Friday, March 7, 2008

onAXIS: New Site Updates

Okay, thought I'd update you guys on the site's status. There has been a lot of little code errors that I've been searching for in the site, and I've found out most of them. The new site is going to have a phpBB3 forum. We'd have vBulletin, but it is too pricey. I've been testing out the site with posts from here, seeing how they would look in the new format. The only thing I'm really having trouble with now is the NexGen Gallery. I've provided three new screenshots of the site. Once again, the title is blocked out due to it being saved for a big reveal.

In the first screenshot, you'll see the home page, which displays the newest posts, featured posts (subject to change every few days), and sidebar (images on sidebar also to change). The second image shows one of the post pages along with the comments and Gravatars that you'll see. Both comments there are just random gibberish for testing. The third image shows more of the home page, within the third page (I've limited 3 posts per page just for testing, normal will be 15 per page). You'll see the full Linkout in this picture, which contains some sites linking to us and some of our favorites, along with our METAL GEAR SOLID 4 sidebar that we have on this site as well.

Anyway, we appreciate any feedback, so go ahead and drop us some.

Update: By the way, I'm working on a PlayStation 3 RPG feature for the opening of the site. Matt, our other writer who will start on the new site, is working on his review for Devil May Cry 4.


x00374 said...

Nice!) Good luck!)

Anonymous said...

nice the new site looking good

Shibbs said...

oh cool i didn't know you recruited another writer, kudos!

Mike C said...

What program did you use to make the website????

Anonymous said...

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