Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PSM3 Editor Speaks on Upcoming In-Game Communications

Ray Maguire, Sony Computer Entratainment Manging Director, stated a few days ago that we will be receiving in-game communications in the summer.

From a post from a few days ago, Maguire stated: "Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer, firmware update 2.4 and the strongest line-up of games through our third party partners and our own studios."

TechRadar spoke with Daniel Dawkins, an editor for UK based PSM3 Magazine. He told them “This brings the PS3 up to parity with Xbox Live, the key difference being that it’s free". Dawkins added: “Sony is working its best to respond to what gamers want. The amount of evolution in terms of the firmware updates over the last year has been phenomenal.”

Lets hope we can trust this editor and that it really does put is almost up to par with Live.

[PS3's in-game comms extended]


incredibilistic said...

While in-game XMB is important what's even more important and vital to Sony really competing with XBL is getting the Trophies or entitlements (or whatever they plan on calling them) active so gamers with both consoles don't get the X360 version because of the ability to earn achievements.

More importantly Sony needs to make sure the entitlements actually mean something. As far as I know X360 achievements don't mean squat and don't go towards anything.

One can only hope that this will be ironed out in the 2.4 firmware update and that several developers will already have entitlements/trophies in place for gamers to start taking advantage of.

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