Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fatal Inertia EX Listed for PlayStation 3 Under ESRB

A new ESRB listing has shown a sign of hope for Fatal Inertia on the PlayStation 3. What was originally supposed to be an exclusive is now showing up on the PlayStation 3 as Fatal Inertia EX. Fatal Inertia didn't do so well on the Xbox 360. Hopefully this new EXTREME version will correct all the faults the Xbox 360 version gave and hopefully it will regain is credits as a good futuristic racer.

[ESRB lists 'Fatal Inertia EX' for PS3]


Anonymous said...

WipEout HD's still a few months off so hopefully they've made BIG improvements.

incredibilistic said...

What still kills me about this game is that it's on the back of the PS3 box and STILL hasn't hit the system yet.

I'll have to rent this before I plopped down $60 bucks for this thing.

Anonymous said...

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