Saturday, November 17, 2007

Buzz! The Mega Quiz Review

This isn't your average game show. Regis isn't going to be asking you if you want to use a life-line on this show. Instead, we have everybody's favorite show host, Buzz, a crazy host who looks like the Canadians in South Park.

When RocketXL sent us Buzz! The Mega Quiz, I was waiting for the right moment to start playing. Then, two nights ago, my cousin got engadged (Congratultaions Roe!), her and some friends came over to celebrate, and we started up four hours worth of game time.

The game is not a game you can put down easily, it's an addictive title featuring wacky buzzing sounds, around 14 characters to select from, five gameplay modes, and eight crazy addictive multiplayer rounds, supporting up to eight players. Unfortunately, we only had a chance to do four players.

Of these eight multiplayer rounds, there is Point Picker, Pie Toss, Fastest Finger, Point Stealer, Final Countdown, and more, all in one game. My personal favorite has to be the Pie Toss, whenever you get something right, you pick someone to throw a pie at, but you need to act fast, you might hit yourself in trying.

Oddly, only about one of the rounds uses the big red buzzer, which is the round where you tell which of the pictures it the answer, as in "Who Is Taller?" and they show a picture of Shaq and Micheal Jordan. Whoever gets it right stays in, whoever gets it wrong is out until one remains, than the next picture stars.

Whats great about Buzz! The Mega Quiz is the longevity of the game. It features over 6,000 questions with subjects based on history, music, sports, movies, and even the unknown such as UFOs and paranormal events, which happens to be my favorite subject for those questions. Something that got me sad was that they called Kevin Federline a rapper in one of the questions. I guess they like to joke too.

Point Picker is the round where you get to pick your categories, each player picks a category, answers two-three questions on the category, then the next player gets to pick. You pick off of a wheel (shown below), I think you can pretty much tell which one is about the paranormal. After the questions are done, you move on to the next round.

Questions vary so much in this game. One second your answering what the national bird is of Minnesota, the other your listening to Funky Town and naming the artist.

Some other great features in this game were the Team Play, where you use one buzzer and keep passing it, or the QuickFire Quiz, where you pick your question list and see who's the fastest, and QuizMaster, where you ask your own questions, your friends answer, and you use a PS2 controller to tell your friends if their right or wrong.

Buzz! The Mega Quiz lacks online play, but thats fine really. As long as you got family and friends to play with, it will last you till the Buzz title we are really waiting for releases in the Spring of next year, Buzz! Quiz TV for the PLAYSTATION 3. As of now, Buzz! The Mega Quiz is enough to hold us off.

Now, to close this review off, if your the kind of person who likes to have fun, all at the cost of only $40 (four buzzers included), likes to mak their own questions and just have a blast with your surrounding people, then Buzz is the game for you. If your a constant watcher of Jeopardy and dream to be on it, then this is a game for you as well.

Presentation: 7.7
Buzz! The Mega Quiz doesn't really show any AAA-ness to it's look, but when you get into it, you can't get off.

Gameplay: 8.0
With over 6,000 questions to answer, chances are you'll probably never answer them all, so everytime you play, your going to see something new.

Graphics: 7.9
The game is not based off graphics, but what we see in the character models is a simple 70's type style players along with a South Park Canadian looking host.

Audio: 7.8
Buzz's constant preachings are quite annoying at times, but the game feature some nice background sounds.

Replayability: 8.9
It's a game for parties, it's a game for friends, it's a game for family, it's a game that doesn't end. This game will most likely last you at least a year if you're really into it.

Final Verdict: 8.1 out of 10


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I recently picked up the game due to the wife's request. I thought it was going to be crappy, but it's actually quite addictive.

I'm planning on getting the PS3 version as well.

crissbb1991 said...

yeah ma man buzz is mad fuggin fun, no joke, dat game got me hooked

Anonymous said...

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