Saturday, April 5, 2008

Next GameTrailers TV to Feature Resistance 2 Trailer?

Geoff Keighley, host of GameTrailers TV, updated us today on the next episode of the show.

The next episode is to be the biggest episode yet, containing seven world exclusives in high-definition. He writes that they will also "have something special from our friends at Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that is Resistance 2.

[Star Wars and SEVEN Exclusives Next Week!]

HAZE Preview: Learn the Story, Inject the Nectar

A new preview for HAZE on GameTrailers takes us through what we know about the game so far for all those new comers just starting to find out what HAZE is all about. Sit down for a good four minutes and learn the story of how you start off with Mantel, and become a Promising Hand rebel. Enjoy!

Konami Trademarks Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

The US trademark database has shown that Konami has recently trademarked the name Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Now, this could be a next-generation version of Castlevania or another handheld game. The only thing we have on the game is a logo. Let us hope it's a console game.

[Konami developing Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia?]

Mafia II: New Screenshot and First Wallpaper

The Mafia II Community was lucky enough to score an exclusive screenshot of the upcoming sequel to Mafia. Along with the screenshot (seen on the left), there is also the first official wallpaper as well. The game is looking fresh.


First Concept Art for Deus Ex 3?

French website Denis-Talbot seems to have scooped the first piece of stand-alone artwork for Eidos' upcoming Deus Ex 3.

The artwork comes along with a quote from Eidos Montreal's David Anfossi (roughly translated): “These tables help our artists with visualizing well the spirit which one wants to release in Two Ex 3. We called upon the original originators of the preceding iterations in order to determine well the direction which we took”. Or, to understand it a bit better: “These pictures help our artists with visualizing the spirit we want to realise in Deus Ex 3. We called upon the original concept artists for the preceding games in order to determine the direction which we took”.

It certainly looks genuine, if not, you need to be one hell of an artist to pull this off.

The trench site also mentions a possible Thief 4 in the works, since Eidos is recruiting team members for a project that starts with "T" and that Eidos Montreal's Stephane D’Astous' Facebook image is the letter "T" from the Thief logo. We weren't sure whether or not to report this due to the fact the last Thief game was not on a Sony console.

[First Deus Ex 3 Concept Art?]

DUALSHOCK 3 Hits Store In Black and Silver Colors

Well, here is something unexpected. The DUALSHOCK 3 remote for the PlayStation 3 with vibration has finally hit stores. The unexpected being that we knew it was coming in black, but look, they've unleashed a silver controller as well.

We thought that was only for Japan, like many others.

Expect our review/impressions or whatever you want to call it once we get ours in the mail. For those who don't have one, the stores opens at 11:00am. Call ahead.

[DUALSHOCK 3 Hits Stores in Two Flavors]

Warhawk v1.3 Danger Zone Glitch

It seems the latest update for Warhawk (version 1.3) features a little glitch using the new Bio-Field Generator and Wrench added in the update. The glitch uses both the items to keep a plane alive in the danger zone while going over a wall you aren't supposed to. Take a look for yourself.

[Warhawk 1.3 Danger Zone Glitch]

Buzz! Quiz TV Will Not Support Online Voice Chat

In a new JoyStiq hands on with the upcoming PlayStation 3 quiz game, Buzz! Quiz TV, they discuss some of the new features in the PlayStation 3 game.

Most of the features, we already know such as creating your own quiz and downloading others' quizzes online (something like LittleBigPlanet). One thing they do say is that you can play Buzz! Quiz TV online with your friends, which is great. It does not support voice chat, however.

Buzz! Quiz TV being the social game it is should include voice chat, shouldn't it?

[Joystiq hands-on: Buzz! Quiz TV]

Metal Gear Solid 4: No Hero Trailer

The latest Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer rages with beautiful cinematics. A short trailer it is, but it speaks for itself. Oh, at the end before they flash the title, we see a glimpse of an area that isn't green. Enjoy!

GameStop: Resistance to Feature Pokemon

According to the people who run the GameStop website, Pokemon are going to be featured in Insomniac's upcoming Resistance 2. Thats right, if you take a look at their screenshot gallery, you'll see images and images of wonderful Pokemon.

Don't look surprised, this isn't the first time they've done something stupid regarding a PlayStation 3 game.

[Resistance 2]

Solid Snake Coming to Unreal Tournament III

It seems a user on the Epic Forums is working on his own Solid Snake model from the Metal Gear Solid series for Epic's Unreal Tournament III. The model is not quiet complete, they still need to make it work with the game, but it looks fantastic. Yes, you gotta love mods.

[Solid Snake (Model)]