Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil: Demo Impressions

Tonight I gave the demo a tryout for Capcom's newly released downloadable title, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil. First thing thrown at you is the character customization. The customization isn't much, it may just be the demo though.

As you enter the game, you pick up the first gun. The shooting style is the same style you'd see in Blast Factor, Super Stardust HD, etc. That means you point the right analog stick to where you want to shoot, and thats where it shoots.

The demo level I played was full of green martians in red clothing. The whole level was a pick up, run slowly, and shoot as they hit you a million times. When I got to the end of the level, they didn't let me fight the "boss martian". If you ask me, the game needs a lot of work. It's one of those games that just feels wrong when you pick it up, you know?


Boberman said...

I agree with you onaxis. Game feels like it wasn't completed. May buy it if the price droped to 4.99 but wouldn't pay 10.99cdn for it.

Ninja said...

lol this game is a joke.
my verdict: EEVEERRR

Anthony said...

not happy witht the game. its just not fun.

Anonymous said...

sucks =[

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