Friday, March 21, 2008

Latest EGM Rumors: Ratchet Sequel In Form of PSN Game

The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly comes with it's monthly heaping of rumors. Lets see.

First off, they hear that Insomniac Games is working on a sequel to Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction in the form of a PlayStation Network. Could it be Quest for Booty from that PlayStation Network release list leak?

The Tecmo Bowl revival game is still in the works as well. Everything else is not much interesting.

[Quartermann: Downloadable Ratchet & Clank Sequel Coming]

Tom Clancy's EndWar: World War III Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new trailer showcasing in-game footage of their upcoming Tom Clancy's EndWar. The new trailer shows World War III and the chaos that the earth is undergoing. Enjoy!

OPM UK Rumors: God of War III for 2009, In-Game XMB Running

The latest issue of the UK Official PlayStation Magazine has been released, and we have the rumors column right here for you. Let's take a look.

- God Of War III is along way off, won't be released until Christmas 2009.
- The BBC reckons Sony has an amazing secret game in the works for 2009.
- Capcom is developing Dead Rising 2 for multiple platforms including PlayStation 3.
- Team ICO's new game has links to Norse myths.
- Mass Effect and its Sequels will come to PlayStation 3.
- Sony already has a in-game version of the PlayStation 3's XMB up and running.
- Netflix will soon offer movie downloads straight to your PlayStation 3.
For other information on this issue, such as the latest review scores, visit the link below.

[This Months Official Playstation Magazine [UK] Review Scores and Rumors]

Famitsu Interview: Tales of Vesperia to Come to PlayStation 3?

In a new interview with Gouda Tsutomu and Higuchi Yoshito, who are working on Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360, they are asking whether the game will arrive on the PlayStation 3 or not. Higuchi Yoshito answered (warning: rough translation).

Q: PlayStation 3 is scheduled for release?
A: Higuchi's SHINFONIA, when the GameCube too specialized and because of the PlayStation 2 when transplanted to the lower frame rate, a considerable ingenuity. PlayStation 3 is a very sophisticated, so in that sense I think the same thing can be reproduced. However, it will be released, and what is not yet.
It seems he is trying to say the game will be coming out for the PlayStation 3, just a bit after it is released on the Xbox 360.

[Tales of Vesperia Interview]

Resident Evil 5 Footage Coming With Next Week's Famitsu

There has been rumors that the next issue of Famitsu will include a Capcom 25th Anniversary DVD. Capcom have confirmed those rumors on their newly launched 25th Anniversary website. According to website, The Horror Is Alive, the text in the Famitsu DVD image reads "Biohazard 5 Exclusive Footage + Interview". The next issue should hit shelves March 28, 2008, and just as Persona 4 footage did, the Resident Evil 5 footage will probably make its way online.

[New Biohazard 5 Famitsu DVD Details]

Rock Band In-Game Store Launches

The new Rock Band patch that includes the in-game store and faster loading of downloadable content was just released today. The new patch should be a 30-second download allowing users to use the new in-game store, showing us previews of songs and difficulty levels for each song, and load up our downloadable content much faster.

If you own the game, load up that disc and get that update!

New Delta Force Game On Its Way?

The official website for Novalogic has been updated with a new teaser image for a game titled Delta Force: Angel Falls with a "Coming Soon" written underneath it. For those who don't know of Delta Force, it's past release was Delta Force: Black Hawk Down for the PS2 and Xbox. When we find out more about Angel Falls, we will update you.


More Evidence of a PlayStation 3 Remake for Final Fantasy VII

The rumor doesn't stop, and it won't stop till Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3 is actually announced. That is what we love about it. On a new post on James Mielke's blog, he pointed out a question in their Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII interview with Hajime Tabata.
1UP: Does Crisis Core mark the finale for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series?
Hajime Tabata: No, it does not. The Compilation's finale will take some other form.
All other compilation titles for the Final Fantasy VII series have already been announced and released. So what is left? A Final Fantasy VII remake is left. Think about it, so far they have released: Final Fantasy VII on PSone, Dirge of Cerberus on PS2, Crisis Core (this month) on PSP, Advent Children on Blu-Ray (2008) and Before Crisis on the mobile phone. That PlayStation 3 is next in the system line-up.

[More circumstantial evidence that an FFVII remake is en route to the PS3]

Quake Wars to Have Demo Before Release

In a new interview with Steve Nix, a developer at iD Software, he states a demo will be coming for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. He is currently working on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 adoptions for the game, and states the demo will be available on both consoles online services before it's release.

[Quake Wars will be a demo on PS3]

JP PLAYSTATION Store Update: March 20, 2008

Well, lets see what the Japanese PlayStation Store will be receiving today as their weekly update (yes we are a bit late). It's just a bunch of PSone Games, but it wouldn't hurt to bring Metal Gear Solid to the US and EU Stores, now would it?

PSOne Games
- Metal Gear Solid (600 yen) (PC Store)
- デザエモン Kids! (600 yen) (PC Store)
- プロ麻雀 極PLUSII (600 yen) (PC Store)
- Atelier Elie 2 (600 yen) (PC Store)
- Crash Bandicoot Carnival (600 yen) (PC Store)
Once again, please Sony, bring Metal Gear Solid to our shores as well.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Site Updates with Merchandise

The official Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots website has updated today with some merchandise. The merchandise includes the Limited Edition Steel PlayStation 3, the actual game, the special edition of the game, a charge stand, and headphones, all branded with Metal Gear Solid 4.

The site reveals some pricing as well. The standard edition of the game will cost 8,800 Yen with the special edition cosing 9,900 Yene. The 40GB Steel PlayStation 3 will cost 51,800 Yen. Hopefully, these items will arrive in the Statest.

[Official Metal Gear Solid 4 site updated; MGS4 merchandise]

Motorstorm 2 to be Called MotorStorm: Pacifica

In a chat with Warwick Light, the GM of Sales/Marketing, GeekPulp's Dave spoke with him about the year ahead. In the chat, they learned about some of the games Sony are backing to be successful along with the name of Motorstorm 2. The sequel to Motorstorm will be titled Motorstorm: Pacifica. Not that bad a name if you ask me.

[MotorStorm Pacifica]

Unreal Tournament III Patch v1.10 Released

Midway has released the Unreal Tournament III version 1.10 patch in the US and EU. We are not sure if it is the big patch scheduled for March 27, 2008 although, as it is only 44MB in size, and would be out seven days beforehand.

Either way, get on the network and download the patch.

Update: It seems it is the big patch.