Monday, February 18, 2008

HAZE: A Status Update

The guys at Free Radical updated us today on the status of HAZE, reminding us that HAZE will not become a Duke Nukem Forever.

They tell us that they are very confident that HAZE is coming. They gurantee us that the extra features and such they've been adding in has made a big difference, and for the better.

Don't worry guys, it's coming, and probably soon.

[Some news about HAZE]


incredibilistic said...

Translation: "the game actually sucks but we're doing our best to make it not suck so hard when it does finally come out."

Look what happened to Warhawk. Although it turned out okay something tells me that it could've been better had it stuck to its original campaign mode.

Besides, since picking up Call of Duty 4 I haven't touched the game. Having said that I've been unable to connect lately making me want to pick up Warhawk just so I can frag someone other than the A.I. in Arcade mode (now that I've beaten it for the second time).