Saturday, February 2, 2008

ADV Films Goes Blu-Ray

ADV Films, one of the biggest anime distributors in the US, has decided to back Blu-Ray with it's upcoming releases. This announcement will take effect in Spring.

They are planning on releasing their new products on Blu-Ray first, and some good backtrack films later on.

[ADV gives the thumbs up, goes Blu-ray]


incredibilistic said...

An anime company switching to Blu-ray may not be earth shattering news but I wonder why the HD DVD hasn't cast their white flag yet?

With so many companies announcing their allegiance to Blu-ray following Warner Bros. announcement it's amazing that they haven't just conceded the victory over to Blu-ray.

I think by the middle of this year, after Warner Bros. has definitely halted all HD DVD production, that they'll eventually just give it up.

Anonymous said...

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