Saturday, March 8, 2008

Games Master: Dan Houser Speaks on Grand Theft Auto IV

In the newest issue of UK Magazine, Games Master, Dan Houser speaks exclusively to them about Grand Theft Auto IV. Houser, along with his brother Sam Houser, and his friend Terry Donovan, founded Rockstar Games.

Houser speaks on Niko. They always made characters that made the story work together with them. Niko emerged as a more complex character, someone battle hardened, a man who has experienced many bad things and wants to escape from his past. He wants to do good, but is much better at doing bad.

On Liberty City, houser says their goal was going for the most detailed and involved virtual world. The artist, Aaron Garbut, spent months walking the street of New York City taking photos. Many researchers were involved as well, helping them find graffiti in Brooklyn, or ornate facades on apartment blocks around Central Park. Of course, they can't exactly replicate it, but they think they've done a great job that captures the essence of New York in 2008.

You have a nightlife in Liberty City as well. You can to the the Steinway Beer Garden, and play some darts. You can go make sexist remarks to the female bar staff. You can see the hit stage show 'Banging Trash Can Lids for an Hour', it seems to have amazed critics. You can pick up a drink at the SuperStar Cafe as well. Thats just the tip of it as well.

On Houser's favore city location he states: “My favourite views are definately heading over the bridges into Algonquin from Broker, Dukes or Bohan as the sun goes down. The dying sun glimmers off the glass of countless skyscrapers and the neon signs and windows start to light up as you head into the sunset toward a sleezy trouble-filled night in the heart of Liberty City.”

On Escaping the Police, Houser says that cops behave more realistically in this game. One cop can call in for back-up on your last seen location. You can sneak into a new car unseen, and escape their search radius. Rather than spray painting your car every time. They said the new changes have gave them incredible feedback, and their goal was to make the experience feel more alive and involving.

On Grand Theft Auto IV's tone and realism, Houser says that the humor in the Grand Theft Auto series has been about parodying the real world that we live in. This game is more naturalistic than previous games in some ways, with a more serious tone, but still full of the comedy the series is loved for. They are very pleased with the story, knowing people will love its twists, turns, and revelations.

View the scans at the link, but the above is pretty much the scans sumed up.

[Dan Houser Speaks Exclusively To GamesMaster]


skodasuck said...

All this information is torturous, if the game is not as good as I'm hoping I think I will just cry!

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