Saturday, March 22, 2008

PLAY: Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Preview

The latest issue of UK based gaming magazine, PLAY, features an extensive preview on Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer modes. Lets get to the breakdown.

  • Belic means "Warlike".
  • Time Square is big and covered in ads.
  • In Death Match, it is confined to an area on the map to keep the action in the game intense.
  • In Team Death Match, four can sit in a helicopter/car, the non drivers can shoot with any weapon they have, not just uzi/pistols.
  • Mafia Work consists of you being given simply missions as a group and having to pull them off. For example: recruit people, doing hits or there favorite find and dispose of heads.
  • Team Mafia Work is more competitive the Mafia work but fundamentally the same thing.
  • Cops n' Crooks consists of one player being assigned as the boss while the other robbers protect him from the cops, they must take him to a secure location before he is killed.
  • Hangman's NOOSE is for four players and consists of you having to protect Petrovic from the swat from the airport to a safe house.
  • Free Roam is like single player with mates. Go anywhere do anything you want.
  • On character customization, the more you play the more you unlock so experienced players will have more items to choose from.
  • Team Death Match is relentless, you cannot relax.
  • In Hangman's NOOSE, they tore down the runway in a baggage handler shooting at the SWAT- The writer said it was the funniest thing he has seen in a video game.
  • They saw an NPC tagging a shop wall and another pedestrian taking photo's, pedestrians now have a purpose.
  • Tthey shot a rocket at the NPC it destroyed the front of the shop leaving a hole in the wall and set the body flying through the area, eventually hitting the ground in a lifeless clump.
  • Tanks supposedly surrounded them.
  • They played both versions (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) and said there's no difference between the two.
  • Police have lines of sight so hiding in alley ways and roofs is possible though you must still get out of the radius.
  • Rowing Boats are confirmed as they used them to escape from the police after setting fire to hot dog stands.
  • Rockstar hinted at the amusement park having loads to do within it.
You can view the scans at the link below.

[GTA IV PLAY Multiplayer Scans]


Anonymous said...

Good ol' GTA always impressive. :)

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