Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In-Shirt XMB: Sony's Sense of Humor a Tease?

At the Game Developers Conference 2008, some of the T-Shirts Sony are giving away say "In-Shirt XMB". Hm, seems that Sony has a sense of humor for all the PLAYSTATION 3 users wanting in-game XMB.

Seeing these T-Shirts could be a hint though. I don't think Sony would display this just to piss off every PLAYSTATION 3 owner. Is XMB just a few days away? I think so.

[In-Game XMB: Sony gets a sense of humour]


incredibilistic said...

I want one!!!

I love this. Sony actually showing a little humility by seemingly slamming themselves for not providing this feature months ago.

It's sort of 8 Mile-ish. Take away the voice of the pundits by making fun of yourself.

With this shirt showing up at the GDC it's almost a certainty that we'll have in-game XMB VERY soon.

Thank the heavens.

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