Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sony's GDC 2008 Needs to Be Huge

The Game Developer's Conference 2008 is coming at us on February 18 and exiting us on February 22. We all know Sony Computer Entertainment will be attending. Now, last year, Sony revealed LittleBigPlanet & PlayStation Home, which was a big presentation for them. Both title's previews were received great by the general public.

Now, 2008 is here, and this is a crucial year, as it is tag-lined "Sony's Year". If Sony wants to make an impression this year at GDC 2008, they need to keep two things in mind: PlayStation Network & Games. They need to know if their going to increase the crap out of sales this year, they need to introduce in-game XMB, along with features such as game-inviting, and to pick up the pace on the PlayStation Store by remaking it, or bringing more updates. They also need to start showing us games like inFAMOUS, Eight Days, Motorstorm 2, and even some unannounced titles if they would like. Getting more titles out to the public's eyes is a great way to anticipate the console this year.

It's almost here, and you'll know whether they do this by sticking yourself to onAXIS. We will keep you updated as the time comes.


incredibilistic said...

Exactly! Home and LBP came out of nowhere and impressed everyone. It's been a full 12-months and we still don't have either of them.

Here's my wish list/predicition:

Home is announced with a firm release date of March 13th (that's a Thursday in case you're keeping score). Along with Home they'll be showing the new Home Store that allow you to access ALL content through a more Best Buy-like interface with streaming videos on video walls (just like Best Buy) as you shop for demos, videos, themes, and more.

Along with that they'll be showing off gamer profiles and the Trophy room and have AT LEAST three high-profile games that offer this feature. Those games are "Uncharted", "Motorstorm", and "Call of Duty 4". A new downloadable patch will show a 360-like achievement pop-up (not the take-over-the-whole-screen crap either like DMC4) as well as allow you to view all the available trophies for that game just as they demonstrated last year (in the big Star Wars-like meeting room they showed last year).

The next thing they need to do is show PS2 games available through the PSN Store that are available for all SKUs (even those without hte PS2 chip) because Sony finally figured out how to get PS2 games to work without having to embed the Emotion Engine into the PS3.

And finally they need to make sure that when Home is released that joining a game with people from inside of Home means you stay in constant contact with them while you're in the game and that everyone meets back up in the same place when the game is over (unless, of course, they sign out early during the game session).

Can Sony do this? I'm sure they can and they will...eventually.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked they weren't having a press conference this year...

Anonymous said...

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