Saturday, March 15, 2008 Live 2008: HAZE Never Releasing on the Xbox 360

Straight from Live inthe Wembley Stadium comes final confirmation that HAZE will always be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The complete game is playable at the event, and Kev Lochun is going to be hosting a preview event this weekend. According to Ripten, the game is looking clean and sharp, and Nectar overdose is a pleasing yet disorientating experience.

Two Ubisoft representatives were present at the game booth. When quizzed about whether the game will come to another console, the rep stated that it will never make its way onto another platform. Way to go Free Radical.

[Haze Never Coming Out on Xbox 360]


incredibilistic said...

Probably the best news the PS3 has heard since the announcement that MGS4 is too big even for the Blu-ray format.

Now, if they could just release the friggin' thing.

Anonymous said...

Have it!

Boberman said...

Lets just hope its good. A mediocre FPS exclusive isn't a big deal. :D

incredibilistic said...

To boberman:


I would hate for the game to suck after all the delays and mystery surrounding this title just so the 360 fans can give the PS3 the finger and scream "YOU'RE NO HALO".

One can only hope that it will turn into a great franchise for the PS3 and actually surprise people like Gears of War did. While Resistance is good it's nothing compared to the combined power of Halo and Gears.

If it does suck our only hope is Killzone 2.

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