Saturday, March 1, 2008

Section 8: New Developer Interview

A new interview with Gamecock & TimeGate tells new information their upcoming first person shooter, Section 8. Apparently, the game takes place on mars, with a heavy space-travel aspect along with that. Enjoy the interview.


incredibilistic said...

The last 20 seconds (or so) of the video pretty much summed up the entire 2:42 minutes of this video: we're all cynical gamers so when someone promises the world it's hard to believe it until you're holding the controller in your hands.

It would've been better to let the game speak for itself. Instead, we're all going to be looking for the X-factor that they're talking about. We'll be looking for these never-before-seen features that are supposed to do things no other FPS game has done before.

Anonymous said...

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