Friday, March 14, 2008

Capcom Explains Reason for No SSF2T HD Remix Beta on PS3

For those who haven't heard, the Xbox 360 is getting a beta of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix when they purchase Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 on Xbox Live. PlayStation 3 owners, however, do not receive the beta.

A Capcom fan got angry on the forums and expressed his disappointment, so Capcom stepped in. They stated that the budget would raise if they did two betas, and in their ideal world, they would do the beta on both consoles. The main point is, however, "There is code parity across the two and any issues found in 360 will be fixed in PS3. So while PS3 owners won’t be able to participate in the beta, they will still benefit in the finished product."

The only thing they don't really explain why they are doing it on the Xbox 360 however.

[Reasons Behind No SSF2T HD Remix Beta on PS3]


incredibilistic said...

Once again, a Japanese company takes sides with a US company. Normally this would be a good thing (from a political perspective) but in this arena is just sucks.

It makes you wonder if Kaz, Ken, Phil or someone really pissed a Capcom reps Kool-Aid and we're paying the price by not getting betas.

I could give a rat's rusty rectum if the game is being tested on the 360 while us PS3ers wait for the so-called un-bugged version. Why can't we test out the bugs?

I wish someone would really look into why the PS3 seems to get the short end of the urine covered stick when it comes to Capcom games.

jam said...

Its simple. Japanese companies are being paid off by Microsoft. Companies like Capcom, Namco, Mistwalker....

Kaddas said...

I wonder Why?

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