Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mysterious Countdown on Official JP PlayStation Site (Siren 3?)

A mysterious countdown has appeared on a web page on the Official Japanese PlayStation Site. The countdown seems to show a puddle of blood, with drippings constantly. There are voices in the audio, we just cannot understand what they are saying.

What could this mystery be?

[Mysterious Countdown] [UltimatePS3]

Update 4/15/08 6:15PM: onAXIS Reader BigJImBO has sent in a video from YouTube from Forbidden Siren (just Siren in the US) for the PS2. The video shows in the very beginning a countdown very similar to that on the site. Could this be that Project Siren rumored a bit back?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like english... I heard "Shh Quiet" And some chick sceamin. why would they have it on a Japanese site if its english?

Jose said...

Yeah, i think that it is english. The say think like "what does it look like, what is that" "what are they doing" "Fucking, Shit"

XD I think it is english.

Shibbs said...

yeah that's english alright, weeeeeiiiirrrd.

damn you viral marketing and your elusive hold on me.

Shibbs said...

also it's counting down to thursday isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think all the Silent Hill's have English VA in the Japanese versions. Pretty normal.

Anonymous said...

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