Friday, February 1, 2008

Slim PLAYSTATION 3 On It's Way for Fall?

At the CES 2008 show last month, T3 came across a juicy piece of gossip. It seeems that an insider has told that an all new PLAYSTATION 3 that is slimmer, lighter in weight, and sexier.

Is this beleivable? Why not, Sony has made two vesrions of a slim PS2, and has recently released the slim PSP. The PLAYSTATION 3 is bound to be slimmed any day now.

All the rumors of the 120-160GB PLAYSTATION 3 seem to fit this. There are "pictures" of the slim PLAYSTATION 3 at the link. Although these pictures are just T3's vision of the slim PLAYSTATION 3.

[New Playstation 3 this autumn?] [Thanks Kaddas!]


Anonymous said...

It's Playstattion 3 combined with Wii.


Anonymous said...

way too early for a case redesign. the ps2 and ps1 case redesigns didn't happen so soon.

Anonymous said...

If it Comes for sure, I will buy it, it looks sexy guys.

And Anonymous #1
Where did word WII come from?
Can't you see?

incredibilistic said...

Definitely fake. This is just like all the iMac and iPod designs that come weeks before the true unveiling and they normally don't look anything like the final version.

Chances of a new version coming out this soon is probably too premature. I'm not saying it's not entirely possible but my guess is that if a new design comes out it'll be some time in 2009.

One would like to think they'll try not to confuse the market even more with a slimmer version. Instead they should focus on software, Home, and dropping the price with the smaller Blu-ray laser.

Anonymous said...

Very True, Sony is more smart then to confuse the market even more with a slimmer version.

at lease mayby after 6 years!! who knows!?!

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