Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Watch: Getaway 3 Preview with Impressions

Play3-Live, a french PlayStation 3 gaming site claims to have gotten an exclusive visit down to England to visit SCEE Studios London for a preview of the upcoming Getaway 3. Here is their breakdown.

  • Immediately, the quality of the graphics in teh game is superb and 'dazzling'. The enviromets are superb, but it`s mostly the effects of lights that leave us open-mouthed!
  • The Cars (still under license) are superbly modeled, a bit lesser than those of Gran Turismo, but just about the level comparable to a Colin McRae DiRT Racing car model.
  • A slight blur effect has been added to give an impression of greater speed which clearly fits well during driving!
  • Car damage has been improved and we would often compare the game to Codemasters Rally simulation.
  • The Getaway 3 will have no online modes, because according to the development team, it has no place in a game of this sort.
  • About 40 hours of gameplay in total, not counting side missions and special vehicles to locate in the various large cities or towns, as the scenario of The Getaway is taking place in London but also in Amsterdam.
  • Other information include, the team expects to link up the 3 games story wise (The Getaway, The Getaway Black Monday and Gangs of London) since the adventure takes place a few years before the first Game.
  • Over 3 years in development have been necessary for such graphics rendering.The game has been in development since late 2004 & beginning of 2005.
  • The music will be more varied than before. The game will also be more mature than it`s predecessors, and 18 + will be recommended.
  • There will be (for each playable character) your own small home where you can store weapons, cars, and bank notes in a small trunk. No planes or helicopters are playable, but boats yes!
  • The game is taking place (around the end of the story) in the winter, meaning snow!
  • Also, if you are caught, it will be Game Over, and it will resume from the last checkpoint.
  • Finally, your atrocities will be identified (taken into notice) and if you are too violent, you will see your face on posters or TV (meaning you are wanted). In other words, must refine your crimes and avoid leaving traces.
They say they will soon have some new images and videos. Like we said, take it with a grain of salt. April Fools Watch, also known as Crapload of Lies Day watch.

[Getaway 3 Preview]


incredibilistic said...

Hopefully we'll see a LOT more at E3.

JimFear said...

april fool!! they said this today on the website . Dont get too excited

Anonymous said...

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