Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit: Low Amount of Characters, Stages

It seems the first Dragon Ball Z game to hit next generation consoles will be a a small one. In a new interview with Donny Clay, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit producer at Atari, he reveals some more information on the game.

The story takes place from the beginning of the Saiyan Saga to the end of th Cell Saga, following mostly an existing narrative. Clay compares the game to the Budokai series a couple of years back.

The thing is, the amount of characters and stages are going to be small. According to Donny Clay, there will be only 21 characters and a (very weak) 5 stages.

[Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Details]


AnonymousLagger said...

Its all marketing.

Nothing else to be said.

Anonymous said...

wow as if nothing else is marketing moron.

every developer has to have good marketing or they go out of business.

yea im sure Hideo Kojima doesnt care, he just wants you to have a good experience lmfao...wake up and welcome to earth.

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