Sunday, February 17, 2008

PLAYSTATION 3 and The Forced Installs

I don't know if it is just me, but the installations on the PLAYSTATION 3 are starting to get annoying. First, when we opened our PLAYSTATION 3 boxes for the first time and visited the PLAYSTATION Store, we downloaded a demo to find we had to wait another minute or two to let it install, sort of like a PC.

Then, games like Unreal Tournament III started coming in. The game is awesome, and it's great that Epic included an option to install to shorten load times and such, and not a required installation. It seems as though including the install influenced some developers.

Then, Capcom released Devil May Cry 4. The bad thing is when you first load up the game, you have to sit through 20-25 minutes of install time, and can read a back story with repeating pictures for that time. Then they announced that the upcoming Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is going to require a 5GB installation. Shortly after that, they said that Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will require a 5GB installation.

Now, I don't know about you, but even though the waiting times are enormous, thats 15GB of space used up on your PLAYSTATION 3 right there. Most the PLAYSTATION 3 user base has their standard hard drive on their system being the 20, 40, 60, or 80 gig consoles. Many people use their PLAYSTATION 3 as their general media player as well, meaning less space for movies, songs, pictures, and even demos.

Now I ask, are these forced "space-takers" here to stay? How many more games are we going to see this in? We will only find out as the time goes by. To tell the truth, I don't even want that 5GB Devil May Cry 4 gave me.


incredibilistic said...

Spot on. Let's just hope that Guerrilla doesn't force us to download 10GB of data to reduce load times.

Personally, I think it's a lazy way to design. As I mentioned before, Infinity Ward managed to create one of the best games on the system and the load times are almost non-existent thanks to clever uses of the load screen to advance the story to the point where you don't even notice that the game is loading. The game starts and never seems to take you out of the action.

This is also supposed to be the next generation of consoles, right? Why are we still staring at load screens for up to a minute anyway? I'm looking at you Motorstorm.

If I were a developer I'd create a middleware program that reduces or even takes away load times altogether. I love that we have graphics like Heavenly Sword and Uncharted but why do we have to wait so long to enjoy it?

Whatever happened to streaming off the disc? Naughty Dog practically invented the technology and yet I don't think anyone's using it. Instead they're using the HDD as a crutch. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind having to install games. Its not like the 5 gigs are lost forever. Once your done with the game you can delete the files.

xbandaidx said...

I agree with Anon, you guys are just being way too touchy about the issue when you can just delete it later on, plus there is that option to upgrade your hard drive too.

incredibilistic said...

Consider this: you're one of the millions of people that purchased the 20GB system. After you start loading family pictures and ripping a few CDs to it you find that you're down to about 15GB. Now you buy DMC4 and Lost Planet. Now you're down to 5GB. What happens if yet another game comes out that requires 5GB?

No it's not rocket science to replace a drive but I would guess that most of the people that purchased the 20GB system don't have a clue about how to do this and may not want to take a screwdriver to their $400 investment. For us geeks it's easy but not for the average user and that's who you have to consider when you're asking people to take up large chunks of space on their hard drives.

If more developers follow this formula you could find yourself uninstalling unfinished games or getting rid of tons of music, picture and movie files to make room.

Again, not a big deal for the likes of us, we're advanced users that know almost everything about the system. For novice users this could be seen as a disadvantage.

xbandaidx said...

Not many people play multiple games at once on a system, I really can't imagine an average user playing more than 2 games at one time on a console. So even if they had 20GB HDD they are fine, and can delete the info when they are done.

The smart part of the whole thing is that the cached information and the save files are separate, so they really have no need to worry.

While at the same time, I doubt average users will really even care much, they'll just accept it as part of the experience and just delete it when needed.

superaktieboy said...

PS3 != (PC || Mac || Linux)

dude, a PS3 is a console not a desktop as you may have noticed, i have bought a console because i was getting tired of upgrading my pc all the time for either Hard Drive or new GPU/CPU! dude, even if the PS3 has a hard drive, doesn't mean that games should have a forced install just 'to reduce load time' hell, CoD4, R&C, R: FoM, Uncharted etc are all one of the best games on the PS3, but do they require a install? no.. hell BluRay has 50/25GB space, copy everything more than once to it to reduce load times, i don't really care about that do i?

Anonymous said...

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