Monday, October 8, 2007

onAXIS: Thoughts on the Network

Update 10/8/07: We've given a major overhaul to this article, read, comment, and support it.

The PlayStation Store has been quite pleasing lately, we've been receiving the same demos as our other console friend, receiving 3-5 demos a week. Things are going good. But here are the last thoughts that need to be looked upon for the PlayStation Network, Sony, and the PlayStation 3.


PlayStation Store

  • Daily Updates: Do not just update on Thursday. Give us constant updates like Live. [article]
  • Demos: Keep bringing in at least 2 demos a week. [article]
  • Demo Relations: We usually get demos after Live does, take SKATE for example. Get more relations in with third parties so we get demos at the same time. [article]
  • PSone Classics: We have a feature to be able and play PSone games on our PLAYSTATION 3's. Why has Sony not token advantage of that? We haven't gotten a PSone update on the store in very long. What about all those old games we used to know and love? Why not bring out FF VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics? Why not bring out Chrono Trigger (FF Chronicles)? Why not bring out Metal Gear Solid? Why not even bring out Sonic the Hedgehog as a retro title like the Wii & 360 does? That would be good for buisness.
  • Content: More behind the scenes, and community content, game trailers, gameplay and such, with new videos per day. Get a lot of third party support.
  • Video on Demand: We should get some type of video on demand, like Live has. Streaming clips as a preview on their page would be nice as well.
  • Redesign: The store needs a major overhaul. That overhaul should be integrated with the PLAYSTATION 3 main interface, a new one. The new design should not be a web page as well. It should let you view games and such under genre, title, or newest categorization, and should feature VoD, downloadable themes, and such.
  • PSN Cards: It's really not that hard to get out a bunch of cards with numbers on them for redemption. The store already has a redemption option, give us the cards already.
PlayStation Network
  • Features: What ever happened to these?:

    These were all features shown at some big event. They never were on the final PLAYSTATION 3. These features include in-game messaging, cross-game invites, chat-rooms, and voice chat. This could all be possible with in-game XMB.
  • Profile: We should have more features to edit in our profile section and a displayable tag that we can show on forums and what not, available at
  • Integrated Features: Integrated the features of the PlayStation Network with the PLAYSTATION 3 games.
SONY (The Video Game Company)
  • Advertising: If you watch TV, you won't see an advertisement for Heavenly Sword, Warhawk or Lair. Sony never advertises, I never see any more PS3 Game commercials. I seen them around the PS3 launch, but not anymore. While I've seen many Halo 3 commercials and such.
  • Third-Parties: Sony is not good with third-parties nowadays =[. It's funny how people say "360 pays off for exclusives". Okay, Sony, why not you? As long as we are getting a good game, right? Get some more third-party exclusives. Sony may have a list of over 150 exclusives (which I made). But I can guarantee you only two or three are going to get over a nine out of ten.


New Interface
  • Revamp: Make a new interface for the PLAYSTATION 3. It is one of the ultimate consoles, it should not get the same low-rate interface that the PSP has. Sure it's used on every Sony TV and other electronic, but thats why we need something new. Give us something as innovative as the 360 Interface. Something nice and smooth, something that lets us access our profile anywhere on the system, something that integrates our store right within the interface. With a new and revamped interface, something that is not bland and limited like the XMB, we can add so many features, maybe even integrate PLAYSTATION community forums, integrate the store, and make it a good network, like Live is.
  • No Demo Installation: Seriously, Folklore took me 10 minutes to install.
  • Categorize Games: If we don't get it nixed. On the XMB, under game, we need to get more organized, to much can overcrowd the game section. Add three more options "PSone Classics" where all the downloaded PSone games go, and "Downloadable Games" where games like Calling All Cars! and High Stakes on the Vegas Strip go, and then "Demos" where all the game demo downloads go.
  • Categorize Movies: Under movies, we should have sections like "TV Shows", "Game Trailers", "Gameplay Videos", "Movies", "Movie Trailers", etc. And for our custom movies that we bring onto the PLAYSTATION 3 ourselves, we could pick a category to put it in.
  • Categorize Pictures: Folders, we need to be able to make them so we can categorize our pictures by our organization methods.
  • Themes: Release the XMB themes and such as an update, and have them for download on the PlayStation Store.
  • In-Game XMB: Yeah, get it already.

    Think of the possibilities, freeze frame to capture image, freeze frame to start video capture, upload it online, share it with friends. Games won't need their own replay editing features anymore if we had that.
Anyway, as you can see, the PlayStation Network has come a long way, and with a few minor patches as mentioned above, it could be the ultimate online platform.


Neko said...

I love all these ideas !
I agree with the fact Sony must react (better than the poor argument "we are here for long"). The Xbox 360 is not the Dreamcast, Sony need to be more agressive !

incredibilistic said...

All of your ideas are really good and hopefully we'll see all of this and more soon.

However, be aware that this is Sony's first foray into this territory. I think for them never having done this before they're doing pretty good. Sure, some of the features PSN has right now seem to fall into the "duh" category (in-game messaging and invites, themes, better store) but, again, this is their first time. This is MS does and they're obviously very good at it.

One thing I've been noticing is a lot of shift in company roles and new hirings. That's always good because it means fresh perspectives and new ideas are (hopefully) getting through versus trying to run business the PS2 way for the PS3.

If we hang in there I think things will be better than anything we could've thought of.

Dave said...
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incredibilistic said...

Okay, so you updated this feature. At the very least it's a lot more optimistic than the last one.

Although I have to say that I like the current interface. Yes, adding themes would be awesome. In fact, if they just gave us that it would be enough to give the interface a touch more personality. As it stands, however, I like the minimalistic approach to the design. Adding themes would only make the already clean and simple design that much better.

If anything I would like the ability to group content together like videos and game demos. Although I like scrolling through all of my content it would be a lot easier to group this stuff together (basketball game demos in one group, puzzle games like Soduko and flOw in another, etc).

Obviously we ALL want in-game messaging and a better store. But something tells me that nothing will be done until Home is ready for launch because I think they're waiting to cram all it all into Home. There were already rumors of making Home the default interface. It's possible that we'll access all our video, music, and picture content on our HDD from our apartment space. Go to our "arcade room" to launch demos we've already downloaded. And then go out to a "mall" to download more demos and other content.

The theater could become the place where we preview trailers and such and could possibly download them after viewing for full screen view back in our apartments.

Anything is possible but I think we'll have to wait for Home before we see any real drastic changes.

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