Monday, October 8, 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4: Presence at E for All 2007

Even though major companies like Sony, Microsoft, Capcom, & Square Enix will not be participating in the upcoming E For All convention, doesn't mean it's going to be bad. People like 2K Games, Nintendo, and Konami will be hanging around though.

Games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Drawn to Life, and Silent Hill: Origins will be appearing. No word on if Metal Gear Solid 4 will be playable. It may be shown in trailer form.

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Half Life 2: The Orange Box: Car Ride

Everyone is anticipating this title, and so far, signs show of a late December 11, 2007 release due to delays. Hopefully, this is not true.

But if it is, enjoy this video of Alex & Gordon on a little joyride.

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KOEI Confirms PS3 Version Of Fatal Inertia For 2008 Release

KOEI has today confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Engine 3 title Fatal Inertia is still in development, with a '2008' release date anticipated.

Takazumi Tomoike confirmed that the action racing title, which has already debuted on the Xbox 360, is indeed still coming to the PlayStation 3, and also commented of the PS3 version: "We are going to use the SixAxis, and I think the controller is well-suited for the game."

Following up for further information, a Koei representative clarified a release date for the title, commenting: "Koei Canada is actively developing Fatal Inertia for PlayStation 3. We're anticipating a North American release in 2008."

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KILLZONE Unit: KILLZONE 2 Motion Ideas

Straight from KILLZONE Unit.

Ever since Sony showed off the SIXAXIS controller in motion for the first time, I don’t believe the media has been quite convinced of it’s capabilities. We’ve seen some 2nd and 3rd party developers taking advantage of the controller’s motion capabilities, but to a very limited extent(with the exception of LAIR).

Killzone Unit has decided to throw together a few ideas on how KILLZONE 2 could possibly make use of the motion madness without having it feel too forced or tacked on.

Read the rest at the link below.


Kane & Lynch: First Multiplayer Video

Provided by GameTrailers and GameReactor, we have the first multiplayer video of Eidos Interactive's upcoming game, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Enjoy the watch.

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Dead Space: New Images

Horror and sci-fi videogame Dead Space tries to scare us with these new images. The main character, Isaac Clarke, will explore a spaceship where he will fight creatures called Necromorph. The game will launch in 2008 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Jeremiah from the PS3Forums has provided us with some non-promotional images from the new 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 SKU. Check them out below.

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Moves Closer to Gold

Evan Wells gives us an update on Naughty Dog's upcoming Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3. The below is straight from Evan Wells.

Hello again! The countdown is on and we are only two weeks away from a Gold Master. We’re down to the point where every minute matters. The QA departments are working around the clock (and around the globe … in Europe and Japan) looking for any last bugs that we need to get cleaned up before we can ship.

Things are hectic around our studio as we’re trying to juggle several tasks at once. Not only are we trying to wrap up production on the game, but we’re also working frantically on helping with the package design and the strategy guide as well. We’ve also scheduled one last impromptu focus test this weekend in our office so that we can check to make sure that any of the last minute tweaks we’ve made to certain aspects of the game haven’t thrown off any of the previous game balance tuning that we’ve done.

Richard Lemarchand was up North in the Bay Area doing a whirlwind media tour on Thursday and Friday of last week. He stopped by the offices of many magazines and websites to show off the latest build of the game and to give some last minute updates before we send off the final disc for review. Be sure to keep an eye out for coverage and gameplay footage online. This preview from IGN is one of the first I’ve spotted.

We’re also preparing to create another trailer to be released in the coming weeks. Taylor Kurosaki, our video editor, is working on selecting the music to use in the next one and planning out the flow and the structure to tease the story just enough without giving too much away.

The final mixes of sound, music and dialog are all being added to our cinematics and it’s really coming together nicely. We’re also getting back all of our localized assets so that we can ship Uncharted simultaneously around the world in 13 languages!

For more information, be sure to visit the official game Web site.

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onAXIS: Thoughts on the Network

Update 10/8/07: We've given a major overhaul to this article, read, comment, and support it.

The PlayStation Store has been quite pleasing lately, we've been receiving the same demos as our other console friend, receiving 3-5 demos a week. Things are going good. But here are the last thoughts that need to be looked upon for the PlayStation Network, Sony, and the PlayStation 3.


PlayStation Store

  • Daily Updates: Do not just update on Thursday. Give us constant updates like Live. [article]
  • Demos: Keep bringing in at least 2 demos a week. [article]
  • Demo Relations: We usually get demos after Live does, take SKATE for example. Get more relations in with third parties so we get demos at the same time. [article]
  • PSone Classics: We have a feature to be able and play PSone games on our PLAYSTATION 3's. Why has Sony not token advantage of that? We haven't gotten a PSone update on the store in very long. What about all those old games we used to know and love? Why not bring out FF VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics? Why not bring out Chrono Trigger (FF Chronicles)? Why not bring out Metal Gear Solid? Why not even bring out Sonic the Hedgehog as a retro title like the Wii & 360 does? That would be good for buisness.
  • Content: More behind the scenes, and community content, game trailers, gameplay and such, with new videos per day. Get a lot of third party support.
  • Video on Demand: We should get some type of video on demand, like Live has. Streaming clips as a preview on their page would be nice as well.
  • Redesign: The store needs a major overhaul. That overhaul should be integrated with the PLAYSTATION 3 main interface, a new one. The new design should not be a web page as well. It should let you view games and such under genre, title, or newest categorization, and should feature VoD, downloadable themes, and such.
  • PSN Cards: It's really not that hard to get out a bunch of cards with numbers on them for redemption. The store already has a redemption option, give us the cards already.
PlayStation Network
  • Features: What ever happened to these?:

    These were all features shown at some big event. They never were on the final PLAYSTATION 3. These features include in-game messaging, cross-game invites, chat-rooms, and voice chat. This could all be possible with in-game XMB.
  • Profile: We should have more features to edit in our profile section and a displayable tag that we can show on forums and what not, available at
  • Integrated Features: Integrated the features of the PlayStation Network with the PLAYSTATION 3 games.
SONY (The Video Game Company)
  • Advertising: If you watch TV, you won't see an advertisement for Heavenly Sword, Warhawk or Lair. Sony never advertises, I never see any more PS3 Game commercials. I seen them around the PS3 launch, but not anymore. While I've seen many Halo 3 commercials and such.
  • Third-Parties: Sony is not good with third-parties nowadays =[. It's funny how people say "360 pays off for exclusives". Okay, Sony, why not you? As long as we are getting a good game, right? Get some more third-party exclusives. Sony may have a list of over 150 exclusives (which I made). But I can guarantee you only two or three are going to get over a nine out of ten.


New Interface
  • Revamp: Make a new interface for the PLAYSTATION 3. It is one of the ultimate consoles, it should not get the same low-rate interface that the PSP has. Sure it's used on every Sony TV and other electronic, but thats why we need something new. Give us something as innovative as the 360 Interface. Something nice and smooth, something that lets us access our profile anywhere on the system, something that integrates our store right within the interface. With a new and revamped interface, something that is not bland and limited like the XMB, we can add so many features, maybe even integrate PLAYSTATION community forums, integrate the store, and make it a good network, like Live is.
  • No Demo Installation: Seriously, Folklore took me 10 minutes to install.
  • Categorize Games: If we don't get it nixed. On the XMB, under game, we need to get more organized, to much can overcrowd the game section. Add three more options "PSone Classics" where all the downloaded PSone games go, and "Downloadable Games" where games like Calling All Cars! and High Stakes on the Vegas Strip go, and then "Demos" where all the game demo downloads go.
  • Categorize Movies: Under movies, we should have sections like "TV Shows", "Game Trailers", "Gameplay Videos", "Movies", "Movie Trailers", etc. And for our custom movies that we bring onto the PLAYSTATION 3 ourselves, we could pick a category to put it in.
  • Categorize Pictures: Folders, we need to be able to make them so we can categorize our pictures by our organization methods.
  • Themes: Release the XMB themes and such as an update, and have them for download on the PlayStation Store.
  • In-Game XMB: Yeah, get it already.

    Think of the possibilities, freeze frame to capture image, freeze frame to start video capture, upload it online, share it with friends. Games won't need their own replay editing features anymore if we had that.
Anyway, as you can see, the PlayStation Network has come a long way, and with a few minor patches as mentioned above, it could be the ultimate online platform.

IGN: Behind the Scenes of Uncharted

Go behind the scenes of Naughty Dog's upcoming game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune coming soon for the PLAYSTATION 3 console.

[Via IGN]

Everyday Shooter: Coming Thursday October 11, 2007

PLAYSTATION 3 owners will be getting their hands on a very anticipated title this week. Today, IGN's sources within Sony informed them that the crazy shooting title, Everyday Shooter will be released this Thursday on the PlayStation Store's weekly update.

Everyday Shooter will be available for $10, and will feature unique musical selections for each stage. More to come soon.

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Rumor: PES 2008 Special Edition PLAYSTATION 3 Leaked?

Allegedly this is an image of a Special Edition PLAYSTATION 3, which was found at the french Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 promotional site known as This Is My Game.

Photoshopped, or real? We will wait for official word.

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G4TV: Haze Preview

Straight from G4TV.

Haze is currently "exclusive" to the PlayStation 3 and will most likely stay that way, but who knows in this topsy-turvy industry. Regardless of what platform(s) it ends up on, it looks pretty good.

We spoke with David Doak of Free Radical all about Haze. He talks about Nectar, the drug that augments the soldiers in the game, and the company that uses it: Mantel.

He also has some praise for the PlayStation 3 and assures us that the game will release in 2007 with co-op and multiplayer.

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Rumor: 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 Coming To U.S. November 2?

The Hollywood Reporter states: "We're hearing Nov. 2 (for the U.S.)," according to an industry insider over at their site.

The 40GB system will retail for less than current PLAYSTATION 3 models, most likely dropping down to the $399 price point. However, it will lose 2 USB ports, memory card readers, and will also lose any support for PS2 games.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

L.A. Noire Too Big For Xbox 360?

Team Bondi must have at least a few people working in their Ultimo, Sydney office, according to a tip that Kotaku has received over the weekend showing us a blog with "exclusive" information on L.A. Noire. From the post:

  • The game will be a free-roaming title with a historically-accurate recreation of Los Angeles in 1947.
  • Team Bondi has even hired a costume designer to research the clothing of the era so the game's attire can be accurate.
  • Aside from main story, side missions will be based on actual cases pulled straight of the newspapers of 1947.
  • A US Marine plays a big role in the story.
  • Not so exclusive...but LA Noire definitely ain't coming to Xbox 360, the size of the game is an obstacle to this.
Wonder what that last line means? If it's not coming to the Xbox 360, then it cannot come to Wii. Mobile phone maybe?

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G4 Preview: Square Enix @ TGS 2007

G4 show us all the details about the newest Square games, Infinite Undiscovery, Kingdom Hearts, FF13 and Versus 13, aswell as The Last Remnant. They also talk about what was seen behind the hidden "curtain" of the new Final Fantasy games. Enjoy.

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Wired Prepares Us: Portal

It's coming, and it's going to be messing with our minds until we beat the game. Thats torture. Luckily, Wired is giving us some tips on Valve's upcoming game, bundled with The Orange Box, called Portal. The game is basically, shot there, shot here, and bend the laws of physics. Here are the tips from Wired:

How to Bend the Laws of Physics

1) Portal players get an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, which can create warp portals between any two flat surfaces.
1a) Fire at a wall, floor, or ceiling to create an entrance point.
1b) Fire where you'd like to end up to make an exit point.

2) Some obstacles can be dodged only by creating portals.
2a) Blast an entry point in the ground.
2b) Create an exit point on the far wall. Drop through the hole in the ground and you'll emerge on the other side of the spike pit.

3) The game poses conundrums, like how to get up to a platform that you can't jump high enough to reach. The solutions often rely on the fact that momentum is maintained when warping.
3a) Create an entry portal one level down.
3b) Bore an exit point on the floor next to you. Leap down into the entry portal. Even though you'll be moving in the opposite direction, when you reemerge your inertia will propel you all the way to the upper level.

4) Take advantage of objects in the environment to neutralize gun emplacements and other dangers.
4a) Open an entry portal under a box.
4b) Put an exit portal above the gun. The falling box will gather enough speed to knock over the gun.

Thanks Jason Lee.

[Via Wired]

SCEA Creates In-Game Advertising Group

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment of America announced a new in-game advertising business unit headed by industry vet Darlene Kindler. According to SCEA Sales and Business Development senior v.p. Phil Rosenberg:

"Darlene has an ideal blend of experience within the video game industry, including in-game advertising, making her a perfect fit for this newly created position. She will be tasked with the important role of working closely with our internal teams as well as our third-party publishers and external advertising agencies to develop business and marketing strategies for our newly formed online advertising group."
View the press release at the read link.

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Record of Agarest War: One Dirty Game

Record of Agarest War is a "Soul Breed" strategy RPG. Players capture the hearts of game heroines to "create" a successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's shown. The new successor is then revealed. Kotaku has some shots for us, and they really look "we're hinting we are working on an AO game", yeah, like that. View more at the read link.

If you want to give this game a test run, the download is available on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

[Via Kotaku]

Sony Admits Early PS3 Adopters May Feel Cheated

As Sony ships its new model PlayStation 3 to stores for launch this Wednesday, UK managing director Ray Maguire has told that the new SKU is a natural evolution and the company always had plans to offer a cheaper product.

But he also admitted that he could understand that PlayStation 3 early adopters might feel cheated for buying the console earlier in the year when it commanded a luxury GBP 425 price point.

"I think it's natural to feel that way, of course it is," said Maguire, in an exclusive interview published today.

"The difference between our industry and many other industries is that if you're selling cars or houses the price goes up steadily. Consumer electronics only goes one way and that's downwards."

Maguire, who describes himself as an early adopter of new technology, said that the reward for paying premium prices is the ability to experience technology ahead of the mass market.

"One thing is common amongst the entire market for consumer electronics and that is that there are early adopters like myself who will spend GBP 10,000 on a plasma TV that is worth GBP 3000 within three years. That's the way the market goes

"What do they get for that? They get six months of enjoyment of the product before anybody else gets that ability to play those games," he said.

He also said that the introduction of a new 40GB model was the next step for Sony, as it lowers prices to tempt new consumers to the PlayStation 3 experience, but denied there is confusion with different models in different regions.

"As products evolve the offerings change because they have to adapt to the needs of the consumers but I don't think it's been particularly confusing in six months to go from stand alone, to a bundled proposition into a low price entry level model," he said.

"We also have to remember that consumers don't search around the world for different configurations. We are a global company but we have to act locally as well."

The full interview with Ray Maguire can be read today.

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onAXIS: Console Wars, Childish?

Go to any gaming forum, go to say the PLAYSTATION 3 section of the forum, check the first page. Do you see anything not so ordinary? Maybe like a topic about the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii? Open the topic. Do you see something like:
Now, you see, thats not the only thing that is childish. Whats even more childish is what the users of this PLAYSTATION 3 forum answer back, do you see anything like:
"go stick that 360 controller up your *doink* and let it vibrate you newb, the ps3 is much better any day any time"
What I really don't understand is, did you get insulted personally when you read those comments in the first place?

Sure, it's fine to like one console and not like the other, but why go around and talk trash about it? Just to annoy other people? Sure it's fun to do that, but in real life, with random people on the streets.

At onAXIS, were not just fond of the PLAYSTAION 3, but fond of the other consoles as well. When we have versus posts, we are not having them battle, we are comparing the features of the two so hopefully those consoles can learn off eachother and apply the missing features.

There are people out there, like the people above, there called fanboys. Some people hate them, some people are them, some people like to ignore them. There is no problem with fanboys at all, but when they act like the ones above, then thats when it becomes a problem.

If we had magical powers and could make all these bad fanboys act like nice little minions, we would. But it seems that big guns upstairs limited our powers to at the highest, do stage magic. But do yourself a favor, next time you see a post like that of above, don't respond, let it sink.

Star Ocean: First Departure Coming with Limited Edition PSP

Square Enix' upcoming Sony PlayStation Portable title, Star Ocean: First Departure, will be bundled with limited-edition PSP Slim & Lite units on it's December 27, 2007 release. The classic remake coupled with the handheld will be available in Japan for 24,840 yen (US$ 210).

Those who'd rather just grab a copy of the game can get one for 5,040 yen (US$ 43). Images of this limited edition PSP will come when they arrive.

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