Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Do You Feel About There Being No GTA IV Episodic Content for PS3?

We want to know, how do you feel about the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV not receiving the downloadable content that the Xbox 360 will be receiving. Microsoft previously mentioned the two downloadable episodic content they payed Rockstar $50 million to receive will equal the size of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas.

A recent preview in the latest issue (April 2008) of PlayStation: The Official Magazine stated that Rockstar's Jeronimo Barrera said the PlayStation 3 will most likely receive it's own form of downloadable content as well. However, a new Take-Two release states that the Xbox 360 will be receiving it's downloadable content in 2008, and they plan on issuing more content for (most likely) both consoles in 2009. That means the PlayStation 3 will never see those San Andreas and Vice City sized pieces of episodic content.

If you would like to know how I feel, I'll tell you. I'm not just a blogger, I'm a proud PlayStation 3 owner as well, and will be picking up Grand Theft Auto IV for PlayStation 3 no matter what. Seeing as how San Andreas and Vice City went to Xbox, I see that it's only right Rockstar does the same with these two new pieces of episodic content (possibly Bully as well). So I guess as we near the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, you can take it that I'm pretty upset.

Too bad this isn't Russia back in World War I, where we can just threaten to revolt if the government (meaning Rockstar) doesn't listen to the people (meaning PlayStation 3 owners). How do you feel about this? Go ahead, tell it all.

In other news, I may be picking up San Andreas for PC. I hear that the multiplayer modification for the game is pretty fun. And why wouldn't it be. I mean killing random people online. That's enough to buy me.


Anonymous said...

The DLC isn't going to have anything like the same amount of content as Vice City or San Andreas. If you believe that you're a victim of Microsoft and their minions' FUD. If you've been following the Blu-ray vs HD DVD battle you'd be pretty used to this by now.

skodasuck said...

Personally I would be shocked if the content firstly never comes to PS3, (even if it's not until a later date) and secondly if it doesn't ever come to PS3 I doubt that it will be that major of an update.

Personally I only own a PS3 and would be more than just a little bit annoyed if it was a large update and completely 360 exclusive.

Hopefully Sony will push for the episodic content too, and if that's not possible try to get Rockstar to release something even better for the PS3 like MMO!

Anonymous said...

I'm ambivalent about the whole thing. Of course I've never really been that keen on the series in the first place.

Add to that now gnat level attention span when it comes to games, so I wouldn't be surprised if I do buy it that I'll have had enough long before I think about DLC.

Anyway, given other comments I expect the PS3 edition will see extra stuff down the line. Maybe not the same stuff, and not at the same time...but still extra stuff.

Anonymous said...

It does suck. Whatever happened to the days where GTA was only on PS systems.

Boberman said...

While It would be nice to have, I have never finished a GTA game. So I predict theer will be enough in GTA 4 to keep me busy long enough to get bored of the game.

GranTuriscash said...

maybe im weird but i actually play the storys, they are quite interesteing, especially gta3's

so if this fucks with my story advancement to get the full deal, im pissed

Anonymous said...

I think it's a bunch of bull****. Ive been playing GTA on my PS since 1, not 3, and now I gotta buy a defective 360 just to get sum DLC? Hopefully Rockstar wont forget about us and give us sum DLC or make theirs timed.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget - New Rockstar Games Franchise Exclusive to the PS3:


incredibilistic said...

I'm equally pissed off about this. I can only hope that the DLC has NOTHING to do with the storyline as this will severely lessen the effectiveness of the PS3 version. If it's just a bunch of extra missions that equate to nothing more than a side adventure that's completely separate from the main story then I guess it's okay. It still sucks but at least it won't make the PS3 version seem anymore gimped than it already is.

As for the exclusive franchise, NOTHING Rockstar will do can ever be as big as GTA. Let's make that clear. Think about the Final Fantasy franchise. Games from the series have shown up on other systems but the true sequels are still exclusive to Sony's machine. No matter what this new franchise is it's not GTA.

My hope is that the DLC that MS paid $50 mil for has an expiration date which means we'll get it 6 or more months later.

But with so many other great games coming in the following months to the PS3 I don't think we'll be shedding too many tears when the DLC does come out. Lest you forget that we'll have MGS4 in a few months. A game that could NEVER appear on the 360 unless they decided to stretch the adventure across 4+ DVDs.

Kaddas said...

I know how it dose feel that PS3 won't get the DLC, and I know how the exclusive issue irritates some of PS3 owners. You know what?!!!

Yes I love GTA, yet it tremendously fine with me, 'cause there are other games which are coming to PS3 exclusively, and you would't have time to care if you play this exclusive DLC.

Will you have time to play the extra content of GTA IV when you get MGS4 on your hands?

Will you care about it, when you start downloading extra content for LittleBigPlanet?

for me as casual gamers who enjoys playing games to the last drop of his blood, I would care less about those extra exclusive DLC for Xbox360, hwoever I'm happy for xbox360 owners and envay them for that.

NyghtcrawleR said...

I also could care less about this dlc. Sure it might hurt some people but if the game is as long as they already say it is, who cares? PLus with other exclusives and big games coming out for the ps3, again....who cares?

The other gta's didnt need dlc, why does this one? Theres a crap load of games coming out this year, be lucky if you have enough time to fit in to play them all...

And theres no way the dlc will be the size of past games. Firstly, its the 360, MS has LIMITATIONS on the LIVE network and people wont be downloading huge files. Plus of its coming out this year, how in the world wouldve Rockstar had the time to make huge dlc packs already? They wouldnt....

Anonymous said...

Not a concern at all since I wouldn't have bought the game regardless. Honestly I'm not too into the whole wanna bee video game thug thin

imgoingtomakeyoubald said...

I'm not too troubled. There are positive noises about PS3 getting it's own content, and the 'normal' GTA4 experience is supposed to be extraordinarily long and detailed anyway.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry PS3 owners. You are going to be very happy when GTA4 comes out. Sony literally has guys in lab coats over at Rockstar showing them exactly how to optimize for PS3 with this magic new toolser Sony is giving to devs that are suddenly making the PS3 the best platform to develop for. When GTA4 comes out, the PS3 version is going to have FAR superior visual.

As for DLC the PS3 is getting it's own exclusive DLC. 360 is getting episodes (that will never get back $50 million, every person who buys the game would have to DL it for that) But the PS3 is getting an entire second Island. Don't worry PS3 gamers. Rockstar loves you.

Anonymous said...

"the PS3 is getting an entire second Island" HA HA HA HA. You are funny, both versions come with three islands. One to start with and the other two unlock as the story progresses. Face the facts that GTA4 will be big enough to enjoy without the DLC, but any real fan of the game would love to get the extra content which is and will remain exclusive to the 360. Go and read the rockstar forums with responses from the devs. Do a little research (from reliable sources) and then come and say something that is actually usefull!

Anonymous said...

The Extra missions aren't going to affect sales for either system by much because you have to consider these two factors:

1. It is going to cost more than a map pack if its going to be the "size of San Andreas and Vice City." I'm going to throw this ball park figure for the cost's just to say I ****ing called it.

>>$40.00 per pack<<

Personally I'd rather put that to another game rather than downloading what sounds more like an extra story in the same city. (Remember they didn't quite say its going to expand the map.)

2. The first episode comes out in August. What comes out around that time? Metal Gear Solid 4 two months before on the PS3 side. As for the 360 they have Gears of War 2 coming out around that time. I will also ****ing call that everyone will be more focused on other games rather than the downloadable content. And considering its price may be another factor unless Microsoft wants to throw away more money offering it for 15 dollars an episode to try and get more people to buy it.


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't be too worried. while most ppl own the 360 premiums, there are still a huge chunk of them that own the core orr arcade sku's meaning they don't have a hard drive and prolly cant even get the DLC besides buying a hard drive just to be able to buy the DLC. and even if they do have the premium, its only got a 20 gb hdd. how much content are they gonna have to get rid of in order to have this? i really think that the GTA4 DLC won't be near as big of a deal as microsoft is making it up to be. they just paid $50m for the bragging rights of "exclusive content"

Anonymous said...

up above
you are exactly right, the only 360 with a bigger harddrive is the elite, and there is far more of the lesser consoles than there are elites, its nearly the same problem as burnout, an awful lot of people were complaining that you could'nt go online unless you had a harddrive which was rediculous. Basically this cannot be as big as people think, other wise they're going to shoot themselves in the foot, so yes i think its more for bragging rights than anything else

On to the point, do i care? Ill be honest, yes i do, i play warhawk a lot, i have tonnes of other games but i do not play them as much as warhawk and every time i hear something new in the form of dlc i get really excited because it pumps more life into the game, now i'm imagining that gta will be just as good if not better so i will be playing that for a looong time, and i would dearly love that every once in a while it gets refreshed or there would be something new, but that aint going to happen, and your crazy if you think these episodes are timed exclusives for the 360, they will never end up on ps3, 50 million is a lot of money, you'd swear it was pennies with you lot. We will probably get small things like an extra car here or there but nothing big :(

Anonymous said...

it sucks
playstation is what 3d gta's started on and now they are swayig to xbox dont forget your roots

Anonymous said...

It's stupid...
I mean, it's not that the PS3 isn't more powerful than the 360, it's not that it can't handle it or doesn't have enough storage space... instead, this is solely down to Microsoft spending $50 million on getting one up on Sony.
Seems a childish normal Microsoft move... throw cash at anything that seems to be succeeding...
I wonder if they had the exclusive content avaliable as a PS3 bluray disc if it would 'technically' not by DLC and would therefore still let the 360 have DLC exclusive.......
whatever... Don't blame Rockstar... $50 million is rather a lot of money... probably paid off most of production costs... oh well...

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried about it. This may be the last great GTA before it starts to fall off gamers radar. I'm more interested in the LA Noir PS3 exclusive, and the unannounced PS3 exclusive. 360 owners can have DLC of games we've played for a decade. Rockstar prefers Sony products and will give them the best games.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome how good Microsoft's PR works. I mean come on People... do you seriously believe the DLC will be as big as San Andreas or Vice City?
Just think about it for a sec... How long did it take for Rockstar to develop both titles? How long do you think would it take to do it now? The Game will be released in late April, and the first DLC is supposed to be released in August, thats 4 months... San Andreas and Vice City were full games, not add-ons... Developing a full game within 4 months? And I seriously hope they didn't start working on the DLC before finishing the game on both platforms... that would be to stupid

Anonymous said...

the only playstation exclusive GTA's were liberty city and vice city stories, the others just happened to come to ps2 first, which was the lead format at the time. Now the xbox 360 is the bigger of the two (for now anyway) bet you wouldnt be whining if it was the other way around! And as for moaning about microsoft paying them off, you cant say sony hasnt done the same thing before, its war. let's see how it plays out.......

Anonymous said...

I would have bought it on my PS3 if it were not for the extra content that the 360 is getting, so im going to buy it for my 360 instead. I played all the previous GTA games on the previous Gen playstation consoles, but that doesnt mean much to me as long as i get to play it now, screw the past get over it and if you want to play the DLC stop your winging and buy a 360

Anonymous said...

I think that the episodic content is pointless. First how many of you have actually played all parts of any of the GTA’s? That’s to say you did every last mission, sub mission, story, sub story and then all of the RC bombing’s (car and helicopter), car collecting, motorcycle collecting, packaged finding, and so on and so on? I would bet money none of you.

Neither have I, so what makes two new pieces of episodic content, that are the size of Vice City and San Andreas, all that appealing. I am going to have a trouble getting through the main story with my job, wife and kid. I will play this GTA like all the rest. I will do the main story, a couple of side missions, a couple of vehicle collecting, find 2 packages and then I will just go a round causing mayhem and destruction just to see how long I can get away from the cops.

The episodic content I will never buy anyways. More cars and guns maybe, more side missions………. I wouldn’t even do all the side missions that are already in the game!

Andre Moore said...

Sony has already made it clear that they aren't pushing GTA so don't hold your breathe for any cool DLC for the PS3. Sony has said they are pushing their own games and that they want MGS4 to be their big game this year. Every press release from sony they are talking about Little Big planet and Home and MGS4. They dont talk about GTA at all. M$paid for that DLC so why would it go to Sony? Its not thats why. Plus whos to say the DLC is any good? And how much? I'm not going to pay another 30 bucks for DLC after I just paid 60 for the game.

Gregor said...

At first: GTA IV will be a huge, wonderful game experience and everything looks like it's finally the first game that is truly next-gen in overall appearance.
Of course I'm not very happy about DLC only for 360, too, but HEY, there's a lot of stuff we can enjoy in GTA IV for month (or years!) and a lot MORE stuff ONLY PS3 owners can enjoy in the next months (AND years)!
So be happy if you're a PS3 owner - in two years, when 360's gonna die, your console will bloom like never before. Personally I can ignore the absence of GTA IV DLC and looking into my gaming future with a wide laughing, because there are more thing in a gamers life than GTA!

Anonymous said...

Since I haven't actually finished any of the other GTA games I have to say I really don't care about this. I play GTA games to do what I want. IF this is just missions then I don't care. All I really want in GTA games is to have an open world where I can run around or drive around and do what I want. Rockstar could just build a world and fill it with vehicles and people and leave it at that. I'd be fine. The best part about GTA is doing what you want. I mostly like to drive around and start big police chases.

Daveyj987 said...

Why are so many people fighting this? Why would Mirosoft pay 50 MILLION dollars just for semi-exclusive contract. If Rockstar signed an agreement for exclusive DLC for the 360, then chances are that it ISN'T COMING TO PS3. Maybe MORE content will come in 09 for both systems, but those two huge pieces of DLC will be exclusive.
Also, the PS2 got bully first. It came way later to 360/wii. Why would it need to come to PS3? Playstation already had their chance.

By the way, I also own a PS3. I love the PS3, but whats true is true. Stop fighting it.

Anonymous said...

lol, you guys are all idiots

tito said...

San Andreas became more of a chore towards the end but I had to get 100% completion ;) According to the in-game stats page it took me 60 hours to complete. I read somewhere that GTA IV could potentially take 100 hours to complete, I'm assuming 100%.
Hopefully GTA IV won't become a chore towards the end. But if it does, DLC extending the experience would seem to be less desirable. I guess the option to download it for PS3 would be nice anyway.

Invader Phlegm said...

It does not really bother me that much. Of course I own all three systems and several PCs. I really miss the days when gamers were gamers and not fanbois. I mean, this entire topic has fanboi flamebait written all over it. Despite the fact that the average age of gamers is now in the mid-30s, a demographic that in theory should be making tons more money than their tween counterparts from yesteryear, multi-console ownership seems to be on the decline. What a shame as every console this gen (and in previous generations) all have awesome AAA gaming experiences to offer the consumer who is serious about videogaming. Instead most gamers today waste their time, their money and their energy rushing to the defense of faceless, corporate entities who do not even know they exist. In the meantime, they cause themselves to miss out on some of the best gaming there is to be had simply because they take all this gaming too damned serious - as if the world comes to an end if your console of choice is not the #1 selling platform.

So we have an entire blog entry dedicated to people swearing their allegiance to miss out on a AAA gaming experience because the content in question is exclusive to a competing console. How sad. Meanwhile half of the room is even in denial about the content in question. Even sadder.

Look, peeps. Take it from me, life is far too short and can be cut off far too easily at any moment to waste what little of it you have over something so asinine as "my console is better than yours." I think sometimes as gamers we do not even bother to even listen to ourselves. If we walked upon a couple of people discussing the same topic about cars, we'd swear they were both inbred idiots. But many of us do the same daily about video game consoles. How is any of it any different?

Just do what I do, get every console, that way you can get every game you really want, and if they want to add extra stuff to it, then you are covered there too. I know what you are probably saying, consoles today cost too much to own them all. To that I say bullshit.

Check it!

This generation you have choices that you simply are using any excuse not to exercise. On the one hand you could pay full price for every new console as it comes out to market. It's expensive that way, but at least you can break that up because none of the consoles come out at the same time. Choice two, you could do what over 80% of all video gamers do, which is wait until the prices come down low enough to actually afford to get your game on; usually that number is around the $199.99 mark. And finally choice three, this gen unlike any before, we have the opportunity to get these consoles for FREE. No BS, just the truth. You've seen all the ads for getting free electronics? Well I am here to tell you from personal experience, they really work! The only console this gen that I have actually paid money for, was the Nintendo Wii. At $250, it's actually a waste of my time to try and get one for free. However, I have a 60GB PS3 and an Xbox 360 Elite and I got them both for FREE. In case you are counting, that's over $1050 worth of video game consoles (how much they cost at the time when I got them) at no charge to me. And it actually works. As long as you find a reputable company to work with, you will get exactly what I got, FREE game consoles.

Look, I'm getting a bit off topic, but my whole point is there are options. More than ever, this generation a gamer can be a gamer again, and stop being lose associations of fanbois trying to hate on the other console. And that is what all this boils down to. But companies like Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo are never going to cut you a check for doing their jobs for them.

So by now you've probably guessed that I'm picking up the Xbox 360 version of GTA4; and no I am not ashamed to say it here. I own all three consoles for a reason. And that reason is so I can buy the best versions of the best games that are available on the market - period. The Xbox 360 version of GTA4 is going to be the better version - $50,000,000 worth of exclusive content has seen to that. If I have a choice, why would I purchase the inferior version? But you know what? Once I finish conquering Liberty City and beating GTA4, that will be around the same time that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be releasing on PS3 - and guess who's getting that too?! Which is my whole point. Yeah, I could be one of those who all I do is bitch and whine and complain about how much I hate company X, Y or Z. And in turn, I'd be one of those peeps missing out on a lot of gaming goodness because I can't seem to get over myself. But that is not what it is to be a videogamer. I'm in it for the games. You should have seen me last Xmas. BioShock, Mass Effect, Ratchet & Clank Future, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Super Mario Galaxy, Zack & Wiki, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Warhawk, The Orange Box, Metroid Prime 3, Halo 3, Unreal Tournament 3, Assassin's Creed . . . yes, Q3 and Q4 of 2007 was goooooood to me. Now how many of the people here moaning over how much you hate the other game companies can say the same? I got to play and beat all the best exclusives and best versions of all the multi-platform titles, and never broke a sweat crying about how much the other companies suck.

People, listen to me. As say this as one gamer who has seen the light. It is a whole new millennium and video gaming is better than it has ever been before. But if you are only fanboing over one system, then you are missing out big time. You may tell yourself that you are not, but I know better and I really think that deep down in our hearts, every last person reading this know what I am saying is true.

So, does it even matter that the Xbox 360 is getting the exclusive content? If you are a real gamer, it should not. Just like it should not matter that Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to PS3.

As good a year for gaming as 2007 was, 2008 is set to be even better: Lost Odyssey, No More Heroes, Bully, Smash Brothers, GTA4 (plus the downloadable chapters), Metal Gear Solid 4, Mario Kart, Hot Shots Golf 5, Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath, Spore, Fable 2, Haze, GT5, Two Human, APB, Splinter Cell Convicition, Universe at War, Infinite Undiscovery, Prizefighter, Tales of Vesperia, Final Fantasy 13, Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Champions Online, Ninja Gaiden 2, Left 4 Dead and Killzone 2 and you mean to tell me that many of you are going to allow yourselves to miss 3/4 of that videogaming love simply because you are too busy hating on the competition? Give me a break! People, it can't possibly be that serious! Is everyone on crack or something?!

This is not what video gaming is all about.

Anonymous said...

All of you are hilarious. Desperately vying for the DLC to be available on your PoS3. Hahahaha! For those of you who think it will eventually come to your PoS3, realize that 50 million is not just play money. Exclusive rights to the DLC is Microsoft's alone. You will never get to play this content unless you get the 360. Which is the whole point behind it. Microsoft want you to buy the 360. It's real funny listening to you guys try to comfort yourselves over this pitiful loss. But look at the bright side, at least we know which company cares more about the gamers. Meaning the one who forked over the cash to make their playing experience better. Also, if you feel wronged by Sony, all you have to do is raise 50,000,001 and the exclusive content can be yours. Pathetic babies.

Kaddas said...

Please Stop Calling it Fighting!!!
Please Stop Calling us idiots

we are here having civilized discussion, and we are trying to look at this issue in several perspective.

Thanks guys for your input in that.

Anonymous said...

I stand with Invader Phlegm as a gamer who owns all three consoles and both handhelds solely to be able to play the best games available. GTA4 has been designed for both consoles but $50,000,000.00 assured the 360 would be the sole beneficiary of major downloadable content. The PS3 might enjoy some down the road, but it will not be the same stuff. There is no fact stating that the content is San Andreas size, but $50 million dollars is damn near the budget of GTA4 and you had better believe that buys a little more than five or ten extra missions.

I am not on here to hate on the PS3, I think 2008 will be a banner year for the console and I will start using it for games rather than Blu-rays. As far as GTA4 goes? Definitely 360 all the way.

Anonymous said...

I have a ps3 and have already pre odered GTAIV, but im mot that bummed out about the dlc only that the ps3 get some kind of dlc sometime after the dlc is released on the 360

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whingers you are!!! MS paid $50,000,000!!! If you want to play all of GTA4, buy a 360.

In fact sell your PS3 and you'll have money left over to spend on some of the greater selection of superior games that the 360 possesses.

Anonymous said...

I think this sucks, I love my ps3 but I also have 360 and for the extra content i am getting it for the 360

Kaddas said...

By The Way Guys!!!
Have you ever played GTA on PSP and Which One is you favorite?
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

I loved GTA: LC.

Anonymous said...

Vice is much better than Liberty.

Anonymous said...

firstly rockstar already confirmed that there will be no island add ons so as big as both vice city and san andreas what a load of bull.
ill still get the ps3 version regardless eventually rockstar will bring some content to the ps3, theyve already said they havent forgotten about the ps3 and that it shouldnt worry so heck im sticking with it.. wouldnt buy a new console just for extra content anyways

Jake said...

I own a PS3 for a good reason. I didn't want to pay five bucks a month for something I could get totally free elsewhere. I got just what I wanted, and free demos and doo-hickeys and what-nots. Its not that I do care, but I really don't mind. The content is only going to be an hour of gameplay, and you're paying $9.99 per episode. Plus, Microsoft won't get as much profit as they spent anyway. Either way, you're paying $20 for two episodes that will last you as long as the blatant storyline of GTA:SA. Woo. Three hours of gameplay. Why don't you just go out and buy San Andreas?

Anonymous said...

The xbox DLC isnt going to be anything like vice city or san andreas, they games took 2 years each to make and rockstar arent going to waste all there time and lose money making these. All the 360 will get is some new missions and a few new vehicles or weapons maybe. It would be more like a liberty city stories add on than san andreas.

Anonymous said...

im pretty upset, i will not be picking up this game for any system.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it the DLC is not really a problem. If you own a PS3 and not a 360 your going to buy the PS3 version and vice versa. The people who own both consoles will buy the version for the console they prefer and play the most. For the people waiting on buying a console for this game lets be honest most people have a fair idea on which console they want. If they decide to buy a 360 just for extra content on GTA then they seriously need help. Adding the cost of xbox live as well the total just keeps adding up. GTA DLC will not see Xbox 360's flying off the shelf people will pick there console based on already released exclusive games and upcoming exclusive games.

Anonymous said...

Exclusives in general are a huge pet peeve of mine when it comes to video games. Why should I have to buy two consoles in order to experience the great content that's out there? I don't have to buy 2 different DVD players to watch the movies I want. I know the different systems have different capabilities, but forcing players to purchase two high priced systems in order to enjoy all of the video games out there is a huge disservice to the fans. In a way I feel like they're saying sorry, but you shouldn't have been stupid enough to buy that system. Now I own an XBox 360, and I don't own a PS3. There's a part of me that says it's nice that we're both getting screwed by exclusive content, but the bigger part of me says wouldn't it be nice if there just wasn't any exclusive content.? Wouldn't it be nice if PS3 owners could enjoy the GTA 4 DLC, and I could enjoy FF XIII. I think the major publishers need to get together and form a standardization committee for consoles, kind of like what the w3c did for the web. Come up with a standard for a console that they will all support for 5 years, and put an end to exclusives. The publishers could open up the standard console so anyone can manufacture it. Obviously the console would be a bit more expensive, but wouldn't it be worth it to not have to guess which console to buy the next go around?

Anonymous said...

you guys knew about the fact 360 was getting exclusive content from the start why bitch about it now? Just deal with it if you want it that bad buy a 360 instead of being so small minded. no point in making an issue out of something that probably wont even be worth making an issue out of.

Anonymous said...

yeh, i usually don't post stuff but i 'd also like to add my voice to the chorus who feel crossed by Rockstar.

Lets say what it is here, [b]Rockstar has sold us out.[/b]

Anonymous said...

The DLC just makes the game more expensive, so I guess I will be buying the less expensive version. And for a more reliable console.

Kaddas said...

OK guys, I own the 3 system, but since my 360 got broken, I didn't play any of its games , the last time I played a game, it was GOW when it first came out, since that time I haven't touched it.

so whatever every one says, I will still get GTA4 on PS3.

Invader Phlegm said...

Anonymous said...

yeh, i usually don't post stuff but i 'd also like to add my voice to the chorus who feel crossed by Rockstar.

Lets say what it is here, [b]Rockstar has sold us out.[/b]

March 12, 2008 11:30 PM

That is a grossly unfair statement. Your ire should not be directed at Rockstar or even at Microsoft. When Rockstar began work on GTA 4, they went to Sony and offered complete exclusivity of the game to Sony on a golden platter. That's right, or maybe you have not been keeping up with GTA news. Rockstar Games offered Sony GTA4 exclusivity. Not DLC exclusivity, but the whole damned game, exclusively.

Sony (and both Rockstar and Sony have publicly admitted to this fact) did not have the time of day for Rockstar's exclusivity offer and refused to return all their numerous phone calls or even make counter offers to the price for said exclusivity. At that moment, the 360 version of GTA4 was born. And unlike Sony, Microsoft was more than willing to deal with Rockstar to get anything from GTA4 exclusively on the Xbox 360.

The very fact that Rockstar refused outright to bring GTA4 exclusively to Xbox 360 and continue to make a PS3 version at all, is out of kindness to Playstation owning GTA fans. The very fact that you are even getting GTA4 at all on PS3 is because of Rockstar's generosity. So telling the world that Rockstar sold out their fans is a load of BS and you need to check yourself on that. GTA4 almost became a Xbox 360 exclusive and that is Sony's fault and no one else. Matter of fact, has anyone noticed how much Sony has downplayed the importance of GTA4 on PS3 ever since it was announced? Heck, they had their show at E3 last year where they promoted all their top titles for 2007/2008, and they did not say a single word about GTA4. And at least one Sony exec, when it was publicly reported that Sony refused to return calls to Rockstar over the exclusivity offer that was made, at least one Sony Computer Entertainment VP went on record as stating the reason they refused to return Rockstar's phone calls, was that GTA was no longer important to Sony.

So if you are going to sit here and bitch because you feel that you got ripped off on this deal, at least get your facts straight and direct your anger at the people responsible for completely dropping the ball in the first place. And all those people responsible (Phil Harrison, Ken Kuturagi, Jack Trenton, etc.) worked at Sony.

Kaddas said...

@Invader Phlegm:
I understand your point of view, and if Sony dropped the ball in the first place, then the blam should be poured at Sony not RockStar.


Would you mind providing us with resources that Sony did not return the calls regarding the exclusive contents and it was Sony's Fuilt.

Thanks you

Anonymous said...

First of all, GamesMaster magazine did say that both platforms will receive downloadable content. Also, they have said that they want this game to "last for years" in an official PS mag. Saying that in a PS mag when they are only going to make it "last for years" on only one console seems a little off to me, don't you think?

Now, to this post; WHAT IS GOING ON!! I'm darkpower, the one that was posting those blogs on N4G, and I will have you know that it was me that caught Torrence Davis (the one that said that Microsoft said all of this) in the lie of his life. So much so that I call his site the "Bluffbag", yet not many people are now even listening, so here's the thing about this:

I had posted a blog stating that there were other people saying different things about the DLC, and how everything else that Microsoft supposedly said at the GDC 08 blogger breakfast was laughable (they had also said the RROD rate went down). The truth is that he said one thing as to what the people at that thing said about the DLC, then told us they said a totally different thing.

Fact is, they had blown this issue way out of proportion before with the multiplayer. Rockstar has said nothing about anything else being exclusive beyond the first two things (and we don't know still if there are more on the way this year than just those two). No one outside of the know it alls actually know what Rockstar has said. I'm even expecting some sort of an "April surprise" bombshell (something that is announced just days before the GTA4 release. I'm calling it here first and now).

So don't go spreading this lie before you hear all of what this was about. This has been spread for weeks now.

Invader Phlegm said...

Kaddas said...

@Invader Phlegm:
I understand your point of view, and if Sony dropped the ball in the first place, then the blam should be poured at Sony not RockStar.


Would you mind providing us with resources that Sony did not return the calls regarding the exclusive contents and it was Sony's Fuilt.

Thanks you

March 13, 2008 3:58 AM

First of all, and for the record, I do not have to prove a damned thing to anyone. My word is and has always been impeachable. And because that is so, everywhere I go, I command that respect. I give it and I expect it back in kind. No exceptions.

However, since I am a sporting chap, I'll play your little game and "prove myself" for the world to see.

The original story was broke two years ago by Newsweek. Unfortunately, that article is no longer on their site (but then neither are most stories from two years ago). However, plenty of video gaming media periodicals covered the Newsweek story and pretty much repeated the bullet points of what was said in the original piece. Below, is a link to one such article provided by Gamespot, where they explain in plain enough English, how Rockstar Games tried to approach Sony with GTA4 exclusively, but Sony had their heads stuck up their asses at the time, would not get back to Rockstar with an answer. Microsoft seizing the opportunity, swooped in and picked up GTA4 plus an additional $50 million worth of exclusive content. The same thing happened with Assassin's Creed. And according to the original Newsweek article, about a dozen other PS3 exclusives were all picked up by Microsoft the exact same way: Mercenaries 2, Devil May Cry 4, everything Namco has done this generation including Air Combat, Eternal Sonata, the Tales series and the list goes on. It was Sony who clearly dropped the ball and opened the floodgates for Xbox 360's success this generation.


IGN has similar articles covering the same story. With every major video gaming site, magazine and blog all having similar articles. It took all of 30 seconds to Google this information, and the above link was the top result on the page.

In the weeks after this story broke, follow up interviews would go up at various gaming sites confirming the Newsweek story in full. It is at this point where definite confirmation from both Rockstar and Sony of said events would surface. And later still, Jack Tretton, Executive Vice-President of Sony Computer Entertainment, would give an interview where he pretty much completely downplays the importance of losing the GTA exclusivity. A sentiment that many other Sony VPs would echo and elaborate upon in the following months, including one who stated the series was no longer important to Sony. Worse still, Sony would go on to actually attempting to prove their point, that GTA was no longer important to them. During both E3 2006 and E3 2007, at the Sony press conferences, Sony would boycott any mention of GTA4; they would not mention a single word about GTA4 while they were busy profiling all of the games they considered important, that were coming to the PS3 in 2006, 2007 and 2008. They virtually acted as if GTA4 was not coming out to the PS3 at all, during the biggest trade show in videogaming, for two consequtive years. If not securing an exclusive that was handed to them on a platter, was the biggest fumble of this generation, then spending the last two years pretending that GTA4 was not important to PS3 . . . well hell, I just ain't got words for that.


Next time, instead of trying to call someone out because you're too lazy to do your own research, or even secretly disagree with what he has to say, Google it yourself. It's not like it's the hardest thing in the world.

Kaddas said...

Thanks Invader Phlegm, Well said,

Since I am a Step Aerobic instructor, I'll "ask you and the rest of us as well" one more question just out of my curiosity.

Since Sony clearly dropped the ball and opened the floodgates for Xbox 360 as it was Claimed,
Then why those games are still kept exclusive for Sony PS3?
Why don't they just be developed for Xbox360 as well?

-Ninja Gaiden Sigma
-Final Fantasy XIII
-Final Fantasy Versus XIII
-Grand Turismo 5
-Grand Turismo HD
-Heavenly Sword
-Killzone 3
-Metal Gear Solid 4
-Ratchet & Clank Future:
-Little Big Planet
-Motor Storm 2
-Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
-Resistance 2
-Time Crisis 4

and others.


Anonymous said...

i honestly dont care about this so called "episodic content" wow, someone gets to see a movie, big whoop. that is seriously the stupidest thing i have ever heard. on the other hand, if someone told me that the new maps that are coming out for call of duty 4 were only coming out on the 360, i would be mortified. ^_^

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