Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jeff Rubeinstein "Debunks" In-Game XMB Rumors

On a PlayStation.Blog comment, a loyal PlayStation fan asked "Please either confirm or debunk the ingame XMB/HOME/Achievements coming VERY soon rumours !!".

Jeff Rubeinstein replied saying the below.

"If by “VERY soon” you mean this week - debunked.

I see the same rumors, and they’re just that - rumors. Literally 95% of what I’ve read this week is just groundless speculation. But hey, that’s the game biz."

Either he is hiding the secret or he is just saying very soon but not this week at GDC 2008. Hmm, I guess we will find out SOON enough.

[PS.Blog Comment #24]


Anonymous said...

that's a very tricky statement :) he's definitely saying they won't be *arriving* this week--but i think it leaves room for significant announcements/demos this week.

incredibilistic said...

Exactly. Maybe the announcement will come this week but we'll only have to wait another week or so before it's a reality.

Crossing fingers.

Anonymous said...

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