Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bourne Conspiracy Demo to Hit "early May"

This week's 'On the Spot' episode from GameSpot confirmed that "early May", we will see a demo of The Bourne Conspiracy on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. A Sierra representative confirmed the appearance of a demo after a presentation of how the game plays. This game looks a hell lot good for a movie game so expect some impressions when this demo arrives.

[Bourne Conspiracy demo coming early May]


incredibilistic said...

Love that they're releasing a demo but chances are that I'll end up buying this game regardless of the demo.

On a completely different subject I rented Dark Sector and while it's a masterpiece in terms of graphics and lighting they definitely kept the game "dark". Maybe the whole game isn't like this but when it's dark it's friggin' dark.

I'm still in the beginning stages of the game where I'm trekking along in a sewer with almost no light at all being attacked by... I have no idea what they are (some kind of mindless zombies), but can barely see to kill them. And whenever the main character punches the camera shakes a bit and his facing position seems to change leaving me both blind and punching in the wrong direction.

Not a bad game so far but right now I hate it because it's too dark to see what's ahead or find your way around for that matter.

eda said...