Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wardevil: Digi-Guys Releases 3 New Screenshots

Digi-Guys threw out more today on their upcoming Wardevil, which also has a blu-ray film in the works that coincides with Wardevil's story. Here is the latest update on the game.
- They are not finished with the game yet, still adding improvements both gameplay wise and graphically.

- They are making good use of the SPU's and streaming off of the Blu-ray disc.

- Their goal is to get the Blu-ray film & game to look as identical as possible... so there is no transition between game/cinematic.

- They will not be at GDC this year, however expect to see new updates to their website around the same time.
The pictures just make me want to see some gameplay videos. Enjoy!

[PSU: New Wardevil Screenshots and details]


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