Thursday, March 13, 2008

Battlestations Developer Interested in PlayStation 3

Atilla Soross, the Senor Developer over at Eidos Hungary, stated in an interview that although the Battlestations series have only appeared on the Xbox 360 and PC, that the developer isn't ruling out bringing the series to the PlayStation 3.

"We are certainly interested in PS3 as major current-gen platform, but at this point I cannot reveal more about our plans with the brand," explained Soross.

He offered some insight of what the series could lead into in the future, saying: "... the team has several ideas about the settings of future Battlestations games and the modern era is one of them. However, currently we are focusing on realizing the potential in Battlestations: Pacific."

You never know, we could hear about a Battlestations: Pacific announced for PlayStation 3 sooner or later.

[Battlestations dev is interested in PS3]


Anonymous said...

Always good to have more games and developers on-board. :)

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