Saucer. Perhaps even add Home integration, adding new clothes when you buy the game, like Cloud armor, etc.
10) More side-quests would be nice, but no "revive Aerith"-quest or secret Holy- or Meteor-materias. Only side-quests that don't affect the story. A few extra mini-games for the Golden Saucer and mentioned online mode would be nice too.
11) When we can enter Midgar again, we should be able to go to all the areas of it, not limit ourselves. Even climb over the Sector 7 collapse. Not just Midgar, make everything truly explorable.
12) Random encounters and the Limit Break battle system need to stay.
13) Extra costumes for the main characters.
14) More materia, summons, weapons, and armor for the characters. Along with the weapons, more weapons to fight too.
15) Digitally Remastered music from the original game.
16) Explaination of why Cloud is in Final Fantasy Tactics.
17) Day and Night system, for more realism.
18) Destructible environments, like quake will mess up the ground, fire will burn grass/melt snow, certain attacks will leave grooves or craters in the ground, etc. so at the end of battle you see what effect you had. Also moving fight maps, like the fights still take place in a glass-shatter/swirl type area but your characters move around alot, like at first you run up and attack but don't return to your starting position, you stay where you were, spells and attacks would have a knockback effect, say for example in the fight with palmer, you could knock him back far enough that he would crash through a window in a house and your fight continues there where you'd break chairs and tables during the fight.
19) Have things from the other games and movies in it. A mysterious locked door in Shinra that says Deepground over top, but you can't unlock. Vincents Chaos actually looks like the new Chaos, and Valiant Beast too. Maybe a secret boss somewhere that is a Genesis Clone who survived. Clouds New sword could have a minigame on where to find each one, say you have to find one after you reach Costa del Sol but before you reach Gold Saucer or else you can't get it and can never complete the sword. Have it so when you get the sword it unlocks Omnislash 5. Maybe a fifth limit for all characters as well. Also make an event where you can find the Sherra.
20) Ability to keep all vehicles and not have the Tiny Bronco disappear after you get the Highwind.
Well, those are the best of the best, gathered from my source. Drop a comment, tell us what you think of the list. Got something to add? We just might add it.

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PSP Slim vs. PSP Fat: Crisis Core Loading Times

The video shows both PSPs loading a battle in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - and it's a bit interesting to see that the PSP Slim immediately loads the event, with Zack readily slashing away at opponents, while the original PSP is left loading in the dark. Loading out of battle also had the PSP Slim way ahead of the original handheld, even when both finished the battle at almost the same time.

Great job Sony, for making it that much faster.

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Rainy Woods: First Screenshots from Famitsu

Famitsu has the first screenshots of the upcoming PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 survival horror title, Rainy Woods. Check them out, right here.

Rainy Woods puts players in the role of a young FBI criminal investigator who is investigating a mysterious homicide in a quiet, American town.

The game features a morning/noon/night system that will not only change the town visually, but will also alter how the town's inhabitants interact with your character. The evening will also bring about mysterious apparitions that'll make you scream "Oh my God, what the f**k is that?", and if you're lucky, lots of rain. And as a growing FBI investigator, you're going to need to sleep, and pay close attention to your hunger level, as well, if not, prepare to starve.

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Uncharted Box Art Revealed?

Whenever Amazon adds a boxart officially we've never seen, you know there is gonna be commotion. This is the boxart on Amazon, but we've heard nothing official to confirm it from Sony or Naughty Dog themselves. Keep your eyes out though, if we get that, we'll let you know.

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onAXIS: Ratchet & Clank Demo Impressions

Alright, as you know, I've picked up the demo for Ratchet & Clank yesterday at my local GameStop, and I promised impressions today. So that is what your going to get.

Lets start off with the CG cut scenes. They are marvelously done, you can tell the developers of this game spent a lot of time perfecting them. There are screens below to prove it, bad quality though because of the camera phone.

The weaponry in this game is great, and some are quite entertaining. The weapons in the demo are the Combuster, Fusion Grenade, Transmorpher, and the Groovitron. The Groovitron and Transmorpher are quite funny. The Groovitron gets your enemies into the beat and they start dancing while you get a chance to attack. The Transmorpher turn your enemies into penguins. Screens below.

The gameplay in Ratchet & Clank Future is also very fun, with a little bit of new, with some old school mixed. We still have the wrench as our secondary slasher, we have the double jump, Clank helipcoter, crouching, bolt collecting, etc.

The demo also uses jump transfer, you go on a green triangular platform and jump, when that happens, you jump really high on to the next platform. There are pink ones too, they automatically shoot you up when you touch them.

The demo uses rails a lot, picture Sonic, but slower, but you can't blame Ratchet, he's not the world's fastest hedgehog. The railing is quite fun, pieces break, electric cords come about, and you have to dodge all those bits. You can even grind on train rails, which you will have to switch between before the train hits you.

The fighting is pretty much the same as other games. Use your cool weapons and wrench to take down the enemies.

The game also has some SIXAXIS functionality. When your falling, you use your controller to avoid the Rush Hour.

Thats about all there is to this demo. It ends just after it looks like your about to fight some giant 5-6 legged robot. Then we get the sad screen of disappointment that states "Coming Fall 2007". I guess we will have to wait.

All in all, if I had to give this demo a grade, based on categories, this is what it'd get:
Graphics: 9.4
Gameplay: 9.3
Music: 8.3
Replay Value: 8.8
Overall: 8.9
Congratulations Insomniac, for making such a great game!

Game Informer Sony Review for October 2007

Here are all the latest Sony reviews from the newest Game Informer, which is October 2007. Enjoy.

PlayStation 3
Dynasty Warriors Gundam (PS3/Xbox 360, Koei): 5
FIFA 08 (PS3/Xbox 360, EA): 7.75 / 7.75
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (PS3): 8.5 / 8.5
Guitar Hero III (Wii/Xbox 360/PS3/PS2, RedOctane): 8.75 / 9
Heavenly Sword (PS3, Sony): 8.75 / 9
NHL 2K8 (PS3/Xbox 360, EA): 7.75 / 8.25
NHL 08 (PS3/Xbox 360, EA): 8.5 / 8.5
Skate (PS3/Xbox 360, EA): 8.75 / 8.5
Stranglehold (PS3/Xbox 360, Midway): 7.25 / 7.25
Stuntman Ignition (PS3/Xbox 360, THQ): 8.5 / 9
Warhawk (PS3, Sony): 8.25 / 8

PlayStation 2
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2, Koei): 7.75
Soul Nomad (PS2, NIA America): 7.75 / 7.25
Warriors Orochi (Xbox 360/PS2, Koei): 5.75
Wild Arms 5 (PS2, Xseed): 6.5 / 6.5

PlayStation Portable
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP, Konami): 7 / 7.25
Dragoneer's Aria (PSP, Koei): 5.75
Hot PXL (PSP, Atari): 6
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes (PSP, Namco Bandai): 6.75
Worms Open Warfare 2 (PSP/NDS, THQ): 7.5
There you have it, looks like Heavenly Sword and Guitar Hero III did really good.

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Sonic the Hedgehog on Robot Chicken

What does this have to do with the PlayStation 3? Well, there is a Sonic game for the PlayStation 3. So just laugh, it's short but funny.

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Soul Calibur IV: Two New Scans

Well, here are two new Soul Calibur IV scans for you, enjoy fans.

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PS3 Fanboy Interviews Ratchet and Clank's Ryan Snyder

PS3 Fanboy was lucky enough get in touch with Ryan Snyder, their friend at Insomniac, and talked a little bit more about their upcoming Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction game. Ryan was able to tell them a bit about the game's massive size, potential Home integration, and more.

Read the interview at the link.

[Read Ratchet & Clank Interview]

Ratchet & Clank Future Demo on Video

If you stop by your local EBGames or GameStop like I did yesterday, you'll be able to pick one of these up with a $5 down reserve. If your waiting for the PlayStation Network download, thats coming October 4, 2007. Enjoy the video.

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Rainy Woods: New In-Depth Details

Straight from IGN. (picture above not a game picture)

Marvelous Entertainment's latest has all the makings of a classic: an American west setting, a main cast consisting of FBI agents and police officers, and a horror story surrounding a pair of midgets. Welcome to Rainy Woods.

That's not only the name of the new PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 action/adventure game from Marvelous, but it's also the name of the game's setting. The story begins when the body of a young girl named Anna Graham is found one particularly rainy morning in the woods outside the town of Rainy Woods. This sends the town into panic. Has the legendary Raincoat Killer returned?

This case is apparently deemed important enough that the FBI decides to send agent David Young Henning to the town to investigate. He's not alone, though. Emily Wyatt, George and Thomas, all peacekeepers from the town, support David as he attempts to solve the case.

David can also turn to Jeter for advice. Jeter is a person who exists only in David's mind. Yes, the hero of Rainy Woods has multiple personality disorder.

Taking control of David (and Jeter), you find yourself placed in a recreation of a classic American west town, right down to stoplights and paved roads. The game takes place in a eight kilometer squared sandbox world that features weather and time-based changes. You're free to move through the town as you see fit. In addition to walking, you also have access to a car.

As you investigate the case, you'll learn that there's something not exactly human behind it all. This presumably means zombies, but we're not exactly sure at the moment.

David is thankfully skilled with the weapons. You'll end up using guns and swords as you face off against creatures who stalk the night.

Rainy Woods is set for Japanese release on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 some time in 2008. All it needs is an English voice cast, and it's guaranteed to be game of the year.

[Via IGN]

Square Enix Floor Plans for TGS 2007

In a recent picture shown to us at the official TGS website, a picture of the map of the building where TGS is being held, there is a room reserved for Kingdom Hearts. Wonder whats in the room? Maybe Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts PSP? It translates too:

キングダムハーツ キャラクター展示
Kingdom Hearts Character Exhibition
Also, the room to the left of it that says FFVII translates too:
FFVII Special exhibition Corner
Hmm... wonder what they could be showing so special.

[Via KHInsider]

Angel Love Online Coming to PlayStation 3

Q Entertainmen's secret PlayStation 3 project has been revealed. The publisher of games like Lumines and Meteos will be showing off its MMORPG side for it's first PlayStation 3 project, a version of the online RPG Angel Love Online.

Released for the PC in December of last year, Angel Love Online places you in Eden, the land of angels. Once you've created a character and mastered the basics of the game through the Angel Academy tutorial mode, you select one of four kingdoms that will serve as the setting for your adventure. You play as a protector of angels, building up your own story as you meet other characters and monsters.

The PC version of Angel Love Online is available as a free download. Q makes money off the game through micro transactions on items.

The PS3 version will retain this same pricing system, with the main game being available for free. While common on the PC, this is a first for home consoles. Q hasn't specified how distribution will take place, so you'll just download the game from the PlayStation Store free of charge.

Angel Love Online will be released for the PS3 in December. Now we just need to see Ragnarok released on the PlayStation Network.

[Via IGN]

Eternal Sonata: PlayStation 3 Features Detailed

Eternal Sonata will feature a number of additional elements for it's PlayStation 3 version. New events are being added, to help give players a deeper understanding of the storyline.

The game will also feature two new playable characters. Crescendo and Serenade, who played a major role in the 360 version's storyline but were not playable, will now be able to take part in battle. Crescendo makes use of a mace and shield. Serenade is all about her heart-shaped staff.

Bandai Namco is also working a costume system that will allow you to freely change your characters' costumes. Accompanying this is an increase in costume variations.

The PlayStation version is slated for a 2008 release.

[Via IGN]

RAWfever TV Launches

Today was the launch of my friends new comedy webshow, called RAWfever TV. It's basically about pulling pranks, doing comedy skits, and making people laugh.

I'll be on the show every few weeks doing my comedy stylings, so watch out for me. The first show is set to air next week so keep your eyes peeled for this funny web show. Keep the bookmark.

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Skate Demo: The Truth Behind the Delay

Over at the PlayStation.Blog's latest post on their Store update, many users were complaining about the lack of a Skate demo. Patrick Seybold responded to their complaints:

"Thanks for the feedback everyone. Glad you are enjoying the variety of content going up every week.

I have to confirm this, but contrary to popular reports, I believe that the Skate demo was just officially submitted to us for test last week. Its obvious that many of you want it, and we’ll do our best to get it up there as soon as we can. Hold tight."

So, EA Games basically lied when they said that the demo was sent 3 weeks ago.

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