Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wardevil Is Alive: New Look, First Image

Yes readers, Wardevil is not dead. Today, Digi-Guys revealed a new image of their upcoming title, revealing a new look.

Since it was last shown, Digi-Guys has been quiet on this exciting title. Now, the character's helmetless head and long hair has been replaced. He now has an awesome looking helmet and a long-ass spear.

The game is using the RTE1080 game engine allowing for 1080p resolution at 60fps. The developers over at Digi-Guys hope to create a visual style better than the look of the pre-renderd FMV videos.

When we hear more on Digi-Guy's great looking game, we will let you know.

[Wardevil gets a new look! First image inside]

Update: Seems that the first image is actually in game.

"The image is all game material/assets and is part of our final graphical push to get the game looking as close to high-end cinema quality as we can... whilst still running in 1080P (with Dof & Motionblur)." - Digi-Guys Representative